– Me and Kyle are officially
in the neighbor’s house. (intense music) You gotta figure out where to hide. (growls) – Go, go, go, Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Get out! Get out! (screams) – Welcome home, everybody,
you’re here on the Carl and Jinger Family Channel and today we have another
game of Hello Neighbor in real life. – You guys brought it up in the poll, which game you liked better, Hacker Girl Hide and
Seek or Hello Neighbor, and you guys voted for both! – You guys want us to play both games, because both games are pretty awesome. – They’re pretty lit.
– Yeah. – So, these are the
rules of the game today. We, as the players are going
to start out on the patio and we have to break
into the neighbor’s house and collect of these items
without being caught. These are the items. Tell us, Kyle. – [Kyle] We have the golden
apple, the golden ingot, and the Hello Neighbor action figure. – We also have the key ring, bag of money, and the crowbar. – Once we’ve collected all
these items, we win the game. Are you guys ready to play? – Yeah! – The neighbor has to hide all the items. And remember, he’s wearing
noise-canceling headphones, so it’s really hard for him to hear us while we sneak around. That’s a benefit to us. All right, you guys, are you ready to play this game or what? – Yeah! – We need you guys to
smash that like button to give us good luck, because these items are always
hidden really difficult. The neighbor has won multiple times, so we’re just crossing
our fingers over here and hoping that we can defeat
the neighbor this time around. – But guys, we can’t forget,
that once we grab the items, we have to bring them back out here and put them in the golden chest. – [Jinger] Oh yeah! – Oh boy! – [Jinger] Oh boy! Okay, I think the neighbor’s
getting ready to play. – Oh yeah, and guys, comment
down below, right now, Let’s make today awesome! And let’s play the game! Let’s do this! I think I hear the neighbor. – [Jinger] Let’s go! – All right you guys we’re
getting ready to go inside. We’re so excited to play the game. We’re all gonna go in at once, and we’re all gonna hide. I think that’s the best strategy at first because I think he’s expecting
only two of us to come in, so we’re gonna all all go
in, find a hiding spot, and then look for all of the items. Okay, are you guys ready? – Yeah, I think me and
Mom should go upstairs, and Gage and Luke should go downstairs. – [Jinger] Okay, yeah, let’s do it! That’s a really good idea. Okay, let’s go. Okay, go, go, go, go, go. Go! Hiding spot! Okay, you guys, me and Kyle are officially in the neighbor’s house. We gotta figure out where to hide. What? – Where should we hide? – I don’t know. Go find your own hiding spot. (intrepid music) Oh! Yeah, okay. This, or this. Okay. (chair shifts) – Okay you guys, I’m in my hiding spot. I feel pretty good about where I am. I’m blocked right into the corner and a chair is above my head, so I think I’m in a really
good position to stay in. – [Gage] This is probably like
one of the creepiest parts, opening this door. There’s a bin! Okay, now I’ve gotta try
and find a hiding spot. – Ha! I have the best
spot right here. (giggles) Okay, you guys, I have
the best spot right here. – I’m gonna hide in the laundry room. I don’t think he’s coming in yet. Going to sneak in here. I think I’m in the laundry
room a lot lately, haven’t I? – [Luke] Ouch! Hit my head. Ow. Aha! Look what we have here! I totally just found the money bag, it was sitting in this chair. (foreboding music) – He went downstairs. Okay, he went downstairs. Now’s my chance to look everywhere. (investigative music) – [Gage] He didn’t see me… – Mom! – Right here, right here. Look everywhere, Kyle, look everywhere! Ouch! (gasps) Golden apple! I got the golden apple! I got the golden apple! – [Kyle] Mom, you gotta take
it out to the treasure chest! – I got the golden apple! Shh. Yes! Golden apple going in the treasure chest. (scary music) – [Jinger] Have you found anything, Kyle? – [Kyle] No. – [Jinger] He’s coming. – [Kyle] Close the door slowly – [Luke] Where is he? – [Gage] He’s upstairs. – Okay, go, go, go, go. I got it! Right here! (door bangs) Ow! (laughs) I got the bag of money! I got the bag of money! I got the bag of money! Gotta go return this to the golden chest. – I think I saw Luke had,
there, the golden bar. – [Jinger] Is it in the house? – [Kyle] The dog kennel. – The dog kennel? The gold bar! – Shh. It’s under the blanket. – Oh, okay we got the golden apple. That’s our second item. Nice. (tentative music) (whispering) (heart thumps) (neighbor growls) – [Luke] No! (screams) – No! Oh, no! – Oh, no! – Oh, the neighbor! That neighbor! – I got the bag of money! – [Jinger] Yes! That means
we have two items so far! – I was about to go in and I heard you guys get caught, I was like, “No!” (Jinger laughs) – You can go downstairs with Gage and I’ll stay up here with Luke. – [Jinger] Okay, let’s do it! – Um, so I found the golden bar. It’s under the blanket
in the dog’s kennel. (tense music) – [Kyle] Got you. – I’m gonna hide under the blanket. I’m gonna hide. Under the blanket. Help, help, help! Help cover me Kyle! – There you go! There you go, you’re covered. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Yes! Yes! – [Gage] Nothing here. (tense music) Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I wanna go away. – [Kyle] (gasps) The keys. He’s going upstairs! (Neighbor growls) No! (Neighbor growls) (laughs) (screams) Oh my god! That was so scary, oh my gosh! – The keys. (keys jangle) (muffled cheering) – He’s here, behind me. – I am blind as a bat, I swear. – I gotta get these outside now. (tense music) (screams) I made it out! Oh my gosh! Whoa! I thought for sure I was
gonna get caught that time! – [Kyle] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – Look what we have so far you guys! We have the bag of
money, the golden apple, the golden ingot, and they keys. Holy smokes, we only need two more items. Now we just gotta get back inside. Keep our cool. Two items. We can totally do this. You guys smash that like
button to give us good luck. We really, really need it. (intense music) There’s Luke. Oh, he’s hiding. Okay, okay. We just need one more item up here. – Which one is it? – I don’t know. (investigative music) – Luke, check the bathrooms. I’ll check this one. – Okay. Whoa! I found it! I’ve got it. I’ve got it. I found it. – [Jinger] What? What? Get out! Get out of the house, go! Oh! Go, go, go! Get out! Get out! Get out of the house! Go! Go! (screams) That means we only have
one item left, Luke! One item! – Oh my gosh! – The crowbar, we have to find it! And I think it might be downstairs. – [Gage] No. Oh, you scared me. I thought you were the neighbor. – Guys, have you found anything? – [Kyle] No. – The crowbar is the
only thing we’re missing. – The crowbar? – The crowbar. – [Gage] Have you looked upstairs for it? – We can’t find it, but I
think he put three things up. He might not have, I’m
just making an assumption. – I found it! I found it! – [Jinger] Hide! Hide! Go, go, go! Go, go go, go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Get out! Get out! (screams) (screams) – Oh my god! – Yeah! – Did you get it? – [Kyle] Yes! – We got it! – Woo! You guys, we got it! Whoa, you guys, we got all the items! – Yes! – [Jinger] We got the crowbar, we have the bag of
money, the golden apple, – [Kyle] We have everything! – The ingot, this, and the keys. I cannot believe we
actually did it, you guys. That was so awesome. If you guys enjoyed this video, be sure to check out these
others on the screen, because we picked them just for you, and we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye! – And a big thanks to Carl
for being a cool neighbor. – Yeah! We won twice now! – That’s so awesome!

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