Ethiopian Layover – 2 days in Ethiopia – Best things to do in Addis Ababa

Hello Freggle friends! I’m in Ethiopia
today, I just got here to the hotel and I have exactly two days here, to go and
explore some amazing places just outside of the city of Addis Abeba. Among the places that I’m gonna be visiting are an amazing city viewpoint. The Portuguese bridge along with the valley that it looks out over. The Ethiopian National Museum, where you’ll also find Lucy, the most famous ancient inhabitant of
Ethiopia. And Suba Menagesha, a beautiful forest. And of course along the way we’ll
be trying out some local food and drinks as well. So if that sounds interesting
and you also like to see some other travel videos in the future, along with
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channel, so you’re not gonna miss anything! Alright so let’s go and explore
Ethiopia!! We started off driving to Entoto
mountain to catch a great view of Addis Abeba. The viewpoint is set at about 2,800 meters which is roughly 500 meters
higher than the city of Addis Ababa itself. From the city center of Addis
Ababa, it takes about 1 hour to get here by car depending on traffic. oh yeah Right, the city viewpoint. It’s amazing right? I think we’ve got a really clear day, that’s lucky! And the air is so fresh.. After the city viewpoint we continued
our way North, passing the towns of Sululta and Chancho. We stopped in one of the towns for a few
snacks and to take in the local atmosphere. Getting some snacks for the road.. The countryside north of Addis Ababa is
amazing. Such vast emptiness and huge amounts of fresh air.. We’re actually on the way to Debre
Libanos where you’ll find the Portuguese bridge, alongside a magnificent valley. The roads along the way are actually pretty good, good but of course you will find
frequent potholes and rough areas, slowing you down quite a bit. This is the entrance to the park nearby
Debre Libanos, where you’ll find awesome viewpoints over the valley, and also the hike to the Portugese Bridge. All right cool so we’re at Debre Libanos,
the town, and now going to see the monastery and the waterfalls. It was quite a drive, but we made it. Ok At the entrance to the Portuguese bridge,
there’s an entrance fee to pay which from memory was less than a dollar. So we got here in the dry season, nice and
sunny but no water in the waterfall. Well a little bit, right? After the waterfall and the bridge you
can still walk further to take in more amazing views. I can walk from one amazing viewpoint to
the next Hello people. Hi! Hello! He’s coming for you! You’re still single right? [giggles] And then we headed back over the bridge, to go and enjoy some lunch. It looks amazing right, but a little bit dry. So we should come back in July, August or September right? Up to October. Beautiful ha.. – Lots more water, more green. But even now it’s gorgeous right with such beautiful sunny weather.. Oh yea. Not to miss, everyone Yes!! Nice one, thank you! And here we are , Marcos and his traditional food.
– Yes Ethiopian food we cannot live without! Wow, it looks very colorful too. If it has lots of colors it must be healthy! Nice, let’s try this. Hmmmm Hmmm yes! Super good, yes! I’m sure we’re next, it’s coming. Hi madam. Traditional coffee yes? ok! Yes please, yes. I also want the spaghetti yes.. Wow… look at the skills, nice! Yes, it’s good right! Ok, thank you! Ok, show us your blessing then.. I’m blessing you all. Happy new year, here’s to 2020. So, the traditional coffee… With some incense.. I don’t know what it is but it smells.. nice! It does look super strong.. so let’s see. Oh yea, that’s gonna keep me awake for 48 hours, at least! Ok amazing, I like it! Anyone else want to try? Yes I want to try!
– For a boost, it’s better than Red Bull! Oh this is good, it’s really good. Yea, it’s ok.
– I like it! You should put ice cream…
– Yes with ice cream it would be better right? On the way to Debre Libanos, in Addis
Ababa itself, there is the Ethiopian National Museum. It is home to the remains of Lucy,
the most famous ancient inhabitant of Ethiopia. The museum’s entrance fee is less than
$1 and really worth the visit if you are interested in Ethiopia’s ancient history
and also it’s slightly more recent history of art and traditional dress. On day two of my visit to Ethiopia we
went to the forest park of Suba Menagesha. It is about 40 kilometers
from Addis Ababa and because the road closest to the park is quite bumpy it
can take about two hours to reach from the city centre. If you follow the
northernmost route to Suba Menagesha, you will come across this awesome
airplane restaurant built into a decommissioned Boeing 737 We enjoyed another nice and strong
traditional coffee here Thank you! In the same spot we saw this gentleman
cutting up big chunks of meat in small pieces. We then learned it is one of the
local delicacies, raw meat together with some spicy looking sauce! As we continue towards Suba Menagesha,
the scenery became more and more rural and the road more and more bumpy. Horse-and-carriage you’ll see a lot
around the countryside of Ethiopia. Unfortunately, this one had broken down. Ayayay.. broken-down ha! But you’re gonna fix? Almost fixed? You’re going to be ok right? Roadside assistance. As we got closer to the Suba Menagesha
Park, the beauty of the landscape increased drastically! All right, the ticket office, ok! So what can we do here today? We can go for a walk? A nice walk?
– Yes you can go! What can we see? A waterfall?
– No, no rain.. There’s no waterfall.
– No but hiking, yes. And many campsites you will see. And so we embarked on our hike of the Suba Menagesha Forest. And by the way, this is the price list
for the entry to the park, in Ethiopian Birr. Yes, straight down ha, for a shortcut back.. The Suba Menagesha Forest has various campsites, where you can go for a longer stay. And they are ready for you to have a
nice barbecue. So this is a shortcut?
– Yea! So, at the bottom of the park it says 30
minutes or 20 minutes to the waterfall right? So then you walk 20 minutes, and you
get to this sign, which says.. Waterfall, only one hour. So I don’t know what we did… Ah you showed me this one right?
– So this is what we have in mind right? Oh yea! Okidoki.. I’m in! See, someone… it was 7, now it’s only 5 you see? Maybe I’ll cross it out and I just put 3.. And then we can do it! Mint!
Nice! And then we got to this amazing
treehouse like structure, in the middle of the forest. Hop! Someone’s got some energy left! Is there a maximum person restriction or
not? There is no plate or placard? Very cool ha! Nice!!
– Oh yea! – We are home! So you see, you found us a camping site. Where is the kitchen? No, this is the master bedroom! And the toilet is here, you just do this.. How clever, that’s so funny! Take a picture! Right there you go, that was Suba Menagashi..
– Suba Menagesha! Thank you Marcos! So you drove us all the way here right! If people want to do the same, how can they contact you, what’s your number? My number is, let me tell you: +251 911 44 0959. There you go, ok perfect! Thanks a lot, we really enjoyed it!! Yea so feel free, give him a call, and you should be good to go!! Oh Job done! And it’s Christmas today… so let’s get you back Marcos! Thanks for a good day!! And guess what we spotted on the way out of the park? A large group of baboons! Oh it’s okay it’s okay [whistling to the baboons] And so we left the park along the bumpy
road to get back to our hotel. And to our surprise, along the way
back, a lot of kids found our van. Of course we were really happy to spend
some time with them, walking through the beautiful countryside of Ethiopia. Good? Let’s go! Where are we going? Let’s walk! It’s beautiful! Going? Leaving? Good time? You like it?
– An amazing view, yea!! I love this wide view! They live in a beautiful country, that’s at least they have that! Whoaa!! Ayayay!!

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  1. Great hospitality i miss Addis ababa,
    20 yrs since I left big change, addis I am coming. Thanks for showing the beauty

  2. I feel like I’m traveling with you when I watch your video specially i love the water fall from the Portuguese bridge thanks for sharing

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