[ENG SUB] Laboum Time Ep. 1 – Soyeon, Haein! Pitching and Batting for the First Time

Translated by Tiffany
Timed by Kid Simple Everybody, right now, I’m diligently taking on a challenge on set. [ Electrifying gaze ] Two, three!
I’ve fallen in love~ Hello~
We’re Soyeon and Haein from Laboum~ We’re pitching and batting Ah, right now, we’re diligently practicing but… It’s so… I don’t know…
It’s so difficult As expected, not anyone can be a professional!!! We have to work together in such a short period of time! But we’ve always~ matched well together… We match well~
[ Embarrassed ] I don’t think we’ll be nervous when we go and I think we’ll do well~ We need your support~!
Lattes, please give us lots of support~ Please support us a lot so that I can throw the ball well and Soyeon can hit the ball well~ Thank you~ Bye~ [ Training intensely… ] [ Training intensely… ] [ Yeoni and Haeni working together… ] [ Nice shot! ] [ Everybody, you’re watching Soyeoni acting pretty right now ] [ Soyeoni nice! ] Heroes, fighting~! [ In order to establish their rapport, Yeoni and Haeni in the middle of an interview… ] Pew, pew~
The flying bullets of love, yeah! Fighting~ [ Hello~ ] [ Fighting! ] We’ve finished pitching and batting I practiced a lot, but I was really nervous when compared with how I was during practice How was it? It was such a pity Although I didn’t practice a lot in the first place, I thought I could do well… It was such a pity~ So if I do this again next time, I think I’ll do so much better~ We hope that you call Laboum again next time~ Today, we really worked hard~ Play the game diligently!

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