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– Hey hockey player. If you wanna improve your edge work, then this video is for you. This past week, I had the chance to film
with Steve from B.K. Hockey, who works with high level hockey players from all over the world, and in this video, we’ve
got some edge work drills that you can do to become a better skater. Make sure you stick
around to the very end, because we’ve got a special
announcement for you as well. Let’s go. – Hi, my name is Steve Baek, B.K. Hockey. I work with the hockey players
from all over the world. Today, we’re gonna work
some edge work drills. Let’s go. Okay, so first off, let’s work inside on
inside edge controls. Stay warm foot on the ice. Keep your head up, try
to chest a little up. Let’s go, let’s bring
your stick in one hand. (skates grinding) Okay, so mostly important thing is that you prepare the hockey stance, and keep your head up. Look at the front, okay, let’s go. (skates grinding) So, let’s start outside edge. It’s kind of crossover, first thing is you have the knee bends, start from the here, feet
cross nice and deep, okay, and then you’re gotta push. Same thing, keep you’re
little the chest up, and I would keep your head up. All right, nice and low. (skates grinding) Back to the inside the heel edges. So, let’s make a good
hockey position first, and now, we’re gonna bring the stick two hands in the middle. Nice and comfortable. So, knee bends, butts
down, chest a little up, really keep your head up. So, now, we can do combinations, start from the left side, half round, and then right side. Let’s bring your stick in the middle, really keep your head up. (skates grinding) We can use the inside, only
the inside of the heel. This gonna be the advanced skills. Same concept. Knee bends, butts down, keep your head up, bring your stick in the middle, bring your left to
right, nice, comfortable, all right, let’s go, so here. (skates grinding) Oh, I gonna show this couple times moving. Stay in the middle. Actually, this gonna use this heel part. So, you’re gonna have a
good balance in the middle. Okay, and then keep your head up. So, watch me here, ready? (skates grinding) That’s it. Inside the foot and outside together. I don’t know English, but this is kind like a ski, right? – [Kevin] Yeah.
– Yeah. Because problem is a lot of
guys use a good inside (edge), both inside, problem is always outside (edge), right? So, let’s use it in, out together. Let’s do the in, out, together. In, out, together, like this, hey. And let’s go and putting
two hands this more, right? Let’s go. (skates grinding) So, first, we’re gonna
work some inside edges, one for stopping. The thing is, first thing is
let’s bring our hockey stance. Knee bends, chest a little
up, keep your head up. This mostly important part. Okay, let’s go. So, start from the here. (skates grinding) So, let’s try outside
of one foot, stopping. So, we’re gonna add it to the drills, so with the pucks, and the
fake, and a better one on one. So, it’s gonna be first to step. Let’s go! (skates grinding) So, now, we can do a two
step, two foot stopping, and then back to back two-step. Ready, go! (skates grinding) So, start it from the hockey stance, butts down, this most important part, hey. So, lot of problems
heads down and stand up. It’s gonna be a lot of problems. So, now, we’re gonna bring our stick, you can do actually a combination. One hands and two hands. So, I’m gonna show you
bringing one hands first. Okay, let’s go two step, cross over. (skates grinding) That’s it. So, now, there are a lot of
problems start from the here, when people cross over, and
then they already loose balance from the here. Yeah, so this is the biggest departure. When you cross over, you have to bring back to the straight with the knee bent, all right? So, chest up, really keep your head up. So, now, let’s do same
skating, we do two hands. So, let’s make a good hockey stance first, always keep your head up. Nice in the middle. So, one, two. (skates grinding) Okay so two-step crossover and then one foot the
outside and stopping. So, keep your head up. (skates grinding) – All right, thanks for those awesome edge work drills, Steve, and hey, if you’re a hockey player who struggles with your edge work, we have the solution for you. You gotta check out our brand
new edge work enhancer system that was designed for
hockey players of all ages, no matter your skill level. It’s gonna help you
become a better skater, master your edge work, and all around, improve your
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you’ve enjoyed this video, smash the thumbs up button, subscribe to our channel
if you haven’t already, and as always, train hard guys.

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  1. Hey I have a video idea you don’t have to do it but it is how to get a harder shot and how to aim better while shooting

  2. How often should I be stick handling/ shooting off ice? I have practice usually 3/4 times a week, one lift, and one conditioning work out. Is there anything else I could do like extra skill work or speed workouts?

  3. At 4:22…proof that Steve Baek should try out for the Canadian National Mogul or Slalom Ski Team…mad skills. Awesome vid. Think I might have to move to London, Ontario to attend his hockey school..

  4. Awesome video, great drills. I hope that maybe next time he can break down a bit more of balance or positioning of the weight distribution on the edges. For instance stopping on an outside edge(my nemesis). He’s an awesome skater. I’m definitely hitting that subscribe and like button!!!

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