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 Seamus Coleman led a delegation into the Spurs dressing room to console a distraught and sobbing Son Heung-min   The Tottenham player was left devastated and still in tears long after the final whistle, following his challenge which resulted in an horrific leg break for Everton ’s Andre Gomes, which left him in agony and in shock, his teammates said  It was a sickening injury, the Portuguese midfielder rushed to hospital with his ankle left hanging at an unnatural angle following the incident, when he caught his studs on the turf  Blues forward Cenk Tosun – who cradled Gomes’ head as he writhed in agony the floor, and was himself in tears at the end of the game – explained the depth of feeling in the Everton dressing room afterwards:  “Everybody is sad inside Some players cried. Andre was in shock, his eyes were open so big. He was like crying, shouting and screaming  “I just went over to him and tried to hold him and speak to him; I tried to tell him to stay calm We could never understand it. He was the one who had got the injury.”  Son was dismissed for the foul – a challenge from behind which VAR deemed reckless endangerment after referee Martin Atkinson at first issued a yellow card  And teammate Dele Alli revealed his trauma: “I just went into changing room now, Son is devastated, he’s still in tears but it’s not his fault  “He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He’d never mean to do something like that to hurt anyone  “He can’t even pick his head up in there he’s crying so much much. You don’t want to see that happen to anyone, and we all feel devastated for Andre ”  But Coleman and the Everton players went to assure him the horrific injury wasn’t his fault  The Irishman endured a 12-month absence after suffering a double leg break of his own in similar circumstances, and he sat with Son  The defender spoke with his opponent for several minutes, put his arm around and him, and told him: “It’s not your fault, these things happen ”    Afterwards, Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino offered gratitude that the Blues skipper was so generous towards his distraught player, and he said: “I want to say thank you to the Everton players and their captain Seamus Coleman who came to console Son  “I want to thank Coleman, he spoke with Son and reassured him. The players of Everton were fantastic  “It was never the intention of Son to commit this type of tackle was resulted in such a bad incident He only went to challenge the ball. It was emotional in that moment, a little bit confusing  “But the family of Everton showed their support, no one believed it was intentional  “Afterwards we watched on TV and the outcome was very, very bad and we feel very sorry for Andre – we send our best wishes to Andre and his family in this tough moment ”  Everton boss Marco Silva also went to speak personally with Son, and he will also visit Gomes in hospital after the medics have performed any emergency surgery required  The Portuguese manager was adamant his fellow countryman has the character to return from the injury, even though it is so devastating it could potentially threaten a career  “It was a really tough moment for all of our dressing room and our players. But I am 100 per cent sure Andre will become stronger as a football player and a man because he is a fantastic professional  “All our players are sad now in the dressing room, but the spirit we showed on the pitch tells you the reaction we had for him  “I spoke to Son afterwards and some of the Tottenham players. It was a strong challenge from Son obvious, but to be fair with him when he did it, he had no intention to make something bad for Andre I don’t think my opinion will change anything.”  Pochettino’s thoughts were with Gomes, but he did offer the opinion that Son should not have been dismissed for the foul  “It is unbelievable he received the red card. if it’s not up to the refs then we are in a big mess, it is going to change the spirit of football,” said Pochettino Read More Mirror Football’s Top Stories  “VAR changed the game because it changed the yellow card to red it is creating a big mess. It was very very tough, completely unfair for Son, complete unfair for Tottenham very difficult to understand this type of situation  “It was clear it was never the intention of son to create the situation afterwards  “I don’t know if we will appeal the red card, i don’t know if it is possible, but will it change it, because what we can’t change all that happened after the red card ”

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