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– How do you pronounce ‘Ten’ in Bengali?
– Daush. – Daush.
– Daush. – Just…
– D-Daush… – Say it properly.
– Daush Luchi. Exactly. That’s Bengali.
Just like Rasgulla. – Rossogulla.
– Rossogulla. – Rossogulla.
– Yes. But I learnt that “Rossogulla” – is actually from Odisha.
– No. – There was a debate on this topic.
– Debate… The matter went to the High Court. Didn’t the judge ask why you are quarrelling
instead of relishing the sweet? How does it matter where it came from?
Just eat it. That’s more important. That will make matters worse. Right? That is important. You started playing cricket
very late in life. I guess 15. – Yes, I was 15-16.
– Yeah. – It was during the 1997 World Cup…
– Yeah. That was the first time I saw girls playing. – Yeah.
– And I was very fortunate enough – because World Cup Finals happened…
– It happened in the Eden Garden. Between Australia and New Zealand.
I was a ball girl in that match. – Yeah.
– When the Australians were following the boundary line,
carrying the trophy… They were taking the victory lap. Then I realized if I choose a sport as my profession – even I’ll get a chance to play for India.
– Yeah. That was my dream. And coming from Chakdaha…
That’s a small town. And… No one in my family – has ever played sports, let alone cricket.
– Yeah. They said, “Sports? Cricket?
Women’s cricket?” The thing is that they didn’t know
anything about it. And the second problem for me was coming to Kolkata from Chakdaha. It takes two and a half hours one way. You have to spend
a total of five hours travelling. – My God! Every day?
– Every day. – And by train.
– By local train. – Who supported you? Among parents…
– It was difficult in the beginning. – Yeah.
– Because explaining them and making them understand was not easy. Coming from
an orthodox, middle class family and choosing a sport like cricket
as a profession it was very difficult. But my grandma was a positive person. She used to always support me. And she is the only one person in my house – who supported me from the beginning.
– Yeah. So I had a support. At the end of the day,
no matter who scolds me – no one could say anything to my grandma.
– Correct. – She has seen the British rule.
– Of course. – Pre-independence.
– Yeah. – So, there was no freedom back then.
– Correct. – After partition, a lot of things happened.
– Yeah. So she always wanted to be free and express things. And you know what she would read all the books and magazines
till her last day. – Wow!
– She left no magazine unread. If you are reading a book or some notes and if there is a book kept next to you she would just come
and start reading it. She was a highly educated person
back in those days. And she always wanted women
to speak for themselves. – Yeah.
– She was very tough. And probably because of the partition – she became a lot more tougher.
– Yeah. She would always say, “You should do
your work. Don’t depend on anyone.” So, mom used to say, “No”. “She must study. She is a girl.
We have to get her married.” “What if something goes wrong?” – That’s obvious.
– That’s normal. – It’s justified. Parents think about us.
– Of course. They are our well-wishers. – Only they’ll think about you.
– Yeah. – No one else will.
– Yeah. And this had happened 20 years ago. – Of course.
– Right? We should keep in mind that 20 years ago… The saddest thing was that people would
humiliate you while traveling in a train. – Yeah.
– “You play cricket?” “Is your family insane?
You’re playing cricket!” – “You should be studying at this age.”
– Yeah. You should have told them
to mind their own business. We were kids back then.
We couldn’t have said anything. – Now, you will teach them a lesson.
– Obviously, I will. – They’ll face your ire.
– Now, they’ll be like “We had seen this girl back then
and now she is on TV.” They would tell their friends
“She used to travel with us in the train.” “We would ask her to work hard.
Very good.” “You’ll surely play for India.” Exactly. – People praise the one who is successful.
– Of course. – Right?
– It was fun back then. Those days are the golden days of my life. – Particularly, the train journeys.
– Yeah. – There used to be a gang in the train.
– Yeah. And the coach we would travel in more or less, had sportspersons
travelling in it. – Okay. Wow!
– A football player, an athlete etcetera… We had a group. We boys and girls would
chat together and travel. And it was really fun. And if we missed that train we would feel so bad
that the day didn’t start well. – It would mean missing out on all the fun.
– It would mean missing a fun filled journey. The fun, the acquaintance
and the knowledge that we acquired… – Yeah.
– was not available anywhere. I still remember the timing of that train.
5:05, it was an early morning train. My God! Which means you had
to wake up at 4 o’clock. – Yes. We would wake up at 4:15.
– Yes. – Get ready…
– Get ready and catch the train at 5:05 and it would reach at 7:30. – It would reach…
– Sealdah. – Sealdah. And then…
– We would go to Paliganj. South. – Even further?
– Yes. You have to catch a south-bound train
and then a bus. There is this up and down. – Then the training…
– One more thing. My coach was very strict
with respect to punctuality. – Yeah.
– If you don’t arrive by 7:45 a.m. or 8 a.m. – you miss your practice.
– Hey! You become tougher. – You become tougher with that.
– Yes. It helped me. He played a big role. Once I had come for a practice session
in Vivekananda park. He saw me bowling
and was very impressed. He told me this later. He said, “I have been coaching for so long
and I’ve seen many girls playing.” “But no one had such a good
high arm bowling action.” “If I had not supported you
at that point of time” – “your talent would’ve gone waste.”
– Yeah. So, he came down to my house
and he explained everything to my family. He asked for two years. “If the graph of her career in cricket
doesn’t go up in two years” “then you may stop her from playing.” “But you won’t disturb her
in these two years.” Wow! So, what’s his name? – Mr. Swapan Sadhu.
– Mr. Swapan Sadhu. He was very passionate
and he has his own style. And he used to help people
with personal problems. If you say that you can’t come tomorrow
for practice as you don’t have money he would give you money and ask you to come for practice.
He wouldn’t let you miss the practice. I still remember. He gave me Rs. 1000 when I was going for India camp
and said, “Have some sweets”. These things matter a lot for me. Did you ever think
that you would be playing for 20 years? – No chance.
– You would hold the record – you know, for most wickets and…
– Shall I say something? In May 2009, Amita Sharma
was in the team and we had a coach named Sudha Shah. I told her that I will retire
after the 2009 World Cup. – Wow!
– She said, “Are you serious?” I said, “Why, ma’am?
Why do you ask that?” She replied, “No…
Let’s see when you leave”. I have not been able to retire ever since. – Wow!
– If I go to play the match now… – If the bus is scheduled to leave at 7:30…
– Yeah. …I reach the physio room at six. My taping starts at six – and it goes on till 7 or 7:10 a.m.
– One hour? – I mean… Yeah.
– Both the ankles. Elbow. Then the back… The rhomboid muscle… When physios heard
of a rhomboid injury they were like, “I never heard of this
happening to a cricketer” – “in my career of 16 years”.
– Yeah. “You’re the first patient.
I don’t know how to handle.” But the fact that you still
tape yourself up… – You still have the passion…
– Yes. – …to play for the country.
– Of course. I just have one passion
as long as I’m playing for India. – Give your best on the field.
– Yeah. Harman has levelled
a serious allegation against you. When I asked her
who is the worst dancer in the team… – I was expecting something like that.
– She said Paaji[Jhulan]. – What would you like to say about this?
– Look. To be honest, I am in the Indian team
to play cricket, not to dance. But, although, I don’t know to dance I participate with them. – Team spirit.
– Of course. – No one observed that.
– Yeah. Everyone observed only my bad dancing skills. – That’s wrong.
– Yes. The one who has accused you of this – should be ashamed of it.
– Of course. Henceforth, when they look at me they should say “Sorry” and then leave. But there are a few people in the team
who are always cheerful. – Number one is Veda.
– Yeah. She used to call me Didi[Sister] earlier.
Jhulan Didi. – Yeah.
– Simply Jhulan Didi. Then one day she said,
“Can I call you Jhulan Di(Sis)?” – Yeah.
– I said I’m fine with that. I’m okay. Then she said, “Can I call you Jhulan?” -Yeah.
– I said, “I’m okay, Veda. Call me anything.” Then one day she said,
“Can I call you Jhulu Di?” Fine. “I’ll call you Jhulu.” “I like that Jhulu. Okay, fine.” Then one day she said,
I’ll call you JG(Jhulan Goswami). – JG.
– JG. I said, “Fine, Veda”. – Now she calls me “J”.
– “J”. My name has been reduced to just one letter. Don’t eliminiate that letter now.
I may be dropped from the team. That’s how it is.
I said, “Fair enough.” “I am okay with
whatever you are comfortable with.” What else do they call you? Yes. Harman came to the team in 2009. And she was a proper Punjabi. – She would use Punjabi words while talking.
– Yeah. I never knew Punjabi. And I used to hear this word Paaji in TV. – So, I used to call her Paaji(Bro).
– Okay. She was like, “You too?” – Then they started calling me Paaji.
– Okay. And I used to call her Paaji. So, that was the trend. When Smriti had come on this show… Because she is a proper Maharashtrian girl – she likes Sambha Bhel.
– Bhel Puri. Yes. – She has got something in Sangli.
– Yeah. She likes the Bhel from Sangli
and from nowhere else in India. – And specially Sambha Bhel.
– Now, I feel like having Bhel. So, let’s have some Bhel
and then Rossogulla. I don’t what is going to happen next. Because… There is a saying, “Never shoot
an episode on an empty stomach”. – Then you feel like ordering everything.
– Order everything. I can see buffet right in front of me.
Buffet of seasonal taste. – I see various delicacies here.
– Of course. It must be summer special now. Even if we get a winter delicacy,
we will eat. The AC is on anyway. We will eat. When you started playing people would ask you to eat
as you are a fast bowler. Of course. Eat and play. Keep eating… They would say, “Have this…
You have to bowl tomorrow”. “Have this. You have to bowl tomorrow”. That was the trend. – A plate of Biryani.
– I didn’t know it is not good. I used think that food increases strength. Later I got to know that it isn’t good. And earlier – they would not analyse the performance.
– Yeah. You have to come for the net practice
and bowl to five or six batsmen. – Yeah.
– If you’re bowling to five batsmen regularly – you’re bowling well.
– Yes. If not, you’re not doing your job properly. That is how the culture was. You have to bowl around 100 to 125 balls. In fact more than that. Imagine, every batsman
would play for 30 to 45 minutes. – All of them are seniors.
– Yeah. – So, you can’t say no.
– Right. – Correct.
– I know those players in the Indian team. Anju Jain, Anjum Chopra, Mithali Raj,
Hemlata Kala and Rumeli. So, you’d bowl to everyone
when you were a junior. – When you became senior, did it reduce?
– Yes. “There are juniors.
Let them do it.” Now I say that I will bowl
these many balls today. You’ve the world record
for taking the highest number of wickets you are the number one bowler… So, the record of highest number
of days as number one… You know what?
When I was… I still remember. During 2007-08, the ICC started
a ranking system for women cricketers. – Yeah.
– And I was the first person… As a bowler, my rank was number one. Back then, the ICC gave a golden arm band
to the bowlers. Then I had this thing in my mind that I have to follow this every day. Where do I stand? I should
maintain my ranking of number one. Then I suddenly realized that I’m focusing
more on that, than I did on bowling. – I mean, I got addicted to it.
– Yeah. – Ranking…
– It’s like the drug, right? I was following it daily.
I’m checking the points on the internet. “What is the difference
between me and my nearest competitor?” I was after that calculation. Then I realised. “Jhulan, stop following
all the ranking and points.” “Your work is to go and perform
on the ground.” – “You are not like the others.”
– Yeah. And then I stopped. Actually, there was no one
to tell us these things. – Yeah.
– So, I try to share these experiences
with the youngsters. They will be aware of it
from the beginning. – This is golden knowledge.
– Yeah. Exactly. – I share my personal experiences.
– Yeah. I keep saying,
“Don’t worry about what happened.” – “Live in the moment.”
– Yeah. “Next day is important.
Let bygones be bygones.” – “Forget it.”
– Do they listen to you? Yes. They do. Kids these days don’t listen. No, the girls in the team
are really nice. – Yeah.
– They are the best. Whenever there is a proper women’s IPL do you think that will be
the next big thing in Indian cricket? Of course… Because if there is a proper tournament
like IPL for women then they will get a chance. I can play well in W-IPL
and show the public that I too have the talent. – And in future I can represent India.
– Yeah. Whatever happened in Jaipur – was a great step in that direction.
– Of course. When 15,000 people came to watch the finals it was fun.
I was like, “You are not bad”. That could be called a tester IPL. It was a tester. When you go to buy cologne
in duty free stores you’ll be given a tester
and you start spraying it. – Apply as much as you want.
– Yeah. So, this time it was a tester. And the fragrance was so good… – And the quality of the game…
– Yeah. – Few girls were not able to come.
– Yeah. – Australian girls didn’t come.
– Correct. There are many cricketers in India
who could’ve got a chance. Somehow they didn’t. And you shouldn’t play
in the month of May in Jaipur. That’s true. That was a tough situation.
You know what? Including foreigners,
people don’t think about the heat. They just want to come and enjoy. – Correct. Yeah.
– Because this platform is different. No matter how many tournaments
you play outside, these premier leagues… – But cricket is in India.
– In India… The respect and love that you get here won’t be found anywhere else. The semi-final was one of the…
Was that one of the best days of your career? – Yes.
– That semi-final? – Lanning.
– Lanning. – Come on… Yeah.
– Can I stop you there and tell you? You bowled to Lanning
in the semi-final… – My God!
– I thought it’s something serious. It is a serious matter. – It is very serious.
– The way… You know, the perfect test line top of off-stump… My God! I mean, I saw the replay of it
so many times. Because I was watching the match live
and I saw that and went… I am sure everyone is going to log
on to YouTube, pause this episode and watch Lanning’s dismissal
in the World Cup. And people should watch it. – Because the way Lanning moves over there.
– Of course. If you watch carefully,
the wicket keeper and Veda were at keeper and first slip position. They were also shocked. They were shouting. – But your celebration on that…
– That was, you know an achievement. The way we defeated Australia… And… – Not just a defeat, it was a drubbing.
– Harman’s innings… I think she set the tone for that match. And we couldn’t have lost
from that point. And our team was very nice. If you observe carefully every day, it was a different player
who helped us win. – Yeah.
– Smriti started it against England. – Yeah.
– The way she countered them… – What a batswoman!
– Very good… When she entered the team,
she was my room partner. In 2013-14, we didn’t have
the training session one day. It was an off. So, I was planning to wake up late
and then go to the gym. I was wondering what is this weird sound.
There must be something. And I see her shadow batting
with a small bat. And I tell her, “Smriti, it’s 7:30 a.m.
and today is an off.” “I’m so sorry.” I asked her what happened. She says, “I was not leaning
while practicing yesterday.” – Yeah.
– “So, I’m trying to lean while batting.” – Wow!
– And that time… – She was new to the Indian team.
– Yeah. And that was her preparation. And after playing with Mitali
for 18 years… One of the best innings she played
was against New Zealand. – Yeah…
– And the bowlers did a good job too. Shikha, Ekta and Poonam Yadav
were all good at bowling. Everybody played their role well.
Rajeshwari Gayakwad bowled well. Everybody knew that this World Cup
is very important for all of us. Yeah. And obviously
when you lost the finals everyone in the dressing room… That was obvious. If you lose after playing so well… – Obviously.
– So, obviously there were a lot of tears. – There was a lot of…
– The entire team was, you know not able to talk properly. – I just recollected everything.
– Yeah. I mean everyone was thinking
what to say and how. We were ashamed to talk
to each other in the dressing room. It was not a good feeling, you know. No one should ever get that feeling. – Yeah.
– And I still remember we were in the dressing room
till 11:30 p.m. The ground was empty. There were only two security officers,
we and the bus driver. They were there. I think… Everybody had already left
by the time we came out of that room. I want the team playing finals
against India to have this feeling the next time. Of course… Not India. I just pray for that.
We don’t want to go through that again. The Indian team should only taste success. – We should only win.
– That time will come. Like for me, it’s you and Mitali,
the old war horses. We would always discuss – the ways to make women’s cricket popular.
– Yeah. – I’m talking about 2010.
– Yeah. We were in the Caribbean back then. We went to play the World Cup in
the West Indies. Two of us went out. There was a boat in front of the beach. We were drinking tea. I was telling her that we should take women’s cricket
to such a platform – where the young girls will get inspired.
– Yeah. In our country, we believe
in having a blast. – Yeah.
– Unless we perform well internationally, on a platform
like the World Cup people won’t recognise women’s cricket. You’ve seen this from the time
when no one had any idea what is happening
and where the team is playing to now, people recognising, people following
and having favourites. – They know the stats, the deliveries.
– Of course. – Things that happened.
– I think 2017 World Cup changed things. But the best thing was… We had calmed down.
We didn’t know what to say. But when we came back and the way people
accepted women’s cricket… Women’s cricket wanted a platform and 2017 was the year when
it started building. But winning the World Cup was a dream. You chase that dream. You wake up every day
and think about lifting that trophy. – Yeah.
– And when you’re so close but again you’re so far
from that trophy you feel bad but at the same time
you have to move on in life. But that blot will remain
unless you win the World Cup. Irrespective of me being
in the team or not but the day Indian women’s cricket team
wins a tournament like the World Cup I think that blot…
I’m talking about myself. – It will be erased. Yes.
– It’ll be cleared. – Even if you don’t win it.
– Yes. My God! That’s amazing. – Because I…
– What a beautiful thing to say. I always live with that. – Yeah.
– I live with this dream and passion. And I want to do something
for women’s cricket. – Yeah.
– So… We are happy.
As fans we are happy. – Thank you.
– We have no complaints. Excellent. We are good. We are done. Fantastic. ^Hi. I’m Jhulan Goswami. ^- Also known as…
– Paaji. ^And Jhu Di. ^JG. ^- J.
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