Eishockey Tricks für Anfänger/ Hockey Tricks for Beginners

Hi everybody! Today Marcel’s Hockey School is at my old stomping grounds: E-City, home of the Chiefs streethockey team, just finished off the 6th annual Drossenfelder Streethockey Cup and today we’ll be doing a couple of puck tricks for beginners. These are cool drills that you can do in the summertime, you don’t need any ice and not even asphalt, because everything happens in the air. This is, of course, no replacement for your regular stickhandling or shot training, but it does add some fun variety to your practice. A few minutes of these, a couple times a week, are a lot of fun! We’ll get started right away: the first drill we’ll be doing are Puck Flips: I have the puck here on my stick blade. I’m going to try to throw it up into the air, and to catch it again with my stick. A couple of tips for you: first of all, tape your stick beforehand; it will grip the puck better. I also find it a bit easier to do it without gloves at the start: that’s how I started doing them, and you should hold your stick a bit lower than you normally would, so you can control your stick blade a bit easier. One final point: I would definitely recommend moving up and down with the puck, always cushioning the puck nicely let’s have another look: cushion it Oops! Let’s try that again 😀 cushion it cushion it get down low! If I hold my stick stiffer, then I might be able to do it, but it’s much harder Let’s try it one more time, holding my stick really stiff: definitely not as easy as moving nicely up and down. The second trick that we’ll be doing today is probably my favourite trick I call it Windshield Wipers I’m going to move the puck back and forth, in the air, on my stick blade, like windshield wipers. Let’s see how that goes: A couple of small tips for you here: first of all, the most important thing is an even speed throughout. If I, at some point, become too slow, and the suddenly accelerate, then at the moment where I change speeds, the puck will probably fly off of my stick blade. Usually I also start out with a fairly big circle, because I find that a smaller circle like this is a bit harder to do. And the final point: find the spot on your stick blade where you feel the puck sits the best. Some people find it sits the best in the middle; I find, for example, it sits the best relatively close to the heel I find I can control the puck a bit better when it sits near the heel, compared to if I would have it closer to the tip. One more time: Back and forth like a windshield wiper with an even tempo. So that’s it for puck tricks for beginners today at Marcel’s Hockey School! A couple of cool drills: they’re the first tricks we try with the players at our club. You can practice them anywhere, especially cool to do in the summer I wish you all an awesome summer! Have fun practicing, and see you next time, at Marcel’s Hockey School!

2 thoughts on “Eishockey Tricks für Anfänger/ Hockey Tricks for Beginners

  1. Cooles Video 👍👍 Mich regt es auf obwohl wir eine Eishalle haben keinen Eishockeyverein würde so gerne Eishockey spielen der nächste ist 50km weit weg😢 aber gute Videos mach weiter so!!

  2. Immer wieder coole Trainingstipps. Wenn ich was wünschen darf? Kannst du ein Video zu Backwards Crossover mit Puckkontrolle drehen? Beste Grüße, weiter so ✌️

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