Elmira College Men’s Ice Hockey Renews Rivalry With Phoenix Academy

Yeah I mean it’s great to get it in this
community and especially supporting an event like the Special Olympics. They’re
going into the states when they get back from February break. So it’s it’s really
good for us to get up here and let them have a practice game before they start. It
wasn’t much of a game no they did take it to us pretty good but it’s it’s a
great experience. I know when I was an athlete here we used to come and play
them when I was playing and I look forward to it every year. Want my guys
to experience that same thing that I did. Me and my teammates love coming out here
every year in playing. I believe this the twenty seventh year in the row
that we’ve been here. We’re 0-27. We came out gave our best.
We made it close this year. It was a lot better than last year but they came out
on top today. Yeah I mean I think it’s they look forward to it every year. It’s
something they talked about. You know a lot of the kids do come to our games
and we’ll say “Hey we can’t wait to play you guys”. I know they look forward to it.
It’s a highlight of their season. You know and our guys just have fun with it.
You know we’re very fortunate. You know we got guys that are you know in
University in College playing the game they’d love to play and you know to come
back and play a group like this is something special and puts everything in
perspective. So we’re excited to do it we’re happy to do every year!

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