Eloy Jimenez – Top Baseball Prospect at Winston-Salem Dash – Vlog 13

I am doing a baseball video because I
want to do it. We’re going to go to the winston-salem Dash. Going to BB&T ballpark
and we’re actually going to check out one of the newest additions to the team
his name is Eloy Jimenez. He was just traded from the Chicago Cubs to the
Chicago White Sox system and he is one of the top rated prospects and all the
sport and he’s supposed to be pretty good. I wanted to catch him while he was
in town thought that would be neat and I’m going to make a video about going to
the lovely ball park. I hope that’s okay with you. This is going to be Eloys first
game in winston-salem. He was traded about four or five days ago. He’s been
playing out of town but this is the first time he’s going to be in Winston
and I just wanted to give him a nice warm welcome. One thing that I
underestimated its how freakin hot it is today. I knew it was hot but man July
20th middle of winston-salem concrete everywhere I don’t know. I’ll have to drink a lot of water I guess number one draft pick. A cool thing about
coming to the ballpark on Thursday it’s Thirsty Thursday half price on all
Foothills beers and there’s one dollar canned domestic. can’t beat it.
This is not Eloy Jimenez this is Zack Collins he’s the white sox number six
prospect. Thought that was pretty cool that I got some of him. You know there really is
nothing like seing baseball live in the ballpark there’s just a general
atmosphere even with not that many people at the park not that many seats
filled there’s just an energy you can’t imagine. Oh my gosh here he is Eloy Jimenez is
playing right field for the winston-salem Dash one of the first things you can see is that she is just an enormous guy 6’4 200 pounds clearly just
larger than everyone else on the field and it shows especially at the plate as
we’ll see in a moment. this is his first At-bat. I was happy to
catch this on camera. The next shot after this one from is one of my favorite shots that I got all day and you’ll see why. Just nails it down the left-field line. He gets a double out of this one and I wanted to take it back a little bit maybe we
can break down his swing one of the cool things about getting this shot as I’m
able to just look at this go check it out Here’s him loading up
here’s him just way laying into the ball and I just want to show you real quick
the bat speed here look at this this is two frames here this is before one frame
before the hit one frame right on the head I really can’t even tell where the
bat is here like where did it go? Ugh its just great. Between innings I caught a burger at the burger batch Stand. burger batch is a local restaurant in winston-salem North
Carolina. they serve you guessed it burgers and they are delicious so shout out to my
guys at burger batch for making a killer burger. This here is a time lapse of
Zack Collins striking out and this is the time lapse of these sun going down.
Here’s the second at-bat of you yes that was an opposite field home run
that landed at the back wall. Shear strength from this man and clearly
in a league of his own. I decided to head out getting a little
late it’s about 8:45 and I got to work tomorrow it’s a weeknight. So I think
it was a total success main reason why I came Eloy Jimenez played fantastic.
he hit a home run I expected nothing less he’s an excellent prospect he also
doubled made an excellent play in right field it was totally worth the $8 I paid
to get in. Wo there you are it certainly cooled off since the sun
went down I am sweaty hungry still even after that burger and looking forward to
taking a shower and hitting the sack thanks guys see you later

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