Elmira College Baseball Post-Game Interview with Tommy Fogarty ’20

All right so I’m here with Tommy Fogerty
falling on my college baseball 8-7 win over at Keuka college here at Dunn field.
So Tommy team went up early against Keuka the Wolves battled back what was
you guys mentality heading into that big ninth inning heading? Heading into that 9th inning we were just trying to manufacture a run by getting guys on
early get him over and play fundamental baseball the way that we can. So you
let off the inning first pitch had a double in the center field Tommy just
take us through what was going through your mind in the box? At the plate just
you know being the leadoff guy in the inning just trying to get on base and
make something happen for the team and I was just able to get a pitch I was able to drive. So you came around to score what was the feeling when you got back
to the dugout? Just a lot of electricity from the team and that energy kind
of rattled around the field and from there we kinda had a feeling that we
were going to take the game. Where as an exciting win like this do for you guys
send into your last series this weekend against Utica? Really boost the team
morale and keeps the energy high and momentum is a pretty big thing in
baseball you should be able to ride it going into going weekend against Utica.
Alright Thanks

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