– Hey guys, thanks for
coming over, come on in. Today, we’re playing an
epic game of hide and seek. – No!
(laughing) Hey, hey! Dang it, this is like my best hiding spot. Oh I know! (laughing) Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys & Games! Let’s have some fun! (whimsical music) (bell rings) – Luke and I are the
hiders, while Kyle’s in the pantry we have two minutes to hide. And then he’s going to come
out and try to find us. The first person he
finds during that round is the seeker the next round. Are you guys ready?
– Oh yes. – Yeah, let’s do this! – Okay Kyle, now you
have to go in the pantry and wait for us to hide for two minutes. We got this, Luke. Okay, ready? – [Kyle] Once you shut the
pantry door the time will start. Time starts now! – Go, okay. I’m going to actually climb
up here but instead of up where that is, I’m actually
going to go right there. – I’m going downstairs. I gotta do something with those blocks. (dramatic music) Oh gosh you guys, I
don’t know where to hide. Trying to think here. – What the heck. Okay. Okay, I’m gonna lay down. I hope that Kyle doesn’t find me. – I gotta hurry! I’m hiding behind somewhere. Under this desk. It’s so dark in here
hopefully he won’t find me. – Looking for more hiding spots, where is it going? There’s hardly any hiding spots up here. I wonder where Luke went, maybe he’s in the basement. – [Luke] Okay you guys,
I’m in my hiding spot and it might be hard to see but I’m in the homeschool
room under a desk. And hopefully he doesn’t find me first. – Okay guys, someone’s gonna come out. I’m gonna hide. Okay, shh. Smash the like button
to give me good luck. – Now I gotta go find them. – He just walked under my feet. He almost saw them. He almost saw me. Good thing he’s wearing his
noise canceling headphones so he can’t hear us. – I know the secret is out here. Oh hello there. (screams) – [Kyle] I found you first! – [Luke] No! Oh really? – Oh no, he found Luke, he found Luke. Okay shh. He’s gonna come back upstairs. (playful music) – There’s no way I couldn’t find Gage. – There’s no way?
– Yeah. Here? No. – Oh I hate you! – [Gage] No!
(laughing) You found me! Gosh, dang it.
– Found you. – Dang it, this is like
my best hiding spot. – I was found first so
that means I get to seek. Yes! – Okay guys, I found Luke
first so here you go, Luke. – Okay I’m gonna go in the pantry and wait two minutes and then come and find you. – Starting on three, two, one. Time starts now. – I’m going in the basement
so don’t you dare follow me. – I want to go downstairs too. – No, no! No no no no! – I’m coming downstairs. – So right now I am
waiting for two minutes. Oh my gosh, that’s a big sponge. I’m just gonna clean you guys off. (squeaking) All right, you guys look good. (tense music) – I’m gonna leave this door open and then I might… I’m gonna come in here,
it’s gonna be very dark. So you guys won’t be able to see me but this is gonna be a great hiding spot. – A lint roller, I’m just
gonna lint around my shoulders while I wait. Guys, smash that like button
if you think I’m gonna find all of them. I might be yelling but
I can’t tell because I can’t hear anything. – [Gage] I don’t know, I’m hiding in the crevice
or crack or something that’s behind the door
in the water heater room. So, I hope I don’t get found. ♪ 30 seconds left on the clock ♪ ♪ Just gonna dance, dance ♪ ♪ Dance, dance ♪ – [Kyle] Okay guys, I’m in my hiding spot. Hopefully he doesn’t find me first. – [Gage] Luke should be
coming out any minute now. I gotta stay super duper quiet. – Five, four, three, two, one. Starts now. Okay you guys, here we go. I got to find the humans. First of all gotta look
in the obvious spots. I wanna find them quick. Nope! Not in there. Where are they? Someone has to be upstairs. Ah-ha! Nope. Towels. Where could they be? – [Gage] I hope he hasn’t found Kyle yet. I wonder if he did. Crazy, I think Kyle’s in
a super good hiding spot. – Ah-ha, let’s check this. Oh nope, not in this bathroom. Behind the green screen? Nope. And no one’s in my office. I guess they’re both downstairs. I kinda thoroughly searched all upstairs. Let’s see if anyone’s down here. Hello, hello? Ah-ha. – Oh no!
– Oh! – [Kyle] You found me! – Kyle got found! (laughs) Yay! All right so I found Kyle,
I gotta go find Gage. Kyle, good job though. – [Gage] Kyle got found, no! Okay, I just gotta stay
crouched and stay hidden. Wish me luck guys, shh. – Found me. – Ah-ha! – Guys, he found me first so I that means I have to seek again. – [Luke] FBI! (yelling) – No!
– Yes! – [Gage] Dang it, you
found me, gosh dang it. – Oh yeah! – The round is over! – Dang it, found me` – Okay guys, so I got found
first so I have to seek again. Starts in three, two,
one, time starts now! (grunting) – I have a great idea for my hiding spot. – So they went this way,
they went to the right. So I’m gonna have to go check there first. – I’m hiding in the back
hallway and once Kyle leaves the pantry, I’m gonna
go slip into the pantry and hide behind the door. Oh man, this is risky
but I bet I can do it. (screaming) – Okay I’m hiding and
this thing is kind of out in the open. – Okay guys so first
minute is up, now we’re on to our second minute. – All right guys, I just gotta be quiet and then wait for Kyle to leave. Then I’m going to sneak my way in. Go all like, what’s a
good sneaking video game? Metal Gear Solid, it’s
like Metal Gear Solid. (giggles) It’s almost time for him to come out. Gonna wait here. Six, five, four, three, two, one. And coming out. – No! Oh, gosh dang it! – [Luke] I found you first! – No! I should’ve hidden in an better spot! (giggles) Dang it! – I saw your shadow!
– Dang it! – (laughs) Yeah! That means now, oh I know! (laughs) – Great, let’s go–
– Hi Luke! (laughing) – Wait, wait, wait I’m a transformer. Ready? Autobots roll out! (rock music) ~
– Oh my gosh. (laughs) – [Kyle] Okay, Gage, go in the pantry. – All right, oh gosh this
gonna be so difficult. All right I’m going to the pantry. Your time starts in three, two, one, go! – Okay listen I’m going
downstairs so don’t follow me. I’m gonna go down the stairs, guys. Okay I’m gonna go into
my famous hiding spot. The bed, okay. I’m gonna hide so far back
they can’t even see me. – I’m not gonna cheat or anything so I’m gonna try and talk like as
loud and as long as I can. So that I don’t hear Luke or
Kyle or where they’re going. – Obvious moves, they work. – [Kyle] I’m gonna lay under here. He won’t be able to find me. – So I’m thinking that either
Kyle is gonna be upstairs or downstairs, but I’m
pretty sure Luke is gonna be down in the basement. But I don’t know, that
would be my best guess. But we’re gonna have to wait and see. Right, five, four, three, two, one. Let’s do this. No one yet. Oh my gosh, these noise
canceling headphones are going to make it way more difficult. Right no one’s in here. (laughing) – No! Hey, dude, yes, yes! I found you. – I’m like oh no! (laughs) – [Gage] Dude I bet if you would’ve stayed hidden I would’ve
have been able to find you. – I was, I was in here. I was hiding right here. – [Gage] You were hiding right there? why didn’t you hide behind the door? – I don’t know. (laughs) – [Gage] Okay, you go
sit on the couch, Luke. Go sit on the couch. – (laughs) Guys, I totally
thought that would work. – I’m gonna see how fast
I can find everybody. (tense music) Okay. Okay, nope. (crickets chirping) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I gotta make sure no
one’s hiding up there. Nope! (crickets) – I can’t believe that. – [Gage] That was so easy. – No! – [Gage] That was so easy! – I thought you were
gonna see me on the first time and you did and I was like no way. All right you go find Kyle! – Okay I’m going, I bet
he’s in the basement. Let’s see. Doesn’t look like he’s
in the laundry room. Hmm. Wait. Nope, that would’ve been
a good hiding spot, Kyle. Wait a minute. Hold on. Ah-ha! What? Where is he? (crickets chirping) No. Dude, where is he? Is he? – [Kyle] Yeah you found me! – [Gage] Yes! I found him! – So, so far we’ve played four rounds. Luke got found first, two times! And me and Gage got found first, one time. So that means in the next round we play, Luke is gonna be the seeker first. – Ah! I think I had a pretty funny hiding spot, but that was super fun. – Yeah, that’s it for this video. If you like this, you’re
definitely gonna like these other ones because we
picked them just for you. And we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye! – [Gage] That was so fun! – [Kyle] Yeah.

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