Erik Weihenmayer: Blind Climber, Paraglider, Skier & Kayaker Teaches Living a No Barriers Life

Ladies and gentlemen Eric Weihenmayer!
It was after almost three months on the mountain, bad weather,
sickness, injury, getting pushed back by storms, that we finally made it through
the Icefall that 10th time. The first time had taken 13 hours. The last trip up,
it took me less than five. I got down below that ice fault for the last time
and I was so happy because I was gonna live. I knew I was I was safe and PV,
he brings me aside, our amazing team leader, the guy who made it happen and I
think, you know, okay he’s gonna ask me to like sign his baseball cap and he says
Eric do me a favor, don’t make Mount Everest the greatest
thing you ever do. Of course there are a lot of
accomplishments but I don’t think what gets talked about enough is the struggle
because it really has been quite a struggle to live what I call a no
barriers life, to really try to live that and define it and explore it around the
edges and push the envelope of what it means and honestly most of the time, just
to fail it, and to bleed it. People thought you had to see to kayak or to
client frozen waterfalls, but I think the most exciting and I’ll admit the most
daunting aspect of life is when we become a pioneer and we figure out those
unexpected ways of crossing through those blurry lines between what maybe
others see as impossible and probable and likely but what we believe in our
hearts to be possible. The Sherpas say the summit of Everest is
not the real summit. The real summit comes when you take those gifts that you
have been given, that you’ve earned and you bring them home and use them to
elevate the world around you. So for me the real summit came when I was able to
come home and team up with Hugh Herr and Mark Wellman, old friends. We were so
inspired by the way that each of us pushed through barriers and did it in
our own unique way that we decided to rope up together and we would begin
something that we hoped someday would become a movement. We call it no barriers.
It’s predicated on this idea that what’s within us is stronger than what’s in our
way. Our mission is to help people with challenges that’s most of us in the
world. To figure out new tools, new ideas, new innovations, new mindsets. To tap into
the human spirit to break through barriers and live a life of purpose. No
barriers is not just the exclusive terrain of people who can’t walk or
people who can’t see and it’s not about extreme sports like Everest or the Grand
Canyon. No barriers lives in all of us it’s our
own map and how we build it forward. It’s also a declaration to the world that
despite the challenges we face we can build the team and we can build the
tools to break through those barriers and live a life that we envisioned.

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