eBay Baseball Card Hall of Fame

[MUSIC PLAYING] The reason that I partnered up
with eBay is because, I mean, there’s no one bigger than that. We are winners. Today, we’re here to launch the
inaugural eBay Baseball Card Hall of Fame. And we have 10 of the
most exciting people to ever play the game. And we’ve sold a tremendous
amount of these cards from these 10 awesome players. Collectibles is the core, the
origin, and the category number one of eBay. We’re honored to
have Mariano Rivera in this Hall of Fame event. Mariano Rivera is one of
the most special people who’s ever played the game. We’re excited to work
with him and honor him for his tremendous
contributions. To be in the same boat of
Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey, Ted Williams,
and all those names, the name of Mariano Rivera
being involved in that category, to me, is amazing. It’s a blessing. It’s an honor for us to
be presenting Mariano with this Diamond Award. He’s a unique combination
of a great player and a great person. And so we’ve partnered
with him to help him access a global
marketplace to sell bats, and balls, and game-worn
jerseys, for a great cause. Every item that we have is going
to go towards the Foundation. The heart and soul of the
Mariano Rivera Foundation is education. We wanted to give boys
and girls the opportunity to go to school. eBay has been amazing
and something special.

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