Exploring Switzerland Part 2: First Glider + Mountain Coaster + Paragliding: TSL Vlogs

Hi guys! I’m Ra.
And I’m Nic. In our first Switzerland vlog, we explored Zurich with our friends Gabriel and Char Sew, one of us even got a tattoo. This time, we’ll be heading to the cities of Bern and Lucerne using Klook Swiss Travel Pass, which allows us to take unlimited train, bus and boat rides. So come along as we continue our crazy Swiss adventure. First stop, Bern! The capital of Switzerland. Bern actually means Bear. The guy who discovered this city/town right, was like, “Okay, I’m going to name this place after the first animal I see.” Imagine if like, you see a leech, then like Leechburg. We are at the Zytglogge tower. So this clock tower was actually one of Bern’s landmark, so if you come to Bern you have to take a short walk from the main station, and see this very pretty astronomical tower. A pity that the cables are blocking the view. Yeah, we were looking online right, then we saw the photo like, wa nice. So you know what that means? Online photoshop one. But still quite nice la, in real life. We dun goofed. We say not very aesthetic right, the clock tower. It’s ‘cos we stand at the wrong side. The other side actually nicer. Not bad ah?
It’s damn nice. So right now, we’re at Rosengarten. To me right, this place alone makes Bern worth coming to because like, wa, the view is insane. It’s like the perfect place right, to bring a first date. It’s really, really beautiful, and Rose garden is actually home to over 200 roses and while we walked in we actually saw a few varieties, and had some fun smelling the roses. Wow! Hmm! Inhale. So the best part is that, aside from the view, they also have like, a very well-known restaurant here, so we gonna have dinner here for today. We have made it to the top of the cable car ride, we are like, at the mountain coaster itself right now. So it’s like, this like, roller coaster that just went viral on Facebook recently. You see a lot of kids, a lot of like, old people going on it so… That’s why! If they can, We also can! I’m so stressed eh. Actually I feel damn scared sia. Oh my god. It’s gonna be alright. I’m just freaking excited. I’m damn excited! Freaking excited! Freaking excited!!! Okay, let’s go. That was so fun. I’m a gangster, I not scared. Okay, so we just finished our mountain coaster adventure. This was a really fun day. Truly an experience eh. I very happy, because like, in our entire time here right, this is our first true Alps experience. It is eh.
Indeed. Shall we go frolick in the fields? Go! Is that what you call frolicking? You do it! Show her what it is! We finally made it to Lucerne. We just took this train, with the Swiss travel pass, made it from Bern to Lucerne in like, 1.5 hours? So in the final leg in our Switzerland journey, we’re going to be exploring more mountains, doing some mountain activities, time to enjoy the time we have left. Ah, bonjour. This is the Ra-Nic Kitchen ah, come in ah, come in. Ah, you want some wine? Ah, no. This is the chef Nicholas, and… We cooking one-pan pasta. We are currently at Grindelwald, we are taking the gondola up to Mount First. We’re going to do like, a whole lot of activities at the top. Ra is here also, so yeah, we will see you at the top. We are waiting for the first flyer. So the first flyer is the one where you sit individually, and you just from the top, you go all the way to the bottom. It’s like flying fox. Yeah, and Nic and I are f**king excited. The most garang (courageous) one here. I’m terrified. I damn scared. The voice crack. Gab, how do you feel? I just want to say. I know you can’t see it now, but just now right, I cried. I crying sia. So I was like super scared for like, maybe 1 or 2 seconds. But then, when I open my eyes again right, you see the view right… It’s insane.
It’s like freaking amazing. It’s like our drone eh. It’s our drone. I scared! I don’t want to do paragliding! Can walk or not? How come you cry this one never cry the other one ah? Huh? I don’t know! I suddenly hanging down scary already. Okay, so we’ve just finished going up and down the first glider. Char Sew was a champ, you did it Char Sew! I did it! Thank you!
Good job. It’s a good day!
It”s a good day! We’re heading for our last activity in Lucerne. We are going paragliding. Are you scared? I grew up with a fear of heights, but then the whole idea of paragliding in the Alps… yeah exciting. Okay, so we’re currently on the gondola up to our takeoff point for paragliding. If I can’t do first glider, I don’t know how I can do this. At this point I’m just riding on pure adrenaline, so I don’t feel anything other than just I will tell you guys after I’m done. Do you want to try roller coaster tricks? Sure, sure. Ok, ok, ok, enough! Paragliding is insane. Ra and Sew are just ahead of us, and wa, the view is crazy! This is like, legit highlight of the entire trip so far. We did it! We did it! RACHORMEE! That was freaking amazing like, we were only running for like, what, a few seconds? Yeah.
And immediately, we were already in the air. No, I think the best part is that, we did it like, off the Alps. Gabriel just took off. He’s there, in the distance. Oh! My god! Wa, gabor into the sunset. Gabor into the sunset. I love it, can we go again? Go again. It was… I died. In a good way. So we’ve come to the end of our Switzerland adventures. We’re at the airport, ready to go home. Wa, it’s been amazing eh. It’s been one heck of a trip. All thanks to Klook Swiss Travel Pass, made travelling from Zurich to Bern to Lucerne a breeze. Zurich alone, if you didn’t watch our first vlog, go and check it out, we will leave the link in the description box down below. For Bern and Lucerne right, highlight hands-down, paragliding. I can’t believe that I was out in the open air. It was really cool, but yeah I think this is definitely one trip that I’m going to remember for a long long time, so big shout-out to Klook, thank you so much for sending the TSL crew down Switzerland. If you are thinking of coming down to Switzerland as well, do remember to go and check out Klook. They have the Swiss Travel Pass for you, made life so much easier Wifi rental, airport transfer and so many day trips which we made full use of on this trip. We will leave a link in the description box down below.

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