100 thoughts on “Ellen Honors the Gold Medal-Winning U.S. Women’s Hockey Team

  1. Congrates on your false win canada truly won and shoot out isnt true hockey they didn't win at all…..plus if there where more than 5 teams usa wouldent event of made it to semi finals and canada beat you last week you guys shouldent of had a chance at bronze let alone gold…..congrats on your false win

  2. Please bring USA Women Soccer Team next… They are awesome …3 worldcups , Olympics… Have been fighting for equality

  3. They won in shootout. Ellen says it’s a team sport. Shootout is personal skill. USA should not have won that game. And neither did Ellen or team USA mention Canada’s name once

  4. I do not understand why people think females should be treated less than the males. I for one support all females equally in all aspects of life. If I had a daughter, she will be taught that she has the power over her own destiny and that no one will tell her differently.

  5. Im all for women feeling comfortable woth they bodies, but that nude photo is weird to me. They fought so hard to respect and equality for women in the sport, but take a nude photo? No men are ever asked to do that, and isnt the photo playing into the image of women as sexual objects..?

  6. Why are the ladies taking pictures like that when the men's hockey teams don't? they want to be respected….. just a thought

  7. Congrats to US Women's Hockey team . Way to REPRESENT. Thanks to Ellen for honoring them. I eat Chobani. Tastes great and owner has made a positive difference in his community.

  8. I find it sad that Ellen chose to show up at an Anti-Gun Rally recently…with SIX armed guards..and people cheered? What makes a celebrity's life so much more valuable than the rest of us?

  9. These are such incredible athletes. Five minutes on the ice, doing what they do, would just about kill any normal person. I get a lump in my throat watching Maddie make that save. I've watched the game three times and it still gives me chills. It's just criminal that these ladies can't make a living doing what they love the way men can. They train like crazy and have amazing skills. I would live to watch women's hockey and will pursue that any way I can. It's a little hard here in Utah, though. Yay women's hockey!! Go USA!

  10. listen may I suggest Tessa and Scott and their good friend sexual tension! I love their uhhhhm business relationship

  11. I stayed up and watched the whole game with my dad. It was an exciting game. I must say the US team played really well and deserved to win, even though I'm Canadian and rooted for Canada lol. Both teams played really well it could have gone either way. I was impressed with the skill set and abilities. Congrats to the US womens hockey team!

  12. My daughters played against the twins from North Dakota growing up. One of my daughters was a goalie the other a defense Women. Proud USA hockey MoM

  13. It would have been nice to mention opportunity across race and class as well. I think all those women are white

  14. Yes, we know you in Finland Ellen and we do love you! Congratulations to everyone in U.S. Women's Hockey Team 🙂

  15. As a Canadian, I want to thank Ellen and the US team for not smack talking or even mentioning the win in terms of Canada in this interview. I dreaded watching because I didn’t want to even hear a "you broke Canada’s 20 year streak!" Instead, I got an interview focusing on the players, on their achievement, on their gameplay without needing to bring up who they beat. Thanks.

    Also, y’all Canadians being salty af about the shootout and the loss, yes, it absolutely sucks. I cried watching our team's heartbreak. But the game on the Olympic ice is decided by a shootout as of 2018, our girls lost on the rules in place. That’s the way it works. If the shootout as the final deciding round is a poor choice, how about instead of ranting where it makes no difference, you petition the IOC to change that rule for 2022?

    Using a video like this one as a soapbox just makes us look like sore losers. And we’re not. How about we live up to our international reputation for politeness instead.

  16. C'mon Ellen, why do you pick and choose which videos can have comments and which can not have comments?…. You constantly preach free speech, exchange of information, everyone is equal, all ideas matter, being all inclusive, etc.. But your actions show you don't truly believe in those ideas. PS. Isn't that photo sexist?

  17. Why do women pose naked for pictures but not the men's team ? Why do women always have to be sexualized ? Annoying

  18. In the name of equality they should het rid of the sexist policy of “separate but equal” mens and women’s sports. Let everyone compete on their own merits regardless of race, religion or sexual identity!!!! #equality #endsexism

  19. For this Women's day Buy the Theme T-shirt : https://teespring.com/en-GB/tshirt-march-8th-2018#pid=14&cid=2538&sid=front

  20. i’m so happy with all the attention this team is getting bc they truly deserve it. now ellen needs to get the women’s national soccer team on there :))

  21. Hi Ellen, My name is Liza and I really want to be on your show. I'm a huge fan of the US Women's Hockey Team and really want to meet all 23 of them some day. I got autographs from about 10 and really want to complete the team. I also really want a Maddie Rooney jersey, Hilary Knight jersey, Brianna Decker Jersey, Jerseys from the twins and Meghan Duggan and Kessel. It would be REALLY AMAZING to meet you as well.

  22. As a Canadian, I'm DELIGHTED that Team USA won. They totally outclassed us and deserved to win. In case Ellen or the casual fans out there are wondering HOW Team USA won: it was not because you have better scorers or better goaltending than Team Canada. You did have vastly superior coaching and an outstanding corps of defensemen who did everything right (move opponents from in front of your goalie's net and push the play into the Canadian side of the ice with your great speed and a bold, aggressive style of play).

  23. My present to you is “hanging the US women’s Hockey team jersey “ in the show??? Really Ellen? Honor those girls like they are supposed to.

  24. Good on you ladies at all you do for the game of a sport of hockey you all did real good at winning that gold medal game strong confident young women of Olympic Athletes you all are for the Winter Games plus you always will be athletic Olympians to boot too here is to you all winning another one in four years the girls of Team Canada make me proud to be Canadian no matter what here is to you all facing off against each other in Beijing China Olympic Winter Games 2022 for another gold medal game also that ESPN Body Issue Magazine is amazing each female who posed for it looked fantastic feminine muscularity is hot especially when in action :p xo+ #AlluringAthleticAmazons #BeautifulBodaciousBabes #CuteCurvaceousChicks #DivineDelicateDamsels #ElegantEnchantedEmpresses #FantasticFemmeFatales #GorgeousGlamorousGirls

  25. You go, Ellen. These women should follow the lead of SC, GS, NC, & the Eagles, & so far, Alabama, by avoiding the sexist, dividing moroon in DC. The Astros made a serious mistake, & jou jou will get them. The Philly Flyers went, but that's hockey, so who gives a shit. hockey

  26. Still waiting for Ellen to do an interview with the USWNT after they won the 2015 Fifa women's world cup 😑😑😒😒

  27. You wouldn't see the mens team getting naked for a magazine, not saying that this isn't equality but I was surprised to see that after they were just talking about equality.

  28. Ellen is stupid they are all white and have discriminated against minorities and gay players, equality if your white ,it the congress model lol

  29. Love this team! As a girl growing up in the 80s and 90s, there weren't any hockey teams for girls, but I was literally obsessed with hockey and loved the sport so much (and I'll admit that I was pretty damn good) that I was insistent on playing with the boys and I didn't care one bit about the fact that there were no other girls on the team. So, from the age of 8 all the way up to 18, I was always the only girl on the team. I started playing on our city's youth team when I was in the second grade and then I played on the varsity boys' team all 4 years of high school. It was an amazing experience, one that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!

  30. It's about time ellen supported Americans, on her show, after all these foreigners she has had on her shows, Sean mendes, Justin Bieber, and all those other canadians

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