Every Body Active: SENSE project with Mid and East Antrim

This is a programme that we have been running
from February 2019. It is for Participants with sight loss, hearing impairments and learning
difficulties. And it is basically just to get everyone active. Some of the guys coming in have had no sight
from birth and a couple have lost it over time. They also have hearing impairments and
several with learning difficulties. So trying to stage and activity or sport ranges from
Boccia to basketball to new games such as golf and rugby that the guys have never done
before and trying to make sure that it’s suited for
all abilities. Carer – I didn’t think at the ground level
like this that there would be opportunities for our guys but we have a good relationship
with the leisure centre so they approached us about it and we were only too willing to
come and give it a go. Isn’t that right? Participant “Yes that’s true, that’s
true.” We can see it week on week the confidence
growing in the guys and they enjoy it, you can see them laughing. They talk about it
afterwards, you know so I think it’s a brilliant thing to do. Again simple things like a high
five, the mental side of it that there was a bit of a barrier at the beginning because
they don’t like to be touched and then trying to break down this barrier over time and getting
the guys to high five each other and fist pump. Simple things to you and I but to them
it was a massive change in behaviour and characteristics for them. Thanks to the National Lottery Players for
supporting Every Body Active 2020.

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