EXE to BAT | Easy & No Converter Needed!

Whats up YouTube! This is JoezCodes 101 back again with another video and for this video I’m going to show you how to convert, EXE to Batch! So you had a batch file and that batch file got deleted but you turned it into an EXE and you want to edit the file or get it back somehow, well today I’m going to show you how to do it. So you go to start menu, type: %temp% and this should work for most Windows computers. Hit Enter and then scroll down and then open up the batch file. And Bam! Right inside that folder is your file! So you can edit that and there’s all your code! So yeah all intact and for some reason that shows up. I don’t know why. That wasn’t in the script but yeah. So after that you can just copy it and past it onto the Desktop or where you want to past it and yeah then you can X out of that. And there you go. So you got the original EXE and the batch file! And that’s about it. Thank you guys so much for watching please comment rate subscribe and I’ll see you again later. Goodbye.

44 thoughts on “EXE to BAT | Easy & No Converter Needed!

  1. wow cool videos 🙂 subbed and liked, check out my channel if you don't mind 🙂 i do fullstack web development

  2. Nice channel I love your vids but I think that you should start gaming or blogging or even doing challenges because that would be dope
    I also know that you are a fan of Matthias and I am too and I am glad that he got 3 million maybe someday you will too

  3. The EXE file I want to edit (to change the XSD files and ICO) spawns a .TMP file that is heavily encrypted.
    I want to change the ICO file so that I can differentiate it from other versions of the same thing.

    I have GAME_X and GAME_X-V2
    I want GAME_X to be unchanged and use LOGO_DEFAULT
    I want GAME_X-V2 to use LOGO_ICO2 as it is different and uses other parameters.

  4. I am trying to add a pause line to the exe so that it doesn't close immediately, but if it DOES close immediately, then will the bat still be there after it closes?

  5. i have a batch file that I converted to a exe file. Now some hours later, I wanna edit the program. I have tried some different ways to convert it back to bat but none of the ways I tried did not worked. I tried your way but it doesnt works. the converted exe spawns a TMP file instead of a TMP folder. How to do if the converted exe spawns a TMP file?

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  7. This doesn't work for me. I have a file that when you click properties on it shows "Application (.exe)" and when I open it, it doesn't give me that file. Is there anyway I can see the source code of this file? Please respond, and tell me what video or where I can find a converter for this. Thanks for reading, and also yes IK my profile picture is old, but I forgot to change it, and I don't feel like changing accounts.

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