Ep. 2 พาเที่ยวจอร์เจียหน้าหนาว [Tbilisi – Mtshketa – Gudauri – Kazbegi] Winter in Georgia by Rain

Hello everyone! Today is the fourth day already We are going to another city Mtskheta, which was previously the capital city of Georgia Jvari Monastery is a Georgian orthodox monastery It was built-in sixth-century between 501-601 A.D. It has survived to the present day almost unchanged. Also, it is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Let’s fly a drone to catch a glimpse of the astonishing view from the top Mtskheta city is right over there where we shall be heading to We have arrived at the old capital city, Mtskheta Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is an old church located in Mtskheta and It is currently the second-largest church after the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi The interior and exterior structure of the church has been through restoration on several occasions due to invasions by the Arabs and Soviets The building had also been damaged by earthquakes. I bought this I wonder how does it taste like It’s very sticky Hmmm Oh yummy It’s like a jelly There’s nuts, walnut Delicious! I like it Try it if you come to Georgia We have arrived at Ananuri Fortress Currently, the fortress is closed and under maintenance and there is no water in the reservoir too People here explained most of the water in the reservoir comes from the melting of the ice from the mountain so it’s normal that there is no water in the reservoir during winter Let’s move on to our next destination The Russia Georgia Friendship Monument was completed in 1983 to celebrate the ongoing friendship between Georgia and Russia. the view around is mesmorizing too After this, we are going to have fun paragliding Nud: The wind is so strong Nud: can I go down? We’re now having dinner at the hotel Beetroot soup What is this meat? Bus: This is similar to Thai rice sausage Oh I see Bus: but there is a difference because of the @#%$!& Thicha: What @#%$!& ?? LOL Thicha: What is this @#%$!& ?? LOL Bus: Girl! Every man makes mistakes. Bus: They used pomegranate to season the meat Bus: to make it soft and give it a fruity aroma Bus: Tastes similar to what we’ve in Thailand but the difference is the lack of Garlic Bus: I really want you guys to have a bite Bus: I love Georgia That’s it for today It’s been a tiring day Here’s my tired friend and our messy room Bye bye It’s the fifth day I am still in Gudauri and here is the hotel where we’re staying, named Deka It’s located near the ski resort It’s within walking distance, but a bit far and here is the view outside of the hotel I will show you interior of the hotel a little bit dark here At first, looking at the hotel from the outside It looks scary as it looks quite old but upon entering It’s ok, not that bad. Here is the place where we have our dinner and breakfast upstairs This is the view from my room Hello! We are at the ski resort I’ve asked the ski shop for the ski rental costing and they said 100 Lari for the equipment and 1-hour instructor I think it’s quite cheap We are in the ski rental store changing my shoe Then the ski that we select should be shorter than our height Let’s have fun! Now we’re all really tried Ta da~ Thicha: I can’t play anymore I can’t play anymore Ok! Maybe we will go and try the snowmobiles Go! We’ve returned our ski equipments and heading to ride the snowmobiles we are currently walking there This guy is the same person who invited us to play ski and tomorrow he will also be driving us back to Tbilisi The total cost which includes visiting a church at Kazbegi and then to Tbilisi is 250Lari He said the cost from Tbilisi to Gudauri should be only 150Lari He was surprised that our cost here is expensive Enough of that, let’s go ride some snowmobiles They drive so fast Now waiting for the taxi back to the hotel We’re at the supermarket then found these alcoholic drinks most of them are very cheap! 70 baht to 80 baht Vodka is 150 baht Thicha: This is good, Grey Goose only 850 baht So cheap! Red Bull Can also be found in Georgia We are back to the hotel eating instant noodle with Thai chilli Here is a famous soft drink only have in Georgia made from… some leaves (Tarragon leaves) and it tastes like Fanta but the smell is different. I like it you should try We’ve finished our dinner and that’s all for today I am going to sleep now. Bye bye Good morning sixth day! Our plan today is to visit the Gergeti Trinity Church at Kazbegi New driver handsome cheaper than the previous driver and better personality I think Let’s go to the church! We’re now at Gergeti Trinity Church It’s so cold here and the way up is very scary We will never arrive here successfully if we drive ourselves It’s better to rent a car with a local driver the roads are slippery and covered with snow I will use a drone to record the birds-eye view the view here is fantastic surrounded by mountains here’s the view from the church You can see a village down there Let’s take a look at what we managed to capture with the drone I’m now at the hotel in Tbilisi named Four Brothers We will be staying here for just 1 night and will be flying back to Thailand tomorrow I will show you how’s our room like The room is ok, big and can fit 4 people and this is bathroom Ok! This hotel is only 150Lari so it’s 1500baht this room can stay up to 4 people very cheap! and has a very nice rooftop let’s go see the rooftop Here it’s the rooftop of this hotel I saw the rooftop photos from Agoda website and that’s why I booked this hotel So beautiful! Now we are at Stamba Cafe Zara has a big sale! 35 Lari, 45 Lari 219 Lari is 2190 baht for all these coats OMG! Even more discounts 35Lari only This one is discounted to 13 Lari Ok I need to shop now! We are going to try this Sulphur hot spring at Gulo Thermal Spa I am inside the private room I will show you the hot tub inside and this is the waiting room where you can place your belongings and change your clothes here. There’s a sofa, a mirror the room inside is like this the hot tub over here and the stone bench for sitting the smell is really bad like someone farted in here here is the hot tub the water is warm Ok I will go inside now Back to the hotel packing my stuff and will go to sleep soon Tomorrow we have to go back already I will end the video now Sweet dreams! Hello everyone! Today is the seventh day already We’re in Tbilisi, Georgia Today I have to return to Thailand in the afternoon Thank you so much for watching my video until the end If you like my video, feel free to like and share Also, supporting me by subscribing my channel This Georgia trip is my first video So if I’ve made any mistake about the information I am apologized for that too I promise that in the next video I will improve and make it even better so again thanks for supporting me So my Georgia trip has ended Bye bye everyone!

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