Elmira College Baseball Post-Game Interview with Nick Cottone ’19

We are here with Elmira College baseball is Nick Cottone’19 following their 10-4 win over. Utica here to close out the 2019 season.
Nick 7 innings 10 strikeouts left with the win what was working for you on the
mound today? Nothing me and Jordan We were good at the beginning
and we had the fastball working pretty good and wants me to establish that just
kind of sets up everything else and then we were able to mess with hitters a
little bit and keep them off balance and I just think more plethora of everything I had
was was able to keep him off-balance and I think really just you know really work
off of each other and really make the pitches work plenty of run support today what does that do
for you as a pitcher on the mound no it does everything for you on the mound you
know it’s the same thing when you give your fielders zero on the board
and that gives them more motivation to go out there and score for some runs
for you but you know especially with the run support put up a zero until the sixth inning I mean you
got a love that as a pitcher just it’s so much easier to picture the lead in
these guys you know they wanted to play today. It was a great game for run support. so Nick all the seniors got in today how
does it feel to wrap up your career with these guys it’s tough too tough to say
we’ve been through so many ups and downs over the four years but you know us five
core guys stuck together you know since our freshman year there’s a
special bond that really couldn’t be broken they worked their tails off for four years
and it’s been a ride but I’m glad I went out with them. I love those guys! What has it meant for you to be part of this program over the last four years? right you know I said before I
went to school I wasn’t really recruited in a lot of places and I decided to
choose this place you know because I wanted to etch my name in somewhere it was
a place for me I felt it to write my name in history somewhere I don’t regret
anything for a minute that’s that’s all it’s about was the experience I want to
trade the experience I got for the world.

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