Easy Origami Bat

Hello, and welcome to our Easy Origami Bat video This is a bat that is very easy to make, and would be fun on Halloween or anytime Start with a square of origami paper with the color side up Then make a mountain fold along the diagonal as we’re showing here Then crease that fold well Next you’re going to fold the paper in half, like this And then unfold that last fold Now you’ll take the bottom edge and fold it up to the top Leave about 1 cm or so of the top point visible Fold down that top point just like we’re showing here don’t fold it all the way over just like that Next we’re going to make a mountain fold in the piece like this Next make a valley fold along the line I’m showing here So from the base of the head of the bat to the bottom of the body Flip the piece over and do that on the other side Again that same line Now what we’re going to do is fold this edge here onto this front edge like this And repeat that on the backside Now we’re going to make a valley fold along this line and repeat that on the backside Now all we need to do is hold the two wingtips like this and unfold the piece gently like this And there you have it. Your Origami Bat is complete. Enjoy!

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  1. Usé una hoja super gruesa y no me salió despues use una de origami y no funciono pero lo intente practicalo más y cuando te salga mejor subes otro video

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