Easton – Mako Beast Baseball Bat Tech Video (2017)

Introducing the MAKO Beast, the most powerful
composite bat Easton has ever made. With an extended speed barrel design and 1.5-inch
longer sweet spot than the original BBCOR MAKO, this 2-piece composite bat still has
the games fastest swing speed. Re-engineered TCT Thermo Composite technology
and Eastons patented two-piece ConneXion maximize power and feel for unmatched performance and
feel. The MAKO BEAST is available in BBCOR -3, Big
Barrel -10 in 2 and 3/4 and 2 and 5/8. Also available is the MAKO Beast XL in -8
and -5; Youth -12, -11 and a -10 XL version. Are you ready to Unleash the Beast?

19 thoughts on “Easton – Mako Beast Baseball Bat Tech Video (2017)

  1. Man I hope that this bat is better than last year I hope the durability last longer than 6 months without refund

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