[ENG] ⚾ What is the batting average of team ‘Heart People’? ‘Our Baseball’ Making Film EP 00

[Translation&Subtitles by EXIDISTIC] JH: The place I’m in right now is the Baseball Practice Range. (‘Our Baseball’ Actors have come to the Baseball Practice Range) JH: This is where we have come to get our baseball lesson for the first time. (shyshy) (Jongwonie is still awkwards with cameras) (‘Our Baseball’ Actors working hard from day one!) (in the back: oh!) JH: Hey I hit the ball! (It’s Sieun’s (JH’s Character) first time but she’s getting better at it right away!) (Role: Sung Sieun, Actor: Park Jeonghwa)
JH: It was my first time lifting a baseball bat but still I think i got to hit a lot for a day. JH: *giggles* (it’s because it’s the first day haha) JH: Our managers belong in the ‘Our Baseball’ team. JH: I asked our managers if they thought about recruiting me as a female player JH: I was rejected terribly. JH: If they don’t, I will ask the producer team how I can’t be on the team. oh~ she did well JH: (pride) (pride) How did the producer team not have a thought about recruitment? (First meeting with the coach) (Perfect! ⚾️) (Did you see that!?) (Cute Taunt* haha)
JH: You didn’t think~? Female player!!
*the phrase used is “throw something in one’s teeth” which means to taunt or hurl at someone. (Please anticipate a lot!!) (Full of Passion!)
(Tirelessly engrossed in practice!) JH: heoi! (Mute Laughter ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) JH: catch and !! JH: ah~! like this!!!

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