Eddsworld – Hide and Seek

Guys! Lets play hide and seek! YEAH!! I’ll hide first! OOOOOOKAY And now back to, Professor Why. (TV) Where should I hide!? Where should I hide!?
Where should I hide!? Too small… Too big! Still too small… AH HA! Perfect! Oh no Professor Why! The galaxian drive is
going to explode! (TV) Don’t worry I just fixed it with my wrench
which is magical. (TV) Oh (TV) Ahh, the perfect hiding place! Hello my friends! Run for your loaf! ARGHH!! Why are you running little buddy? It’s the Burritoranosaurus, run! The Burritoranosaurus? (ROAR!) That’s quite a mouthful. (Dramatic) Professor Why, this planet is going to crash! What
will we do?! (TV) Don’t worry we’ll just escape in my space
box which is magical. (TV) Oh. (TV) (Roaring and Matt screaming) No! Professor Why! You’ve been brutally murdered!
(TV) Oh, don’t worry. My body is also magical. (TV) Wait, are you being serious? (TV) (Roar!) YEAH!! The prophecy is true! You have returned to
save us all! YAAY! Amazing! Yep, this show sucks! You wanna drink? COLA! Of course. And then I ripped out his meaty heart and
the Burritoranosaurus was no more. YAY! Amazing! OH NO! My time has come. Goodbye my friends. I’ll never forget you. Remember me as a hero!! Daddy! (Shivering and gibberish) Your saviour has returned!! YAAY! Amazing! (Music)

100 thoughts on “Eddsworld – Hide and Seek

  1. Oh no Professor Why, the Galaxian Drive is going to explode!

    Professor Why: Don’t worry, I just fixed it with my wrench, which ismagical.

    Tom and Ed: —__—


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