Elektrosjokkhåndball – Electroshock (Eletroshock) handball русские субтитры.

Larvik handball club haven’t lost
any of their last 250 league games They are unbeaten since 2001 Golden Goal wanted to see if the
statistic could be broken… If Larvik was electroshocked in a
league game against Tertnes Welcome to Larvik arena. We’re
here for a handball game. And Johan, today we’ll hopefully
get to see Larvik lose a game We are going to do our best to make
sure that Tertnes will win this game Do we have a tactic?
– It’s all about shocking them as
much as possible We are ready. Start. Go through on the side! I have to shock the goalkeeper. I’m shocking her constantly!
Shoot! That ball is not yours!
What the hell. Did she get a free
throw? Ref! Ok, Linka (no11). Shock her, Johan.
– I’m giving her all I got! Linka will not score today. Nice save, keeper! It looks like I’ve managed to injure
Linka. I got to say I’m happy with that. They’re passing it back to the goalie.
Is that smart? No, no, no, no.
Nice save, goalie! No, ref. Penalty? And we can’t
shock the referee! Who is going to take that? Yeah, just try… I’m shocking you
as much as I can. Just try to shoot. Very good! Excellent work! Time to shock the goalie! This works very well. Hammerseng (no10). I’m going
to shock her thigh. No! I’m going to get you for that one! Hammerseng – don’t you feel anything?
– I’ve experienced childbirth. What was that for ref? Are you
punishing Tertnes because we’re
shocking Larvik? Christ, ref. We’re just shocking them. HALF TIME 6 to 2. Have you ever outscored
Larvik into half time before? No… Let us kick Larvik’s ass in their
home arena. Let the second half begin. Shock their coach. He’s giving
instructions. And we’ll shock the goalkeeper again. Goal! Excellent! No! Shock her for that one. Did anyone shout for Ole?
(the coach) Just keep shouting his name. Don’t forget the players now.
– Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry I can already say that we’re going
to win this one. Easily. We’re
destroying Larvik. No, ref. Penalty again? Who is going to take that one?
– Who is tough enough to try? That’s actually not a bad finish
all things considered. 10 seconds to go. Give them all
you’ve got. And now they score? Oh well, nevermind. We crushed
Larvik. 16-7. They have never experienced this.
Larvik has been demolished in their
own home ground. Congratulations, Henrik. This
worked very well. And it made the sport a lot more
fun too.

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