Ethan Dolan Beats Grayson Dolan in ‘Dolan Pins’ Bowling | TRL

Since “Dolan”
rhymes with “bowling,” sort of…
(chuckles) who’s the better bowler
between the two of you? -I would say I am.
-I think I am the better bowler. Wow. I feel like
you both have it pretty convicted
that you are the better bowler. -ETHAN: I definitely am.
-GRAYSON: I definitely am. I kind of feel like we might
have to turn the TRL area into, like, a bowling alley. -No? Maybe?
-(cheering, applause) And then, we can -actually decide.
-Put the skills to the test. Yeah, we can see who actually is
the better bowler. -So we’re gonna put you
to the test. -Let’s do it. All right, so,
we’re actually gonna use some of your die-hard fans
to help you out. -We’ve…
-(audience clamoring) They’ve actually already been
chosen, so we have two fans here and two fans here. Which one of you
wants to go first? -I’ll go first.
-All right, Grayson. -So.
-All right, now. The object of the game. Your fans are gonna
roll you into the pins. However knocks down
the most pins wins. -Obviously. -So I’m the bowling
ball. -We’re gonna be the… -Oh, okay.
-Yeah. -We’re bowling balls. But– yes,
you are the bowling balls. But al– you know, there’s
always gonna be something that has to happen
to the loser, right? -MATT: Mm-hmm.
-ETHAN: Yes. -Right. So if you lose, you’re gonna
have to drink something out of the other twin’s
dirty shoe. (cheering, applause) -Oh! -MATT: And these
are dirty shoes. There’s fungus in here,
athlete’s foot, hooves, -everything in these shoes.
-TAMARA: Yeah. Yeah. These are used
bowling shoes. I didn’t know I had them on,
but now I do, I guess. Yeah. They magically appeared
on your feet. -Yeah. -All right,
so let’s get to it. So, Grayson.
Here, give me your mic. You jump in there.
These are your fans. Say “What’s up?” fans. (cheering, applause) What’s your name?
What’s your name? I’m Tiana. Tiana? What’s your name? -Kiana.
-All right, Tiana and Kiana. Did you guys plan that?
(chuckles) All right. He’s gonna
need your help. So I really need– yeah,
put on your helmet. Safety first here at TRL. You guys, he’s really gonna
need your help. We need to put some
elbow grease behind this, ’cause he has to beat
his brother, or he’s gonna have to drink
out of that stinky shoe. (laughs) (Ethan chuckles) All right, Grayson.
Get down on the– go ahead. Do your dang thing. -All right, guys.
-Bowling ball Grayson. All right. On three, you’re
gonna launch him into the pins. -ETHAN: This is happening.
-TAMARA: Ready? One. Two. Three. -Go!
-Oh! Oh, wait, wait, wait. -Seven out of ten!
-Seven. Yeah! -Seven for Grayson.
-That was a valiant effort. That’s no thing. That’s not bad. -TAMARA: All right.
-That’s, like, a B. That’s fine.
That’s not bad at all, man. (Tamara laughs) All right, Grayson.
Come over here a little bit. What do you think
you could’ve done better, and do you think
your brother stands a chance? Um, honestly, I think
I performed the best I could. I don’t think Ethan
stands a chance, no. TAMARA:
Wow, Ethan. -No pressure.
-TAMARA: What are you thinking? You think you can beat him? He honestly performed
a little bit better than I thought he was going to, so I think it’s gonna be
a little challenging. -You guys got me, right?
-(cheering) All right.
I feel like they got you. -Let’s do it.
-All right. Let’s do it. MATT: I don’t know
if you can top seven. All right, fans.
What’s your name, babe? What’s your name? I need to know
who’s the muscle behind this. -I’m Jenna.
-Jenna. What’s your name? Ava. All right, Ava.
Jenna? You guys ready? You got to help him out, you
have to help him beat Grayson. You guys have to beat,
you just– seven or more pins. (cheering, applause) No pressure, guys. Just seven or more pins. No big deal. Get in position, Ethan.
You ready? -You guys… -GRAYSON: You look
great with that helmet on. Try– yeah, try and, like,
get some momentum. Ready? One. Two. Three. Go! (cheering, applause) -(Tamara laughs)
-Hey! -Oh, he got a strike!
-Strike! -You got the strike!
-You got the strike! You got a strike! (cheering, applause) Yeah! Oh, my God. Look at Grayson’s face
right now. There was a little bit
of arms in there. All right. Let’s get– all
right, we got to get this… -That’s what’s up.
-Get the juice, get the juice. Take off your shoe. -Grayson.
-He came in… He came in looking
like a starfish. Grayson, you did lose. -Arms out, legs out.
-Be a fair loser. Take the shoe off,
be a fair loser. I think that– I think
you know what that means. Oh, juice shoe, juice shoe. I got some pretty
nasty feet, so… I’ve seen them,
they are very nasty. All right. Pour it in,
pour it in. -Ooh, nasty.
-ETHAN (laughing): Oh! TAMARA: All right.
Not too much, not too much. Oh, that’s a full shoe. -Wow, he’s really doing this.
-That’s a full… -All right, you ready?
-…shoe of liquid. Ready? Three, two, one. -Drink!
-(all shouting) -(Ethan laughs)
-Oh! Dang! Oh, my God. I don’t even want
to go near that thing. Why does it taste spicy?

31 thoughts on “Ethan Dolan Beats Grayson Dolan in ‘Dolan Pins’ Bowling | TRL

  1. Ugh they are literally the cutest human beings on the planet I'm freaking dead! Also I couldn't be the fan coz I would be crying and shaking then probably really hurt ethan or grayson! #fangirl 💜🖤💙

  2. I don’t think gray was feeling good while doing this he usually is pumped and ready for anything he looks tired

  3. Girls be doing to much on these episodes like if he smirks Crowd starts cheering if he moves his foot Crowd starts cheering like its not that serious chillout

  4. No one:
    Announcer: “Wow I think you are both pretty CONVICTED that you are the better bowler”
    sorry what?

  5. Tbh why would they do that to the Dolan twins though like yeah they do stupid stuff but that doesn’t mean give them a shoe that’s freaking dirty and fill it with juice and make them drink it like that’s way to much and I’m pretty I’m not the only one who thinks this 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I do love them btw ❤️❤️

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