Exhibition Game trip (tennis ball Cricket)

Alright, So we are going to Saint John today to play some tennis ball cricket and we got some pendu people’s here in my car. This guy is Taimoor. here are some guys got here here is our Today’s Mr. Captain. He is sleeping today very tired in making plans so.. and here we go our second boy Driver! OHH sorry our driver (Laughter) we will see pitch. If it will be grassy then more pacers will play or if rough than spinners. So Tennis ball will swing a lot? yes! because of the Oceans are close so there is windy. Outswings will come. Opening batsmen will struggle because of the new ball ok. So your plane seams good OHH MY GODD!! what the hell is going on here man! demons? May be (LOL) Man, they made road like snakes. LMAO(Crazy Laughter) We desi pendus (Villagers) gets confuse. This is the hut that shubham were talking about so we are here in Saint John, to play some cricket we have got exhibition game to play (yeah in football field LMAO) and that’s track and field so we just playing here for fun Saint John invited us (Fredricton) Lets see how it goes here today. yoo where is the cricket pitch?// Thats the pitch. where is there scoring boundary then? this is some kind of joke i guess Someone give it to me!!!!! if entire team gets out then you can come again, your entire team can come again. thats only for two times, until the 10 overs completed so we all have to ball all 10 overs. but if entire team gets out twice before 10 overs then its fine. yeah then we are done! So these boys playing with us today so we playing tennis ball cricket I am the President of the Saint John Cricket club(he is lying lol) The Newfoundland St. John’s? NO the New Brunswick’s One He does only documentation about that. thats it. back that’s it all right yeah so these so these guys are so chill ah! so I met them for first time today here

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