[eng/port-subbed] Beach Handball Show Match, Marit and Gro interview

They are perhaps better trained and would
guarantee a win in a regular handball game, but in Larvik’s sand the ’08 Olympic
winners face the ’99 World Cup winners. Kjersti Grini, Susann Goksør,
Trine Haltvik and others, defeat Gro Hammerseng
and company, in Larvik. Maybe we should practice first. I don’t think we didn’t run much. It was
more that we reviewed our capabilities. After the match, the two teams
celebrated Marit Breivik’s career with a giant banner. I appreciate it. I think I’ve been paid
much tribute for many years not least the last year.
This is very pleasant. Not least to see the players,
even if they were poor in beach handball.

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