Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Press Conference – 2018–19 UCHC Semifinals

We’re here with Coach Crowley, Morgan
Mordini and a Maddie Evangelous of the Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Team
following a 3-2 win over Manhattanville in the UCHC semifinals. First, Tim just
your thoughts on today’s game and you know what’s the team like reaching the
championship game now? Anytime your opportunity for a championship you
excited right and I thought that today at times we were really good and then
other times which credit to them they were ready for us. They had prepared
throughout the week and obviously that made a difference and they play us in
structure and of course this is really feel uncomfortable at times during
during the game that I thought self. Credited Manhattanville on that coaching
staff that are really good job getting them ready but you know we’re obviously
excited I thought we could play better but we’re really happy about us winning
and getting a chance to moving on and a lot of that credit to us playing
not the greatest skills that myself. Congrats the owner
we’re excited to have our season continue and get a chance to play for a
championship long. Maddie two goals first 35 seconds in the first period and then
kind of kick-started that rally. Just your thoughts on the way you play today
and yeah just in general? Yeah always we want to bring the energy
as much as we can throughout every single shift every period but I was
happy to get the way we responded as a team. Definitely talked with some younger
girls getting them up for the game and they’ve never been in that situation so
I think that they responded really awesome. So I think it was a good win for us Morgan you got hit with a penalty there
and then as soon as that undid you know you find yourself in the position to
score will turn out to be the game-winning goal. Just want to walk us
through kind of what you saw up there and what was going through your head
when you buried that goal? Coming out the penalty box looked to the bench and Crowley telling me to go.
So I go and I don’t know it’s just a lot happened and just went into the net.
Then question for Coach and Maddie you’re back in your second UCHC
championship game on the verge of reaching your fourth straight NCAA tournament. How important is it to you know claim
tomorrow’s title and the postseason at least the UCHC postseason on a strong
note? yeah I mean I think just in terms of
everybody buying in that’s going to be huge for us and it’s going to be a
really awesome feeling for us to get that championship win hopefully tomorrow. Again like we need to build off of today and bring that energy so that we can take the title. Bob you have anything? Morgan as a newcomer to the
program playing alongside a very experienced player to your left
what was the feeling like the emotion on the sidelines there as you all were
having to battle back from being down? Being like well the way we responded
on the bench everyone up there was a lot of energy like to get the goal
and stuff okay and like being new it was a different like environment and it was
a lot of like different emotions going on being down and then the way we
responded the bench, on the ice it was it was
different. I spoke with Maddie before he was new
and Meg Leahy and when we talked about the road to the championship so to speak
being a veteran player and everything like that did you experience any kind of
pressure out there today? Definitely I mean I think everybody kind of feels
that pressure no matter what. I mean it’s playoff hockey but at the end of the
day it’s the people to your left and your right that are going to lift you up
and really help you push through that type of pressure and I think that we did
that as a team today coming back from behind. Then we had a couple of stops in
the game late in the contest due to conversations with the officials of the
opposing coach and everything like that did that do anything as far as
disrupting your focus on the game? No I don’t think so I mean anytime you’re in
a playoff type atmosphere you’re gonna have high emotions, a lot of energy, a lot
of back-and-forth. So you know for us didn’t really change anything you know
how we wanted to still go about our structure in our systems but they said
that coaching staff did a really good job and obviously had an
impact on our game today. You know it’s it’s a lot of our players first opportunity to play
playoff hockey and you know I was happy with how our younger players played
today. Certainly think it’s going to be a good step moving forward for tomorrow. okay so talk about tomorrow and your thoughts on the other two teams
that are still buying for. I think when you look at both of them they’re
both really well coached teams again same thing just like Manhattanville
different teams and Nazareth is a newer program but coach Bobby did a really
good job bringing in counted players and they play hard they have a lot of energy
and they a lot of speed throughout their lineup and Williams Smith a little bit
different but still kind of same type of structure a good coaching staff. You know
we just we understand them all is not going to be an easy game for us I think
today was a really good learning lesson for a lot of our group. We are really excited about
tomorrow it’s not going to be easy you know anytime there’s a championship on
line and we expect everybody’s best correct. So I certainly think we’ll be
better tomorrow and I would expect whoever we play will be really good too. Thank You!

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