Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 – Ep 13 – Full Episode – 26th February, 2020

So, Bunty is your close friend. Close friend?
He’s like my brother. We are childhood friends. He’s a good actor. And there’s a great chemistry
between you two in lying. W-What lies? I saw how you both were
fooling Devika. Hello. Excuse me. I wasn’t fooling her, you know.
I was trying to impress her. But why were you trying
to impress Devika? Well, I’m a boy and it’s my duty to try and
impress every girl I bump into. You know, it’s a kind
of soldier attitude. Okay. Let me explain. It’s a duty of a soldier to fire
at enemies in a battlefield you see. Okay? Well, I made this as my mantra
in life. Impressing every
girl I see on the streets. But this rule
doesn’t apply on you. Why? Didn’t you just say that
it applies to every girl? Yes, but that girl should be
my type to impress her. But you are rare species type. Really?
– Yes. What is my type? I couldn’t figure out you
how can I figure out your type? Well, if someone succeeds
in impressing you in future please let me know.
I’ll ask him your type. Seriously? Even I fail
to understand it sometimes? Is it?
– I’m talking about you. How can anybody be so cheap? No problem. You focus on riding. Auto.. Come on, stop. Drat. Oh, my God.
Unbelievable. He was with a different
girl in the morning. Great. How does he do it? Where were you, Dude? John Public School girls were
threatening to consume poison if they don’t get to see you. You better save this rubbish
for other girls. We have met before.
– Really? I don’t think so.
– Dude.. Don’t you recognise her? She’s Suman.
Suman? My neighbour? Oh, the one who’s Suman. Yes, that ticket girl. Bye. Well, why can’t you keep
your mouth shut? Please not so hard.. Don’t you know her?
You always talk rubbish. Well, where are you going? I’m having a bad day. The school van broke down
in the morning and I’m not getting
any auto rickshaw now. I’ve been looking for it. Stop crying and let’s go
have some tea. Tea? Buy me ginger tea
with less sugar. – Move.. What are you doing this for? What is that I’m doing wrong? How come you get so many girls and I don’t even get one? What’s the matter?
What exactly do you want? How did you impress that girl? Oh, that girl? Well, you know, it’s not tea
you can’t place an order for it. It’s called talent.. And there’s ample talent in me
like ginger in this tea. How? There was a play.. So, Suman was your Julie..
– Not Julie, Juliet. I mean, Heer. You know what she did.
– What did she do? She messed up everything. And I decided to breakup
with her that very moment. But you know what happened
she started weeping after falling on my feet
just like how you did. Then? – Then I consoled her. Let me give you my secret.
Get closer. Without me, she won’t be able
to live even for a day. You know once I make someone
my buddy, how I treat them. These army people are really
overrated, you know. They lie a lot. Tell him the complete story so that I can also learn
my shortcomings. This means, your big speech
about friendship it was all hogwash, right? Because you are making fool
out of your friends in real life that too without any shame. Fool? Whom? Haven’t you told him? Tell him, Shravan, how much
you lie. Have you ever said truth
in your life before? Well, I was about
to tell him the truth. That’s all right. You have lied so much that you will get confused
between truth and lies. I’m glad I came back
to pick Devika’s bag otherwise, I wouldn’t have
known your true colour A person who can lie
to their best friend can lie to anyone. You aren’t trustworthy at all. Now I realised everything, Dude. You call me brother
and lie to me. You broke that girl’s heart. You shouldn’t have lied
to her. Forget it. Tea is getting cold. What happened, Sir? Friends, there is bad news. Just now I received
this information our army encountered
with a gang of terrorists and few of our soldiers
have martyred. Among those brave soldiers your son
Captain Prakash Nariyar was one, Subedar saab. Captain not only bravely
fought the enemies but neutralised more than
ten of them before achieving martyrdom. We are proud of him! Jai Hind!
– Jai Hind.. Jai Hind!
– Jai Hind.. My daughter-in-law
is in the town I have to tell her. But how? What am I going
to tell her? But I have to. I have to go home. I’ll tell Anjali. She’ll reach
to your house before us. I hope it’s number four. Four, Suman.
– No. No.
– No.. One.. Two.. Three.. Four..
Grandpa lost again. Yes.
– Sir, water for you. When did I ask for it?
– You just asked for it. Are your ears ringing? Go and focus on your work. Abracadabra. I will answer the call. Damru, you hold on.
I will answer the call. Come on. Hello. Yes, I’ll go there
right now. Mr. Vijay called. I will have to go
to the Subadar’s house. Right now. What happened?
Is everything okay? His son has martyred. Oh. His wife and daughter-in-law
are both here. I am going to their house.
– Okay, go ahead. Who is the Subedar? Once dad was posted
at Almora district he met the Subedar
and became friends with him. He came to our house
once when you were little. Have you met his son? I haven’t met him but I’ve heard many
tales about his bravery. It’s a huge deal for a JCO’s
son to become an officer. It was a proud moment
for the whole cantonment. It must be on the news.
Let’s watch. Come on. Hit it. They’ll definitely lose today. You’re such a bad brother. You asked me to do the work and ran away with
Suman in the scooter. Sitting on her scooter is not
fun but a punishment. The day you sit with her,
you’ll understand. I don’t know about that but she makes really
nice vermicelli. Yes, I agree with you
on this. Whenever I meet her I see a new talent
in her. The way I saw a new talent
in you today. The talent of lying to people
and hurting them. Don’t look at me like that now.
Bunty has told me everything. And don’t you think
you should apologise to Suman? I should apologise
to her? Forget it. Yes, I know you don’t like
hurting people. But if you’ve made a mistake
then accept it and apologise. ‘Where is Ms. Anjali
going at this time?’ Hey, Ms… ‘Like mother like daughter.’ ‘Today afternoon the locals’ ‘informed about some
strange activities.’ ‘And the moment the
army reached there’ ‘the gangsters hiding
in the village’ ‘started shooting the soldiers.’ ‘And in return the army had
to shoot them as well.’ ‘In these two hours
of shooting’ ‘the brave soldiers shot
down the gangsters’ ‘In this encounter,
seven soldiers martyred’ ‘where as ten soldiers
are badly injured.’ ‘The injured soldiers were taken to the district
hospital nearby.’ ‘Sources tell us some
are in critical condition..’ I’m going to bed.
It’s quite late. ‘The district magistrate..’
– You all should turn in too. ‘Visited the hospital
to check up on the soldiers.’ ‘The district magistrate has
announced’ ‘strict action against
the culprits and also..’ Suman.
Kanchan. You both should go to bed. Okay.
– ‘Our team has leaned that..’ You guys go ahead.
I’ll come in two minutes. Please.
– All right. Mrs. Pushpa, control yourself. How can I when my son
is no more? What happened? The very thing that a soldier waits for from the day he joins
the army. No matter what the cause is it always pains losing
a loved one. The pride we feel
about our martyrs has an equal amount
of sadness within it. And every soldier is as familiar
with that sadness as he is familiar with
the nation’s passion for pride. A soldier’s heart
is a strange one. It’s strong but soft. They feel sadness but
they can’t express it. They want to cry
but they can’t. Hi, Kanchan.
– Hi. Is Suman home? I want to talk to her
about something. Yes, certainly.
Please come in. Right, I’ll be in my room
because I’ve got an assignment. She’s right over there. ‘Here you can see
the tremendous..’ She’s really focusing
on the television. ‘Here stood the building
which has turned to rubble now.’ ‘It suffered severe
damages.’ ‘Here you can see
a soldier’s equipment.’ ‘And if you look carefully
at the rubble’ ‘you can see
the soldier’s spent cartridges.’ ‘Why is she crying?’ Kanchan, who.. Sorry. What are you doing here
so late? Well, I..
Sorry.. How many times are you
going to apologise? It’s okay. If you’ve got any work
then say, or you should leave. No, I came here
just to apologise. For what? Is it for showing up
this late at night or for generally
being a rude person? ‘If she hadn’t been crying, I’d
give her a piece of my mind.’ Would you say something? Unbelievable. I’m missing my match, just so
I could come here to apologise and this is how you talk
to me? Forget it.
I’m leaving. Wait a minute. Sorry, I was just.. Please sit for two minutes
and then we can talk. ‘To ensure
that the public is safe’ ‘and that the army operation’ ‘wasn’t hampered’ ‘he shot the..’ Why are you crying? I’m not.
I’m just a little emotional. Mr. Baldev is dad’s junior
officer. His son was martyred today
during a military operation. You knew him? No. So why does it matter? I read similar news
every day. ‘After that, as our brave
soldiers entered the building..’ That’s all done now. Forget about it. I’ll fix your mood. India is playing a match
today. It’s the last wicket
with five overs remaining. ‘With camera man Rajeev..
– You can see the batsman’ ‘used that line’ ‘to hit the ball
for a boundary.’ I’m from an army family. I don’t need to know
a martyr to cry in his death. This is the difference between
civilians and army. You’re only emotional for
your friends and relatives everything else
is just news to you, right? Which you read in the morning
news and forget by evening. You are I
are total opposites. Do you understand?
Now please get out. Y-You want me
to get out? Did you not hear me?
Should I yell it out? No.
I get it.

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  1. One man pressed a pistol to my stomach I cried out I am hindu I am brahmin they demanded that I recite the hanuman chalisa. Even after doing so, they asked us to take off our pants

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