Elmira College Men’s Volleyball Post-Match Interview With Matt Straney ’20

We’re here with met trainee of the
Elmira College men’s volleyball team coming off a five-set win over Mount
Saint Joseph. It was a really emotional there at the end. You want to talk about
what the team what was going on on the sidelines? I’m with you guys out on the
court getting the emotion going. So there we
were just trying to get energy going with our bench and have our guys on the
court just be mentally ready to go every point and finish out. How big is it to
get a win like this a five-set win over a pretty good team I know you guys
battled with him last year at Mount st. Joseph now to get the win here at home?
Yeah that was huge for us we’ve been down a little bit and we’re just trying
to come back we had a conference game Friday and going into the next weekend
we’re just this is huge for us. Alex served you guys through a pretty
crucial stretch there at the end. What’s it like to see a freshman come in and
contribute in a way like that at that moment in the match? Honestly I’m not
I’ve never been more proud of that kid he came in did a great job he’s got
big things coming. so you said you know team had been down a little bit of wind
like this how do you take the momentum from this wind moving forward so this
one here is pretty much a gateway into bigger things for our conference we’re
just trying to push through we can control our own destiny for the rest of
the conference.

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