Elmira College Field Hockey Post-Game Interview With Mae Dinh ’19

So we’re here with Mae Dinh of the Elmira
College field hockey team coming off a 3-2 win on Class of 2019 recognition day.
Is it exciting with all the seniors getting recognized before the game to
come out on top today? Absolutely. We definitely played for each other and
for the seniors, and it just kept us going. Is it kind of bittersweet you know being out here
getting a big win but being Class of 2019 recognition day you know your last
season’s coming to a close here shortly I’ve only been for a short time, but in
that short time we’ve bonded so much. So I’m definitely going to miss all of
them. It’s been such a great time. What do you think worked well for the team here
playing on the grass and getting a win? Well we tried a new formation that was
definitely new to us, but we adjusted and it helped us to keep space, hold the middle,
forced our opponents to the outside and definitely worked out in our favor today. You guys
had a good three game win streak. Another big win here today. How do you use the momentum going down the stretch to piece some more wins together? It keeps our adrenaline up to just keep up the wins. We just don’t have any
subs either, so we truly work really hard for each other.

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