Eishockeyschläger Tapen/ How to Tape your Hockey Stick

Hi everybody! Today at Marcel’s Hockey School we’ll be talking about taping your stick. I’ve had a lot of requests to do a video about this topic, but unfortunately, I must say, may tape job is pretty ugly, so I thought I’d ask some of our Landsberg Riverkings players about how they tape their sticks. Some answers were really interesting, and some you might not to take too seriously 😀 Let’s see what they said, and then I’ll show you how I tape my stick! Here with Riverkings player Mika Reuter: Mika, how do you tape your stick? Let’s start with the knob. – So, first the knob: -I always split the tape in the middle like this: -so the knob isn’t too big, -because you know if your knob is off then you won’t be scoring any goals -A lot of poeple like to remove the pircte tag here, but that doesn’t matter to me. – Then I go, I start taping below the knob, -Allright, -it looks good! let’s take a closer look: So basically a bit more tape on the end so the glove doesn’t slide off? -Exactly. Ok and now to the blade: -Stick turned up, I always start on the backhand, -and work my way towards the toe. -nothing too special Do you tape all the way to the toe for good toe drags? -No. Ah man you’re not a toe-dragger are you? -Yeah I actually am a toedragger but for me cutting of the tape at the end is just too much work. I never even bothered to cut it off. -You didn’t cut it off? No. – I just tape it until about here, -without much overlap, and tzak! -So, the tape job is done! Ok, so Mika you said you try not to overlap while taping; I always overlap so that I have a bit of a softer feel. How come you don’t do this? -Well I do this exactly for that reason; because I want my blade to feel really hard. -And it probably doesn’t really make a difference -but I think with a harder blade that maybe I can shoot a bit harder. -I don’t know if that’s true but I just do it like that! Maybe it’s true because my shot is a real pillow; maybe I’ll have to try it! -Give it a shot! With Riverkings player Flo “Rida” Reichender: I see that the knob, well, it looks like it will need a new tape job soon! Flo, that’s a really small knob: why? -Well, I hold my stick really high on the shaft (with the top hand) -So up here, -And so if I had a bigger knob…. then it would feel too big in the hand! -Exactly. -It wouldn’t sit so well in my hand. Ok. And now to the stick blade: -I work my way slowly towards the toe. With a bit of overlapping I see so the puck feels a bit softer. -Exactly You’ve been looking at my tape job: that’s nice to see 😀 -But not too much overlap, awww too bad 🙁 -Too much is also no good. Hier with Maxi “Phil Kessel” Merkel, our U20 captain, who also has a few first team games under his belt. Maxi I see you have a pretty interesting tape job: you only tape the toe, or half of your blade. Why? -Well. it’s a really simple explanation: I shoot off the toe of my blade -and I stickhandle here at the back, -and I like to have the puck slide more easily along the blade when stickhandling. -It just feels better, -and I just need the tape for shooting. Interesting. -And it’s really easy to retape during the intermission! Like we say: “whatever works” -Exactly So you can see here with our first team sticks, there aren’t any huge differences with the knobs sometimes they’re a bit fatter, sometimes a bit thinner. A mix of grip tape and normal tape. Here with this knob we can see a few “ribs” for added grip. But most of the knobs are quite similar. And looking at the sick blades generally, most of the blade is taped, here it looks a bit different here as well, not so much tape. but in general the players are taping all or almost all of thir stick blades Sven “The War Machine” Curmann, taping his knob, Sven, how do you tape your knob? -So that I can give my oppents a good butt end! Oh….that’s not really my thing…. but that is in Curmann’s repertoire. As we can see: a fairly fat knob when compared with some other knobs. How come? -Sturmi (Dennis Sturm) uses a thin knob because Sturmi has hands like a girl. -I have hands like a man; therefore I need a big knob….. Here with Riverkings player Dennis Sturm: Dennis, let’s take a look a your knob: we can see there are a few “tape ribs” in it I’ve seen this before, but it’s not very common. Why do you do that? -Well, actually, when I was a little kid, my dad taped my knob like this for me, -and I just kept doing them like that, -and I like it, because it gives me a good grip, and I’m a player who likes to dangle a t lot, -and so my hand doesn’t slide off, so that’s why I like it -but I can understand if people don’t like it. But for me it’s good! Sven Curmann commented that he uses a fat knob because he has “manly” hands, and you a thinner knob because you have “feminine” hands, which I don’t really see a problem with, but your comment on this please? -Ummm, well Sven Curmann doesn’t really know how to handle a stick anyways -so I wouldn’t give his comments too much weight 😀 So let’s go down to your stick blade: I see it’s completely taped to the toe: good for toe drags, correct? -Exactly. Toe Drags don’t work if it’s not taped here up front, -you know that the best, Marcel, which is why I’ve taped the entire blade, -because then the puck can be anywhere on it, and I’ll always have grip. Thanks Dennis! -You’re welcome! So for my tape job on the blade: I use black tape Why? When I was 19, I was using white tape, was playing juniors in Canada, and my coach, who had 500 NHL games under his belt told me that black tape camouflages the puck better while shooting, the goalies couldn’t see it as well. I believed him In theory, I think that this is in fact true. In practice, I actually don’t think it matters if you use white or black tape. When you ask goalies, they say it doesn’t matter, and I actually believe them. And I always try to overlap the tape, so that I have two layers of tape on every part of my stick blade. I like to have a soft feel on my stick blade, I feel that I can control the puck better like this. I don’t cut off the tip; some of my teammates have asked me: isn’t that annoying? Or for example when this piece here gets loose during a game and is flapping all over? It never bothered me, but I can understand if it really annoys some people. Some just cut the tip of tape off. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done for me! So now to the knob: and I must say, I have a really weird knob…. Most players tape their knob so that the tape lies flat with the top of the shaft. If there’s a cap pushed into the top of the shaft- I don’t know, it never really mattered to me. I tape my knob like this: so that half the tape lies above the shaft, and then I fold the top half of the tape overtop of the shaft. I’ll just tape it uickly and show you what I mean: so my knob always looked like this: then I took my fingers and folded the tape over the knob, then hit the knob a couple of times against the ground, so that it would flatten out a bit, and that’s how my knob looks! I think the reason I do this, it’s a funny story, when I was a kid, my parents had an upholstery shop. So before I could tape my own stick, my dad used to tape it, and he believed that I’d have a better feel if he put foam into the knob like this: that’s how he did my knob, and then he taped over it. I had a really big, soft knob. Then one day I left home to go play junior hockey, didn’t have any more foam, and I think I still wanted a nice round knob, and that’s why I always have my tape over the knob! What I know do, is to put grip tape over the knob, I find, I have a bit better feel with it. My grip is a bit better. The only thing I don’t like about grip tape is the very first ice time with it because I find it still sticks a bit too much Grip tape is also nice and soft, feels good in the hands, so that’s why I always put grip tape over the normal tape! I rip it off here, one round of normal tape at the bottom so the grip tape doesn’t come undone, And there’s my knob. It’s not pretty, but it works for me! Liike I said, there’s no right or wrong tape job, you just need to find what works for you. So everyone, that’s it for the topic of taping a stick at Marcel’s Hockey School I hope you can see there’s no right of wrong way to tape your stick. Try a few things and see what works best for you. One final point: nowaday most shafts come with a bit of grip, but it used to be, and maybe you still have a shaft like that, that mayn shafts had no grip. And I played many years professionally with shafts without grip, so I would just tape over the shaft a bit, it felt good in the hands; it wasn’t too grippy, but also not too slidy! So I wish you all a great hockey hockey season, thanks a lot to all of the Landsberg Riverkings players who took part in the video! I’ll see you on the ice, and see you next time at Marcel’s Hockey School!

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