(Eng Sub ver 1.00) GFRIEND in OKINAWA Ep.4<Beach volleyball>

Let’s play beach volleyball EH:Please explain the rules! The basic rules are the same as for volleyball. The inside of the black line is the coat. If there is a mistake in the return or a foul, points will be awarded to the opposing team. The ball can touch any part of the body. The team that scored 3 points first wins. YJ:This is the influence of the wind direction! YJ:The effect of wind blowing over here EH: Which is the right to serve? EH: Which is the right to serve? (The team that earns the point has the right to subsave.) EH: Sowon-san is very good! EH:Am I going forward? Or is Umuji? Uj:I will be backwards. YJ: Wait a minute SW:Do you want to change the victory or loss to 5 points?
YJ:It won’t be a game STAFF:Do you want to end the game with 3 points? Change to 5 points?
Let’s do so SW:The team that scored 5 points first wins. SB:I’m losing because the wind is here YR: We have to strike hard EH: I don’t want to step on. SW:Can I kick the ball? YJ: Legs are OK EH:Is this OK too?
SW:It ’s the last! STAFF: It’s a foul because you were in the line when you hit the serve. SW:I’m sorry
EH:Do not worry SW:You have to hit this ball really hard You have to hit this ball hard like this But the wind direction is ….(against us) SB:If we hit the ball, it will fly back Hit it really hard The wind is n’t blowing. .EH: I’m sorry. . EH: I thought it would fly here. .

22 thoughts on “(Eng Sub ver 1.00) GFRIEND in OKINAWA Ep.4<Beach volleyball>

  1. This is a very unfair game. However, Yuju is second overall. It is fine.
    Yerin, the lowest overall, must play a batsu game in Episode 7.

  2. Poor beale line team.. The wind direction interrupt them to serve the ball better 😅The last part.. I thought you gonna include where sinb took photo of yuju

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  4. Love to see our girls having fun outside, like regular people! 🙂 Everyone has played volleyball, so we can all relate and enjoy watching… Thank you!

  5. Honestly? Its the winds fault why yuju yerin and sinb lost this game ahahahah.

    Ps:Thank you for making us happy too. I appreciate you videos so well.

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