ESOcast 195 Light: A Cosmic Bat in Flight

A Cosmic Bat in Flight Hidden in a dark corner of Orion is a spectacular nebula with a spooky nickname – the Cosmic Bat. ESO’s VLT has observed it in more detail than ever before… …revealing the structure of this dim object. Located bout 2000 light-years from Earth, the Bat doesn’t create any light of its own. Instead it is a dark cloud of dust illuminated by a cluster of young stars hidden behind it. Astronomers believe these stars sculpted the nebula’s shape with their strong stellar winds… …creating the winged shape in this image. Transcribed by ESO, translated by –

6 thoughts on “ESOcast 195 Light: A Cosmic Bat in Flight

  1. Man könnte sagen, alle suchen Außerirdische ,  filmen diese, reden über deren Bilder, aber sehen nicht das was sie Suchen, sondern das was Sie beeindruckt. IT is Watching u.
    (Du wirst nicht erkennen was Du suchst, sonnst wäre es schon Da).

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