EWU Hockey | Get Tü Class

[music] Aw, you blew it. Get on! Alright, so tell me what’s going on out here Oh, just doing a little four on four here with the guys after practice Hey, do you need a ride? Sure
You get to ride with Eastern’s hockey team I think we should give some pucks away
I think we should give some pucks away, too How’d you end up at Eastern? I’m here on a full-ride scholarship for football I think they’d be more valuable though if they were autographed Well I guess if you couldn’t play hockey, football is a good second
Yeah Do you know what you want to study? Oh, pre-nursing Have you guys been to a hockey game? Actually, I have been to one hockey game First you have pre-med now pre-nursing I know
Got a lot of smart kids here rolling around We do have a lot of smart kids
Goodness gracious So as long as they think they’re hockey players,
that’s pretty good, right? I just remember being super close and it smelled
[laughter] Let’s go French Too tight? Yeah –
Oh, it’ll be fine OK
You can get hit really hard right there and it won’t hurt
OK You ever been to a hockey game? Oh, yeah, I’ve been to a hockey game
I like the physicality Yeah
It’s great Yeah that’s right There you go, yeah! I’m Hailea and what’s your name? My name’s Kyle
Kyle, and then what’s your name? I’m Marcell Emma This is kind of easy –
Oh no, hold on, stop, stop, stop I dropped my glasses Where are you from? Uh, French Canada [laughter]
Oh, there we go Emma, so far you’ve been a lot of trouble Hey! Get on, let’s go for a ride Have you guys been to a hockey game yet? Yeah, actually I’ve been to quite a few. I think they’re freakin’ awesome We’re giving out souvenir autographed pucks This is Gerard Depardieu What do you like the best? The fights I got Theo Huxtable. He played for Montauk in the ’50s
Theo Huxtable – don’t try to sell that on eBay I’ve seen so many people lose teeth.
It’s hilarious Hold the wrists Oh, yeah, ripped it. So what are you studying here? Environmental science What do we gotta do to get you to the game? Are you going to the game? Yes!
Yeah you are! Bye guys!
[laughter] We got you a little puck here from Gerald
Ford Oh, that’s awesome! From back in the day Thank you!

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