England Become 2019 World Cup Champions

World Cup’s interesting cricket match was held yesterday at the Lords ground in London. Yesterday the New Zealand vs England match was held. New Zealand won the toss and chose to bat. Their two batsmen one of which was Henry Nicholls scored 55 runs. The other player Tom Latham scored 47 runs. They both scored very well. They other players after them did not score as well as them. New Zealand scored a total of 241-8 in 50 overs. It was then England’s turn to bat. They started playing very badly. Two of their batsmen scored very well. Ben Stokes scored 84 runs and was not out the entire time. The other player Jos Butler scored 59 runs. They both helped to achieve a high score. England needed 15 runs in 3 balls. It was extremely tense. Ben Stokes then hit a six. From 15, they now needed 9 runs in two balls. Everyone in the stadium was very tensed. This was not easy. They needed 9 runs in two balls. When the ball was delivered, the England batsman hit the ball and ran for two runs. New Zealand’s player then threw at the wicketkeeper but the ball deflected and went for a four. They scored 6 runs and now they need 2 runs in 1 ball. Everyone was tense. New Zealand then hit the ball and scored one run. They were trying for the second run when he was run out. Adil Rashid was run out. However now there was a tie. Both teams had scored 241 runs. In such cases in the semi-finals and finals, there is a rule called Super Over. The teams will again have to play 6 balls each. England scored 15 runs in 6 balls. Now it was New Zealand’s turn to bat. England’s first delivery was a wide. The second ball went for a six. They were worried but England stayed strong and continued bowling. They gave very few runs. 2 runs were needed in 1 ball. Everyone was very tensed. New Zealand hit the ball and ran for a run. They scored one run but was run out on the second. It was tie. However England won the match and New Zealand lost Why did they lose? England scored a total of 26 boundaries and sixes. This was more compared to New Zealands total of 17 boundaries and sixes. Their was less. This is why England had won the World Cup. For a long time, they had not won the World Cup. This is the first time they won.

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