El mejor juego eSports – Pikachu Volleyball

In the world of esports there are a lot of very interesting games that are
exciting to see and play but there are always messes behind like that
character should be Nerfed, is roaming or they have fucked me with the
update the perfect games like the Age of Empires. The thing is
pulling memory and my awards as a semi-beach volleyball player
professional … here is everything that won good practically everything. Championship of
Spain and her edition of and here I have the World’s best esports game and this
game is the Pikachu volleyball. In Pikachu volleyball does not depend on anyone or what
is made in chests or if a camper through the back of busting. Here only
there are the direction buttons and the intro to do everything to throw yourself or
basic auction to more advanced things like the feint, pigeon, pipe, blinding …
Because here you lose a game that I’ve thrown out this afternoon to go remembering
old times and I’m dominating absolutely, in fact I’m so crazy that
I have palmed. But it does not matter because I’ve played the other party so you can see Pikachu
volleyball in all its glory in fact in this match between the way you see yourself
Lencas who in 5-1 right away was so regrettable that prescribes and now I
I have to play the authentic game and and in the blockade in this game I’m going to
tell all the crazy things that I said about words at the beginning here I am when
with a head I’m controlling the ball
I slipped it over the top advanced volleyball concept is the
defender and a blunt attack of phone and possibly in the background
how to the bottom is worth 300 I put what is one, I cut myself a little
away from the network Stay tuned, we take you to
powerful returns me more and that’s called a penalty when he puts it on top of you
the network and bust them we call tension blockage of all life and then this is a
Self blocking support that is when you see that from the base of the uncle and back to
back and you return it with twice as many force out there the sky that in bolivia
it is called blinding this sun shoe and I do not see a pepper Let’s play short
now he dropped me there in the service It is worth everything short cortito or go for
below chakla Pikachu that does not pass a network AAAAAAAH !!! He tried to make a feint and that shot there with class. But look this jerk.
I want to make a feint now to this reception with the ass and below
of the legs. 7-4 let’s get powerful, feint. By
true this song is a subject that is catching is catching 6-7 go
there and tried to attract with the pints Aisha up has made a my field
will play legendary that consists of top off in your own field uff good
saved from pikachu careful by left the He has returned my legs, he returns it to me
all this yellow pig 87 I’m for the command
power backguard cutter we go there another other there is or blockades to the peaks we go there
I speak with the perfect tail to frame 98 what a pat we’re going three touches there is power
and others that not very good for click on it and in the background let’s go
intensity is how he got it and he was about to touch the ground to this one is
cut with boat cited the network give him bus his substitute field let’s 9 this is done
self-support pigeon and bottom and point 12 9 the match
eye eye that is pulling forces where new has the thing is heating up
it’s 1012 key point this the song in serious the half of the head let’s go be the
prepare is prepared a lot with a lot of perfect control short shot
or blocking 12 12 I’m fucked right now the confidence in
himself from the picacho left now it’s absolute I’m getting married and the sat
quietly he puts it on and he throws a pigeon remote control melo jockey
getting with the ass I will receive undercut there you have it blocked
perfect lock very low sudden death I rested and I’m laughing a lot
But that’s what es and esports are. wrinkle never if you do not get caught prick
too much of but to the network let’s head
we go paraguay and slaughtering himself and the bastard like
I said take we go there last point I’m very nervous right now
mower yes
yes SISIIIII !!!!! ARRRRG! nothing how are you imagining I am the best
world player volleyball and If you do not agree with that, get in
our discord the link is in the description of this video and we organize
a game to give me a beating Or I’ll give it to you.

45 thoughts on “El mejor juego eSports – Pikachu Volleyball

  1. El Pikachu Volleyball es gratis en Windows, pero no tiene web oficial para descargar. Buscando en google "Download Pikachu Volleyball" podéis encontrarlo… Sólo una cosa… ¡NO DESCARGARLO DE SOFTONIC!

  2. Que físicas, composición, cinemáticas, ambiente… me ilumina el alma la genialidad de este juego
    Pd: soy sub tuyo desde el directo xd

  3. Javi que has hecho, ahora los desarrolladores programaran el pokemon go para que pikachu te devuelva la pelota cada vez que se la tires.

  4. ¿Recomendas que juegue primero voley playa? ¿Seria una locura empezar a jugar directamente con Pikachu?
    Excelente video, tus relatos de los momentos épicos son emocionantes! Y el estilo espn xgames de nombrar jugadas… 😂
    Salud! Excelente lo suyo!

  5. Sin palabras, lección vital una vez más, pipes, palomos teledirigidos, sucampos, micampos…. chavales tomad nota…
    Haz un directo jugando con subs…

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