Exploring ICELAND w/ my best friend

A little mess Yes this is ok, do you have your camera? Yes it’s right here I’m hungry Yes Ew, what is this? What? This Yes I don’t know it’s like melted plastic Hi! Hello! Is your camera turned on? Yeah Hi YouTube how are you doing? You good? No I’m just kidding I would never do that to you I-I can do that If I would speak English with my friends or family Yeah, becaue you never do that so that would be very strange Yeah I’d be like.. Why am I not recording? Oh yeah.. here I’m not getting a copyright strike Beautiful Yes This is almost as beautiful as you are Okay then.. we look like little condoms CONDOMS? Here’s the parking space Excited? What? Excited? Yes We are going to take some pictures The Icelandic flag Ew a fly We are going to check out a waterfall and it’s called.. Öxaráfoss Yes, exciting! Exciting There are so many tourists here So annoying No.. well.. Nah it’s fun I don’t want to be mean.. but like it’s hard to take Instagram pictures I think I should take a class on how to pose Does that excist? Yeah, to be like a model Yeah Right? Yes, maybe that’s a good idea For you my private photographer It’s very beautiful here This guy is in everybody’s way and this is not allowed So, this is just dangerous What do you think about it when people are climbing like that? I just don’t think that’s ok Ok, I’ll admit we stood right here but over there it’s just dangerous It’s dangerous Can I have another cookie? Yeah Here you go Also look at the sign and there’s so much money down there Maybe it’s old money Yeah I hope so But wow this is pretty Very cool Cool road. Yeah very cool Can I see? This is how I walk Hello Welcome to Flosagjá Money! Do not drop my camera down in Flosagjá That would be typical you! Typical me I was just saying that this looks like “The Wall” from Game of Thrones Yeah, the Icelandic one he’s not quite as tall and he’s made out of rocks.. it’s so long For those of you who watch Game of Thrones a lot of the scenes from the show were shot in Iceland And.. right here for an example.. and And we are going to walk to Almannagjá And there was a scene that I think that was suppose to happen in The Vale (The Vale of Arryn) Where you walk in the Vale where Catelyn’s sister lives And Arya and The Hound walk there, I remember that scene so well A little spoiler.. A little but ok This church has been here or at least it has existed for a thousand years yeah Thousand years. It has been fixed up. A thousand year old church… that’s astonishing This is very ancient Icelandic It’s so hard to read, is this Icelandic? Yeah, yes.. “Happy are those who…..” Yeah okay it’s Icelandic. Yes, very old. Old Icelandic Very beautiful church Okay, so.. Hi I found an essay, many women were drowned here It says here “Women were put in a bags, the bag was concealed and they were trown from a cliff.. ..that was located in a cavity by Öxará.” People were very brutal here in ancient Iceland So people thought they were whiches? Yes and also just affairs Yeah very.. If women had affairs they were drowned And it says here that in “Northen Almannagjá there is an Öxará-cavity that is called Drekkingarhylur (The Drowning Cavity)” There women were drowned. “There were brandings, hangings, decapitations.” That all took place here in Þingvellir So… Isn’t that fun. Please come here This is from a BA essay by Lena Hulda and Rakel Sesselía And what? And what? And what? And what? This is just basically a very creepy place and.. And this is not something that’s still done here today. No not at all. That would be crazy There are a lot of beautiful things that happened here like Iceland’s declaration and stuff.. Yes, yes. This is not only. This is our notional park. Historic place, yes very historic So now you can just enjoy it Thank you. Can you see it now? Yes See Almannagjá Game of Thrones this is the place that Arya and The Hound were walking at Somewhere here, close How did you like it? I thought it was so fun, it’s been so long since I’ve been here and.. It’s changed a lot since the last time I came here. There were a lot more people. Yes. There were so many people which is ok as long as they are respecting the rules and not making a mess Did you have something fun planned out? No. Why not? I was so tired last night and went to sleep. I asked you to plan out something fun for me Questions? Don’t you have anything? Nothing that comes to mind? Should I find “fast questions” online? Yes Numer one, who’s your hero? Sara Sigmundsdóttir If you could live anywhere, where would it be? In Hafnarfjörður What is your biggest fear? Spiders What is your favorite family vacation? Spain 2016 What would you change about yourself if you could? That I would have longer and thicker hair What really makes you angry? Can you-can you guess? What makes you really angry? We were talking about this today, when we were driving When we were driving? Yes ok so people in traffic and like people who don’t use turn signals I just scream like… like I get so angry Annoying people in traffic I agree What is your proudest accomplishment? Yes this (YouTube) and my book that just got published I’m so happy I have that on my instagram if you’re not following me on there then you have to follow me to know about that What did you want to be when you were small? An author Have you always wanted to be an author? What is your favorite sport to watch and play? Crossfit and TaeKwonDo but I train both of those I love watching handball.. But I’m not very good at playing handball I really like American Football, it’s very fun to watch What would you sing at karaoke night? Mamma Mia I knew you would say that Which would you rather do? Wash dishes? Mow the lawn? Clean the bathroom or vacuum the house? But you love cleaning. I love cleaning I’m like.. You would do everything I can’t ask you to this question. I love just putting on ABBA or the Mamma Mia soundtrack and just clean everything Like I have a whole video on my channel that’s just about how much I love cleaning Do you think the guy behind me is waiting for me? He was like.. We are talking, he just needs to leave. Well he’s obviously not going anywhere My car isn’t even on Then he wasn’t waiting for you. Yes I looked back and he was like.. Who would you want to be stranded with on an dessert island? Ok so.. you would die within 10 minutes. Yes I would I love you, but not you. Yes thank you for not picking me I would pick my boyfriend. Yeah ok I thought you would pick him.. Because he’s big and strong He’s big and strong and I love him and we would always have fun together He would also.. I wouldn’t be able to hunt anything.. No I would have to take care of you And get food for you.. true but you know.. But you could just go vegan and eat the trees and stuff Ok so those were some fast questions

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  1. I might not understand a word (maybe recognise or associate one or three because of Norwegian) but I absolutely love listening to Nordic people speaking because you always sound so sweet, like you're teaching something 💖

  2. Ugh… This is why I am so freaking confused. Your English has some Icelandic accent in it, but not as much and then your friend is CLEARLY Icelandic. Like, I hear him abroad and I know he's from Iceland.
    Now I no longer know how to narrate my character from my short story.
    I don't have any comments on the visuals if this video because I was just listening, and I'm almost blind so… Yeah…
    It's great to hear the language so I can practice. Also… Character accuracy. I'm a writer so, yay for your channel. Thanks for your videos.

  3. Can I ask something without causing offence, this is coming from someone who only speaks one language so I'm not trying to insult anyone just asking.
    Why is it that a lot of people from Nordic countries pronounce v as a w words such as obviously and vlogg are prime examples.

  4. Did I tell you that I had a woman physics student from Iceland? We spoke English and German to each other. It was fun. Also, gasoline in Tucson, Arizona, USA is about $2.50 per gallon, or, about 65 cents per liter.

  5. You are definitely will be miss Iceland. In miss universe please think of it you are so so pretty
    Inti Definittivament tkun miss Iceland f'miss universe. Jekk jogħġbok Think ta ' dan inti sbieħa ħafna

  6. I was there a year ago and respected all the rules and it bothered me when I saw fellow tourists not doing so. I fell in love with your beautiful country!

  7. I've been in Iceland, I did my travel last year. I'd like to study fashion design at Listaháskóla Íslands but my english isn't good and mi basic Icelandic is bad jajajajajaka i hope to study in Iceland. I like your videos and it was nice, speaks in Icelandic! Nice ! Greetings from Mexico (:

  8. Aaaarh it makes me so angry to see people so obviously not caring about warning signs that were put there for their own safety! And to see people throwing coins into the water, right next to a sign saying not to do it! What is wrong with people?! I'm moving to iceland from Denmark next month, so I'm hoping to get a chance to see this place, and well everything Iceland has to offer!

  9. Þegar þú ert Íslendingur og sérð öll commentin um hversu fallegt tungumálið okkar er:


  10. I don't understand why the f*** people throw money in nature?!! Do they realise it pollutes? Oh my god some people are so disrespectful it's so annoying!
    Anyway, love from Switzerland❤

  11. (this will be a loong comment, sorry in advance) OMG I may be waaaaay behind but I had no idea that you've had a book published! Congratulations, that's awesome and a dream of mine as well! But I am so curious now, is that book of yours only available in icelandic or has it been translated into english as well? I soooo want to read it! Unfortunately I have only just started learning icelandic for real, I've always been the biggest nerd with everything that touches upon earth's history and life on earth, but also languages. Being born and raised in a multicultural family myself with american background on grandmothers (moms mother), half belgian father (grandfathers family migrated from Belgium to Sweden in the early 1900's) and a norwegian grandfather (moms dad) I somehow – developed an unusual talent for picking up and learning languages very easily and pretty quick as well, I often just discover after being around people speaking in a certain language "Hey, I do understand parts of this, yet no one has taught me this", yet I do tend to forget quickly as well unless I keep working on it. But these interests and language skills of mine brought my attention to Iceland already as a 7-year old kid as I started digging deeper into geology and vulcanic activity on earth while I was reading up on theories of the instinction of the dinosaurs (most of my interests and hobbies started out from there and lead me to other related subjects) and I have been so fascinated by your country ever since. Not to mention that Icelandic is what's left of the Proto-Norse language that was spoken all over what we now call Scandinavia, I've always wanted to learn it, just never thought there would be a way to do so without paying a ridiculous ammount of money for only 12 lessons, which I personally think doesnt give much either way, reading a book and learning what is a noun etc is not the ultimate way of learning for me, I need to hear, listen and talk and repeat and reading text for what they are alongside of that without any mentioning of linguistics. So that's why I am not by any means good enough to read a book in Icelandic – yet (I hope lol), so if your book is available in English as well (or will be); I will soooo buy it and read it straight away! Thank you btw Hrafna for an AMAZING channel, it teaches me a lot and makes me happy to watch! Now I am gonna go and get some independent studying done here! Have an amazing day!

  12. 3:11 Don't throw any American dollars, Icelandic Króna , Euro's, or Japanese Yen into the water…all other currencies are accepted. 😊

  13. I love handball too and it’s really really popular here in Germany (Handball-Bundesliga).
    My all time favorite Handball player even comes from Iceland his name is „Aron Pálmarsson“ he played 6 years for the „THW Kiel“ and won many titles with this club.😊
    Also Iceland has so many good Handball players it’s unbelievable regarding to your population!😄

  14. Oh Sammi seems really nice! He just makes me smile. You live in a beautiful country. I am glad that you had an enjoyable day

  15. Ég læra íslensku, og það var mjög gaman til að sjá ekki með skrifar!
    Mjög skemmtilegur vlog! Þingvellir er eitt mjög vinsælt og fallegt staður!!! Er það í fyrsti alþingarhúsi á jörðinni?

  16. I loved this video! I recently found you on YouTube and your videos have made me fall in love with Iceland and the language more and more each video I watch! ❤️

  17. You should add subtitles in English for all the non Icelandic speakers as your providing some interesting facts and only us who speak the language understand anything your saying

  18. I loved Þingvellir! I was in Iceland back in May and it was the best trip I’ve ever taken. (Also, my dad and I survived on those Ballerina cookies the whole time we were there.) 😀

  19. Lovely video Hrafna!! I'm so glad you are making more videos about Iceland( and what you want to make instead of forcing yourself to create content), I heard you also wanted to focus on some Icelandic music. That would be super fun to see. As someone who has been trying to find Icelandic content for studying the language, your channel has helped me so much thank you!!

  20. I LOVE LISTENING TO ICELANDIC….många gånger förstår jag, många gånger förstår jag ingenting….men det är kul och jag gillar det som fan….

  21. Have you been to California? Just wondering about your hoodie. If you ever been to LA it will be a culture shock. It seems like around the clock people there are dressed half naked.

  22. I fear that if I ever travel the world, I will be apalogizing for others stupid, and rude American tourist behaviour.

    Ég vona að ég stafi þessu rétt. ég elska YouTube rásina þína. vinsamlegast haldið áfram mikilli vinnu.

  23. Tourists once again just blatantly ignoring the signs as usual and having no respect for the Icelandic landscape and or how long it takes for the land to heal itself in general afterwards due to the vegetation growth rate.

  24. I love how responsible you are!
    Don’t use your phone while driving aand Please follow the rules in our beautiful national parks.

  25. I love love love that you both spoke Icelandic in this video! I understood maybe 10% of it, but I think it's a beautiful language and I want to learn a lot more.

  26. Dear Hrafna fans… I’m trying to get the Brazilian Portuguese version to the music:
    Þung eru þau spor. Anyone to help me to built it?? Translators apps definitely NO!!!! 🙏🏽 thanks!

  27. I’m so happy that my mom was teaching me Icelandic while I grew up (btw. I’m half Icelandic), because I can understand everything haha

  28. Could you make an updated video of the top 5 things to do in Reykjavik and in Iceland? I'm coming in one month from now and I have so many questions, but no answers. Not many available Icelandic people around to ask 😭😭🤣

  29. As someone that isn’t a geologist but loves the science behind it… I would love to be able to visit and see the divergent plate boundary there. I hear it’s rather amazing.

  30. Please do the Make-up challenge with your friend and you do Make-up do on him . Or made a morning Routine or night routine. I would help you here and give some tips. I would say something in different languages but i have 4 languages. Привет как дела?( means: Hi, how are you?) Or in German, (Hallo wie geht's dir ?) Is mean to( " hello, how are you").the other languages are sign languages but its so sad cannot show here. I wish you luck. ❤

  31. could you do more videos of you just speaking icelandic so we could learn basic phrases :>if that makes sense

  32. You should put spoiler alert on this one. 😊

    I'm Swedish. Interesting how I sometimes understood what you said in Icelandic, but then in the next second there came a few words that I did not understand at all.

    And it was easier to understand you Hrafna than it was to understand what Sammi did say.

    Note: Ballerina is a must on hikes. 😊

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