Ethan Porter | Baseball Youth | Swing Breakdown

Hey guys Eric Tyler here with Baseball
Rebellion excited to bring you the second edition of the baseball youth
player to watch breakdown. JK did a great job in the first one. This week we’re
going to take a look at Ethan Porter,
the baseball youth player to watch and we’re going to compare him to Gary
Sanchez here on the right. So as we get into this you know one thing I really
like about Ethan one thing that really stood out as I first watched this is how
well he prepares to move his body and so you know a lot of people think of
hitting the ball you know it happens late and it’s just a swing of the arms.
Ethan does a good job of preparing his body we’ll go through this at full speed
first, you can see people talk about movement in the swing but he looks
extremely athletic throughout this entire movement and he does a good job
of preparing his body to turn as fast as it can and being extremely athletic as
he does so, similar to Gary Sanchez here on the right, you see both guys get into
a pretty similar position in their stride a lot of people think of leg
kicks you know for power. What we like to talk about at Baseball Rebellion is being
athletic and using your stride or your leg kick whatever it is, whether it’s a
toe tap or a big leg kick, a small leg kick or just kind of a heel appeal
down small whatever it is, using it for timing as you see Ethan do this
extremely well on something that can be seen in the highest levels of baseball
with one of baseball’s best hitters and Gary Sanchez and so both guys do a
really good job of being athletic, using their athleticism they’re preparing to
turn. Now as we get to the forward part of the swing, one thing I like about
Ethan as he does he’s not afraid to go forward. You can see from where he starts
he gets well past it in his stride which is a good job right there. Again Mr.
Sanchez here on the left does a good job. Now we get into front foot heel strike
for both guys, the one thing that really stood out to me about Ethan is his head
positioning being back over that back leg very similar to Gary Sanchez here.
What that’s going to allow is allow Ethan to be able to rotate the bat
upward on plane with the pitch instead of you know the head position being
forward and it all starts in his forward move, he leads with this front hip.
You can see clear that you can see his front hip leading the way towards the
pitcher instead of his upper body so as he lands he’s in a good spine position
with his head back. You gotta draw that line similar to here, I think Gary
Sanchez does more the same where he’s keeping his head and shoulders back and
allowing his hips to fall forward towards the pitcher to create that good
angle there. Now as we get into the turn Ethan does a great job of rotating
his body you’ll see the belt buckles start to turn with the bat and he’s
really turning his stomach, his hips everything’s starting to rotate nicely
but the thing I love is he still on that line we drew from where he landed with
his stride so he’s not breaking that posture and he’s not pushing his head
forward in the stride he’s maintaining and turning around it which is a really
really cool thing to see from such a young hitter and it allows him to turn
the bat around his hands upward towards contact to speed the bat up and to allow
the bat to move fast up through contact and on plane, similar to how Gary
Sanchez hit those here. Again you’re going to see stays on that line with
this posture with his head, that spine angle stays back which allows him to
turn up through contact and through the plane of the pitch very similar to Ethan
here on the left. Both guys do a good job of maintaining spine angle to rotate the
bat upward. Ethan there’s an awesome job here for such a young hitter that does
move forward, that does have a light kick, does move athletically, this is a tough
thing to do and kudos to you Ethan for being able to stride forward but realize
once your front heel hits the ground all forward movements over and he does a
good job turning at that point to contact, the heads not flying forward,
staying where it is which allows him to get his body weight into the ball with
that big stride but also learn to be able to adjust and hit different pitches
and different locations by keeping his head back. Lastly, both guys, I don’t even
know if Ethan knows he does this, because both guys turn their hips so well, if
you watch the back foot of Ethan here that’s actually going to come off
the ground and pull forward something we talked about here Baseball Rebellion.
When you’re adequately turning your stomach and your hips and you’re
rotating well that back foot will come off the ground and your knee will end up
under your face to allow your body to support itself you know. Instead of
pushing off that back foot which will cause the head to go forward, he does a
great job of maintaining his angle, pulling his back foot forward similar
to how Gary Sanchez does here. It’s not a huge move but it’s a quick move to allow
that knee to get under your face so you your body is supported by your back leg
instead of your lower back. Both some kudos to you Ethan, you move extremely
athletically, extremely aggressive you can see the finish of the turn we can
see the back of the jersey which is something we look for. Ethan moves extremely
athletically, explosively and aggressively which are three really good
things in hitting and so Ethan you’re doing a lot well. Obviously as the
baseball youth player to watch you know you know you don’t need me telling you
that but really really good job and keep up the good work and enjoy yourself
while doing it. Hope you guys enjoy it that’s this week’s baseball youth player
to watch. Thanks guys

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