Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 – Ep 18 – Full Episode – 4th March, 2020

Shravan! Shravan, what’s the matter?
Talk to me! Please.. Stop hurting me. I can’t talk to you. I don’t want to.. That event.. I’m sorry. What sort of person
are you, Shravan? Me? I’m charming. You’re not charming.
You’re cheap. You start flirting with girls and then you leave them crying
for no reason. That..
– There’s a reason. She’s crying because
she’s thinking about me. She’ll think
of me for a few days and then..
– Oh, God! You fraud! This act of yours
isn’t going to last long. Mark my words.
– Hello! My will not only last long,
it’ll flourish. You’ll bear witness to an
example for that this evening when I’ll defeat that old man
in a game of chess. He’s my grandfather! And that’s the problem. He doesn’t admit that he’s old. Who does yoga
and morning walk in his age! That’s to stay fit. People who want
to stay fit don’t put three spoons
of sugar in their tea. He should allow people
to eat as they wish. But no! He wants to sleep
in the afternoon himself! It’s all because of his old age. Excuse me!
That’s discipline! You won’t..
– Discipline? No, that’s imposing. He’s got a rule for evening
walks and eating at 8 p.m.. He even wants jasmine tea
in between that. Your aunt is sorrowful,
your uncle is silent and Damru.. He looks to be fighting
an army of his own. How do you know all that? I’m a civilian. Even if I don’t keep tabs
on the enemy country I do on enemy neighbours. Oh, please! I have an idea of how
you get what you want. Who did you pay to find out? I won’t tell you.
You just be ready at 5 p.m.. Or.. Don’t you come a minute
before 5 p.m.! Fighting one’s own army.. That’s your line, isn’t it? I don’t understand. Tell me.. How much did Shravan give you? I’ll tell grandpa
if you don’t tell me. He gave me Rs. 2,000. You betrayed your own battalion
for money. Weren’t you scared of grandpa?
– Well.. I had to tell Shravan
because I feared him. What do you mean? The enemy was sympathetic
in his questioning. He called your grandpa
old man a lot of times. Without intending to,
I called him an old man too. That’s it.
– So what? He recorded that
in his mobile phone. He threatened me
that I don’t give him.. News of the house every day,
he’ll give it to grandpa? Yes.. Who’s going to give
me what, Suman? I told Damru that you’ll
show Shravan today how chess is played. He dared challenge a soldier. Civilians don’t know that we
receive training to read to read three moves ahead
without our sharp eyes. Bring me a cup of jasmine tea.
– Okay. If you tell him anything else.. Once he loses today I’ll demand something
of him he’ll remember forever. Anish! Go, Virat!
Go do the opening. Look, I need a friend who’d understand me..
My.. I don’t know why, I’ve been
feeling weird recently. That’s nothing
to express openly. Even if you never ask for it I’ll always be there for you. I don’t feel like
going by bus today. Shall we go somewhere else? If you could arrange a bike.. I’ll get a friend’s bike.. Wait for me here. Devraj, we know that
you could’ve used brother’s company
for raw materials of the vests. Soldiers don’t consider options
and choose to wear protection provided by me. So I have to prioritise
their trust. And my brother..
He understands. All right then, Mr. Malhotra. Get a sample vest ready
to send to DRDO Centre. You’ll get an order of one lakh
vests if you get their approval. I’ll get the approval.
I’ll give it my all. Great! Let’s get do paperwork
and other formalities, then. The project
is Rs. 400 Crores big. I don’t want
any neglect in this. Right, sir. We have the orders. The vests will be officially
announced at August 15. – Oh! So we have to be very careful. Of course, we have to be. It’ll be done. – All right.
Great! I’ll see you around. Devraj my best wishes to you. Thank you. I know, you will do this not
as your job but as a duty. And I, my friend will trust you completely
and wear your vest. Again, my best wishes to you. I’m honoured. I’ll see your around. He’s so late! He intended to impress grandpa! Did you tell
him to come at 5 p.m.? Yes, I did.
I also reminded him. He’s still late. Tell Damru to find out. We don’t have his number
to contact him. We do, Grandpa! I mean, Suman might have it. They’re classmates, after all. Yes, Grandpa,
I’ve got his number. I’ll call him up.
– There you go, Grandpa. People come here
with their girlfriend. Why are we standing here
since an hour for no reason? Hey..
I was waiting for a call. Be quiet. Hello. Hi, Suman..
I.. These are your manners? Grandpa has been
waiting for you. Suman,
don’t say all this. Please give
the phone to your grandpa. Grandpa,
he wants to talk to you. Hello.
– Hi, Mr. Brigadier. I’m so sorry that I
was not able to come today. I can understand. Running away due
to the fear of losing is the habit
of civilians. Sir, I have
a friend named Bunty. He is not just my friend,
he is my best friend. In fact,
he is like my brother. He met
with an accident today. I was with him
the entire day. And if you feel
that I did a wrong thing. Then, you can
consider me as a loser. No, you did
the right thing. We’ll finish
the game tomorrow. Thank you so much, sir. One of his friend named
Bunty met with an accident. So, he is with him. Liar, fraud. You idiot!
You’re a fraud. How can you say that
your friend with an accident? Who says such things? It was a lie, Bunty. I can jump in front
of a car, if you tell me. Tell me.. In front of a
stationary car, right? How many more days
will you escape? Play the game, accept
and end the matter. I don’t want to end it. I mean, I go there
to play with him. If I get defeated. Then, they won’t
let me enter their house. And even if I win,
they won’t let me enter. I have to impress him. So let him happen. That’s why you’re
trying to impress her by getting me
into an accident. And in the morning
during the jogging time. I gave a lift
to a poor person.. Disgusting. Y-You’re such
a cheap person. Forget about it.
Let’s go and have a coffee. Come.. Anish, stop here. This is Suman’s
house, right? – Yes. I have to talk to her
about something important. Any problem? No.. You go.
I’ll park the bike and come. ‘I wonder what she wants
to talk to Suman about?’ Devika..
Anish.. You guys
haven’t gone home yet? Greetings, ma’am..
– Greetings, dear. Hi, ma’am.
– Hi. How are you two? You go to tuition
right after school? Actually, ma’am. I wanted to talk about
something important with Suman. So.. Let’s go upstairs. We’ll go to
my room and talk. I’m sorry, buddy.
But it’s girl-talk. I’m a girl..
So, bye.. ‘Why did
you bring me here’ ‘when you wanted
to have a girl-talk?’ ‘Waste of time.’ The girls have gone upstairs. Now, you tell me
what’s the matter? Why are you both
still in your school uniform? Dear, why are you standing? Take a seat. Did you both
eat anything or not? Beena.
– Yes. Damru.. Bring some snacks
and juice, quick. No, ma’am.
I-I’m good. Now, tell me.
What’s the matter? Is everything all right? Yes, ma’am..
Everything is all right. But still.. I’ll go check
and come, okay? I hope everything
is all right. Beena, they are adults now. They will tell us,
if it’s important. Sit.. I wish
we could swap our moms, Suman. Shut up! Sister-in-law, I’m worried
because they have become adults. I hope the girls
don’t go on a wrong track. We believe in
our upbringing, right? So, just have faith in
our children and upbringing. Are you a civilian?
– No, why? It’s because I’m afraid
that they will attack. What’s the matter, Devika?
Tell me. What happened?
Tell me. Shravan isn’t talking to me. I haven’t done anything. Last night Shravan’s late
girlfriend came in my dream. Late?
– Yes. I mean, he had
a girlfriend before you and she died? Oh, God!
A twist in the story. She died in a car accident. You know what?
She had eyes like mine. OMG, so, in your dreams
he’s not.. No.. To be friends.
You know what? He told me that
he has no issues with me and he wants me to take
care of him. Tell me something. Where else can you find such
a friendly ghost? You, shut up
and you, listen to me. Shravan isn’t a kid. And he has parents
to take care of him. Understand? – But the pain
in the heart and all emotions can’t be shared with parents. Devika, listen to me carefully.
That boy is a fraud. A cheapster and he lies
to everyone. To you, to our teacher
to my grandpa to everyone. Hey, but today
you’re misjudging him. What happened today? He was suppose to come
home to play chess with Grandpa but one of his friend
met with an accident. Accident? Shravan’s fine, right? He’s all right.
He has gone to see his friend. But she thinks he’s lying
because he can’t win. Perhaps, he’s hurt too and he’s hiding it from us. OMG, I have to see him
to be at peace. Please sit down. You’re right. I think you both
will believe when you see it. I’m going to expose
that fraud. Hi, Shravan, grandpa
told me about Bunty. Well, he’s terribly hurt. Right.. Kanchan wants to look
at him once.. Sure. Why not? Hi, Suman, thank you
for calling. Well, where exactly
are you hurt? The injury is over there. Looks like a big accident. How did it happen? I was tired of walking so, took a lift from a biker. And now I’m unable to walk. Bunty, is not in a condition
to talk. Doctor has told him to rest. But you can talk, right?
Just a minute. Hi, Shravan. Why do you do this? Don’t hurt me like this
time and again. And, Suman, ask me first if you’re handing phone
to someone hereafter. Bye. It’s hard to believe
such boys still exist he’s helping his friend
selflessly. He could have been
my friend too if my eyes had not interfered it can’t undergo
plastic surgery either. Please help me.
– Okay. Chill I will talk to him. You please go home and rest. Thanks. You’re the best. Bye, Kanchan.
– Bye. Kanchan.. – Sorry.
– Shut up. Okay, but do you think
he’s going to listen to you? Have you ever heard him talk?
So fake. Can’t you see it? Why are you
two so crazy about him? Uh-oh, now I get it. You are jealous.
– What? I used to like him and now
Devika does too in fact, every girl likes him. Excuse me, I can’t stand him. Exactly. It’s hard to believe how can
a boy be so caring and talent at the same time. He knows how to play both
chess and badminton. He’s rich and handsome too. Well.. You live in your
own world, don’t you? You believe in everything
don’t you? And you live in your
own imaginary world. You think he faked the accident and made him wear fake bandage so that he can show you
if you called him. He’s what, Suman, sick? He is sick. I want you to keep this with
you all the time for a few days. It’s a bit pricey and you might
need it anytime. You made me fake
a fracture of my leg but I’m sure you will be
beaten up someday for real. I’m sure someday that girl
will smack your face. You keep dreaming. I’m going to bed, I’ve to wake
up early in the morning. The old man must have
gone to sleep by now. So, you are going to jog
behind the old man again. Bye.
– Bye. He’s not here yet. What if he was not lying
for a change? Tell me. – Why did you make
a video call? Did you really think that I’m
going to lie about my friend? What else I could have thought? If you can fake your first
girlfriend’s accident.. What if I did? So, you think
you know me well? Well.. I’m not asking, telling you. You really know me well. Yes, I faked Bunty’s accident. But let me tell you
something, Suman. I am going to impress
the old man. I don’t like the way
you’re talking. What do you get out of winning
by cheating? There’s only benefits, ma’am. I’ll be able to ask you
what I want. I hope you remember the bet
Are you going to back off? Oh, please, it doesn’t exist in
the dictionary of army people. Good. Now stop bothering me. I’m going to trouble you
a lot after winning the bet. And one more thing. No one can expose me.
Understand? ‘I knew it. Shravan was
lying about Bunty’s accident.’ ‘Such a liar.’

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