Exploring Switzerland Part 1: Getting A Tattoo + Finding The Toblerone Mountain: TSL Vlogs

Hi guys!
Hi guys! I’m Ra. And I’m Nic. And in this two part vlog, Klook is sending us to Switzerland to explore Zurich, Bern and Lucerne with our friends Gabriel and Char Sew. Switzerland is known for it’s great food, gorgeous scenery and thrilling activities. We’ll be travelling around Switzerland using Klook’s Swiss Travel Pass which allows us to take unlimited train, bus and boat rides! So first up, we’ll be exploring the first city, Zurich. Guten morgen(good morning)! So after a close to 13 hour flight, we are finally here in Switzerland! I’m very excited because Ra say we’re gonna see the Toblerone Mountain. Actually I didn’t even know Toblerone was Swiss. It is Swiss. So I bought like damn lot of Toblerone so we can take the pho- You know the photo? Yes. I’m very excited for you eh. Like this is the highlight of our trip. Toblerone Mountain.
For Nic. Hi guys! Now we’re going to Zurook. Zurook. Zurich main station. Uhh… And erm… Erm… Uhh… Where are we going ah? We’re going to Bruno Weber Park! Oh my god.
We’re going to Bruno Weber Park! Oh my god. Okay, so right now we just came across this fountain and what’s special about Zurich is that there are over 1200 of these kinds of fountains. You can actually drink water from them. The water is from Lake Zurich, spring water and ground water. It’s even better then bottled mineral water apparently. So, I try. Ya, got water taste. Like what? Like normal or what? As in… Taste like mountain ah? Like… Can you taste the Swiss Alps? Like water lah! Guys! Guys! That’s the train station eh! Imagine Tampines MRT look like that. That’ll be good eh. Our museum looks like that! So right now we are finally here at Bruno Weber Park. Bruno Weber is actually a Swiss architect and he built this sculpture park. It’s called, Gesamtkunstwerk . Universal artwork. And you’ll see a lot of like, fantasy elements in this park.
Wah. Actually the first impression I get right, it’s like a zhng-ed out(upgraded), atas, artsy Haw Par Villa. Hmm. Right? I thought it was more of like, Tim Burton. Oh, ya. Takes Alice in Wonderland. Shall we go hunt some weird animals? Ah, let’s go. Hey guys, uhm… We just got to Bruno Weber Park, As you can see there’s a seesaw outside. Our camerawoman, is freaking out. Hey buddy. Nic, go blow the thing too. Do some music! Actually I was going to but then like, I just thought about how like, thousands of people who have like, had their mouths on the thing. I don’t really want to do it anymore. I make the sound for you lah. Okay, do it. *Nic imitating the sound of alphorn* We are out of Zurich. We’re out of here. So we decided to book like a half day, day trip out of Zurich, to visit the Laufen Castle, Stein am Rhein. Stein am Rhein. As well as the famous Rhine Falls. This day trip was actually booked on Klook so, all you got to do is just book a day trip online and then they like, bring you to like, all three places. Ya, so we actually met our guide in Zurich, and then we’ll take a little one hour bus ride. And even on the bus, our guide was actually giving us some fun facts about the place, to kind of prep our adventure. Okay so, let’s go and check the place out. We are so near the falls! Oh, look at that! Wah, sick! I’m the king of the world! You’re not even there yet! I feel like it okay! Actually we’re not that high up. But… The Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe and I can see why. It doesn’t look that high, but it’s super wide! The whole thing. Okay, so we’re actually like, at one of the main look out points for the Rhine Falls now. The view is quite sick, it’s very loud, it’s very big. Apparently you can take a boat ride, right?
Ya. To this other viewing deck in the middle. And the boat goes quite near to the falls. Confirm get wet one. It’s wet! But it’s great! It’s so refreshing on a hot day. Okay, so it’s 5AM in the morning, day 3 and I am planning to go on a run because I wanted to like, look around the city and stuff like that. Uhm… The rest weren’t very keen but I’m going to go and like, wake all of them up now and then like, make them go with me. Gabriel. Gabriel. Hmm? Ra! What? Ra! What? Let’s go for a lil’ jog. Hell nah! Sew! Sew! Sew! Sew! Eh Sew dai. Eh Char Sew. Eh Sew long bao. Okay, okay. I have managed to like, wake everybody up and drag them out of the hotel. Uhm… But nobody wants to run so… I’m going to be like, the only one running while, ya’ll are doing what? Shoot sunrise. Yay. You can do it. Bye. And there he goes. Look who the cat dragged in. Done! That was fast. Ya. 8km. Just like that? 43 minutes I think? The weather is cold right, then you don’t sweat as much, then you can just keep going and going and going. The only thing is that it’s raining a bit lah. But even then right, Like, wah. Compared to Singapore no kick sia. Plus the view. Whoo! Right now we are currently on a gondola, Going up to the top of Mt. Pilatus. Gabriel is behind the camera together with Sew. Their very, very scared.
Freaking the shit out. Freaking out. My eyes are watery eh. Okay, so this entire tour is actually part of Klook’s Mount. Pilatus package. So what it consists of is this gorgeous cable car ride up to Mount. Pilatus. And then it’s just free roaming. Ya. I’m very excited because it is like day 3 and we are finally going to see some mountains. What a view! I’ve never seen anything like this before. Sew, you see, you see. Ya, I also never see before. This one like you know, you sit on the bus with spectacles, then you come out of the bus then your spectacles got like, the condensation. But it feels damn nice. It’s like air-con weather and the mist is like, very cooling.
Ya. Very, very nice. Plus got some guy playing a horn. Alphorn. Wah, the fog came up sial. You can literally like, super impose anything you want behind me. Dinosaurs… Behind me right now. Okay. Must have sound effects ah. Must be like *imitates dinosaur roar* *imitates dinosaur roar* So right now we’re just waiting for the cog railway ride which is right there. It’s actually the steepest cog railway ride in Switzerland. And it’s also part of Klook’s Pilatus tour. Our staircase is getting fogged up so I think we should head there before we can’t see the staircase. And are trapped here forever. Okay let’s go, bye. So we’re currently on a boat right now. It’s a one hour boat ride back to Lucerne where our coach is waiting for us to bring us back to Zurich. Even though we did a lot of things right, I’m a bit disappointed because when we got up to Pilatus, it was very foggy.
It was just foggy. Then I cannot… I cannot find my… Nic, I have something to tell you. Pilatus is not the Toblerone Mountain. Huh?! Char Sew. I have something to say. So, Nic was very excited this morning, cause’ he thinks that we’re actually going to the Toblerone Mountain. Here’s a fact. We’re not going to the Toblerone Mountain. We’re going to Mt. Pilatus. Eh Nic, are you excited for the Toblerone Mountain? Ya eh. I’m very excited because it is like day 3 and we are finally going to see some mountains. Not just any mountain. Toblerone Mountain! It’s the mountain that Nic has been waiting for.
Yes. I should have googled it. You’ve been fooled since day 1. Let’s just pretend one of this mountain is the Toblerone mountain. Stupid! Anyhow! Okay ah, ready or not? It doesn’t even match. Wow, really pushing it eh, this one. Pass right? Good right? Pushing it! Okay, so I just drew some stupid sketches based off what Gab told me. Which is, arrow, geometry and I don’t even know. Cause’ he doesn’t even know what he wants. Very nervous. I think I’m more nervous eh. Gab is out. He has completed his tattoo. It is done, it is permanent. Forever! Thanks for letting me be a part of your tattoo journey. It is an honour. Do you like it? I love it. You love it? I really do. 100%. 110%. I was really very, very nervous last night because I don’t draw things like this. I draw portraits. So this was something very new for me as well. So the fact that you trusted me with freaking permanent ink on your body… That’s right. Props to you my friend. That’s right, props to us. Okay, so Gabriel just got his tattoo and the craziest thing just happened. We have a viewer who is a local living here in Zurich. He actually DM-ed me and said like, “You know what, is you don’t have any plans, I’ll be happy to like, host you at my place for fondue.” Fondue. So, when a local invites you over, for dinner, for fondue, you can’t say no! Okay, so we just got off the train and we have been picked up by Florian, our host for this evening. And we brought a bottle of wine. Oh wow! Thank you so much. Because we’re not cheapskates so… Thank you very much, yea. That’s my mom. Hello! Hello! Hi! I didn’t want to disturb you. I’m Nicholas. Hi, I’m Sabine. Sabine, nice to meet you.
I’m Ra. Have you had fondue before? In Singapore like, at some buffet… Some international buffet. Fondue from buffet? Ya. How does it even work? But then you have like, sticks and then you take the cheese? Ya, so there’ll be like all the bread and all that on the side, then you put it on a plate, you scoop whatever cheese you want and then you bring it back to your table. Oh, that’s weird. We never had that. They’re so disappointed eh. I can give you a house tour later, if you want. Oh yes please. Florian and his mom has been saying that you know, in the basement there’s something very Swiss and very special for us to see. So, yup. Without further ado. The suspense. Oh my god!
Oh. Is it really cheese? It’s a huge block of cheese, Char Sew! Oh my god! So, welcome to our nuclear bunker. Oh!
Woah! So that’s the teeny tiny… Light. Woah! It’s like a second emergency exit basically. So in case the house will collapse or whatever. By law, every house has to get a bunker. And you can opt out but then you have to pay the government to get the spot in like… You know, in school, they have like bigger bunkers and stuff like that. Like on these things on the shelves, you would sleep. Right behind you is an air filter. So we get fresh air.
Woah. In Singapore, we have this. It’s called a bomb shelter. But uhm… Usually it’s so small that people just put their vacuum cleaners inside. Yea. But you have it in your house? But it doesn’t look like this. It doesn’t look like this. Oh really, I didn’t know that. Yea, the bomb shelters in Singapore, you question whether they will really hold out to the end. We like different kinds of fondue that could’ve prepared that’s like a mix, with just ,everything included already. So it’s very convenient and easy like, for guests. Oh, the cheese is coming. Yes. This is like crème brûlée eh. It’s just not sweet. Ya. Oh my god, I’m so excited. And you take bread, you dip in cheese, you eat. Okay, that’s great! Ya, I can do that. Oh, yea! Okay, so we just left Florian’s place. Grabbing a quick supper now. Wah, I feel like we’ve done a lot eh. We really have. Nic, you got to visit your Toblerone Mountain. I feel a bit salty but never mind. So really, Ra like, what is the highlight for you so far? I would have to say, definitely the house visit to Florian’s place. Like eating the fondue and especially meeting his mom. Shout out to Florian’s mom. We got to really understand Switzerland from a local’s perspective. I like how Gabriel literally got a tattoo. Like, permanently on his arm. But the highlight is still Florian’s place. Ya. That’s how impactful Florian was. You’re amazing, dude. You are amazing. We’re on a train with all our stuff because we’re actually heading to Bern, leaving Zurich. So it’s actually very easy to get around because like, we were using a lot of like, Klook’s products. The wifi rental, airport transfer, even the day trips were booked through Klook. And even now, we’re actually using the Swiss Travel Pass that we got from Klook to get to Bern. So even like, for inter-city travel, very very useful also. So if you want to know about how Klook’s Swiss Travel Pass works, just click on the description below, we have all the details there for you. So ya, we’ll see you in the next part of this two part Switzerland vlog. So uhh… Keep an eye out for more Ra and Nic shenanigans. Yea, and Gab and Char Sew will be doing a lot of really cool things. Actually I feel damn scared. How scared are you? I don’t want to go paragliding!

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  1. Let us know in the comments what do you think of Gabriel's tattoo (designed by Ra!). Remember to stay tuned to part 2 of our Switzerland vlog, where we will be trying lots of exciting outdoor activities!

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  3. Switzerland is known for its food and scenery and we come here because we don’t feel safe in Singapore because as you know that Switzerland is the safest country

  4. been there last month! However this supposed to be a fun excited travel vlog I guess, but it looks rather dull to me, one of the reason could be the low voices of the two emcees. Could see the excitement but could'nt feel any of it. HAHAHA just an opinion. great work anyway, keep it up! 😀

  5. Florian's so nice! Visiting a local's place is really something so different and unique! An experience you won't get on a normal trip ~

  6. It's always so cool to me, seeing people enjoying my home country like this. I always get reminded how beautiful it is here when watching these videos because if you been livin here your whole life, you sometimes forget the beauty of it…btw, 2nd skin is actually one of the two tattoo shops i usually go to when getting a tattoo done too 🙂

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