.eu in Poland : Paragliding with Dudek.eu

Yes… You are free. – If you consider a suit or a jacket, it usually consists of,
let’s say, 20 parts put together – A paraglider consists of
1.700 pieces, and this is why sewing
a paraglider is so complicated. – It gives you an exhilarating feeling
like you are away from your problems. It’s something amazing. You’ll need to try it once. About 75% – roughly – of the global
paraglider production is located in the Far East. We are one of the few that have their factory
located in the country of origin, and in our case that is in Europe. So once .eu appeared, we thought :
This is something for us. This way, we solve two issues at once : We have a nice domain, and we stress
that Poland belongs to Europe. Europe is the biggest market
for paragliders. Well, we live here.
So this is important for us.

4 thoughts on “.eu in Poland : Paragliding with Dudek.eu

  1. Do you like paragliding? @DudekPG is our new testimonial from Poland. Enjoy the ride!
    .eu in Poland : Paragliding with Dudek.eu

  2. .eu in Poland: Paragliding with http://www.Dudek.eu, worldwide top manufacturer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69CTTUQMt3w

  3. What does it feel like to be up in the air? Paragliding with http:/Dudek.eu in Poland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69CTTUQMt3w

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