EXTREME Hide and Seek in a Junior NINJA GYM!

while the hiders are picking their spots
I gotta say a big thank you to universal kids for sponsoring this video and if
you didn’t know American Ninja Warrior junior season 2 is premiering every
single Saturday on universal kids so you need to go watch it and you’re gonna
find out more you can do a universal kids.com or follow them on YouTube
Instagram Twitter you know the drill at the end of this video every single
hydrant is going to have a chance at the Warped wall where they can win $10,000
cash it’s going to be a big show ladies the general about further ado let’s get
it okay Maddy so we have 15 minutes to find a spot and there are bucks hidden
everywhere yeah Preston bucks how much does a Preston bucks pay me it pays you
the opportunity to win $10,000 I’m trying to be a ninja warrior okay so
what do you think you’re gonna try first the easiest thing Maddy do you know
where the bucks are no I have no idea where Bucks are that’s not up there
there’s a little ramp right here this really is for age five as you can see
there’s a dollar on the wall all I have to do is have good balance how many
tries you think you get one try that’s the rule and then your turn wait wait I
want more than one try I know the trick all right I give my my try my wall types
orange in it this is so much harder than I thought
how do those kids in the show do this because they’re athletes they must train
for like months so this is 15 feet 10 feet no this is 10 I’m 5 2 so it’s half
of me yep it’s doubled me uh-huh I wish there’s
another one of me I can stack on top of myself I think you should try maybe
there’s a buck up there you’re trying to be half away I got a dollar what’s up dude
that’s one more attempt at the 10000 at the end of the day hey could be worth
$10,000 it could be that’s why I’m excited about it now let’s go find some
more Oh John John wait wait wait wait what I want to do the course behind you
watch this I didn’t look darling we need to find some bug spray okay how about I
I just go under here and go here the only time I’ve done rock-climbing
was with the harness so I don’t think you need a harness for being two feet
off the ground Maddie I don’t appreciate you’re right
oh there’s a buck up here she’s athletic ladies and gents underneath this thing let me just cover yourself how many
dollars do you have I have four and I stole three of them from Barney no no
these are mine now you got so many dollars Bree get out of
there you got to get some more Muffy where’d my dollar
oh that’s why I taped my dollar to my shirts all never lose it I’m not losing
this one again don’t eat the money John he’s disgusting it’s dirty cat meow baby
three two one blast off go grab me a dollar at the town grab me a dollar one for me two for me
no that’s right baby I’m three dollars deep hey John look what I found you cheater okay how you getting it back
down how many dollars did you guys find well I found three and it took two
months I have one dollar that means one chance of the 10k Bri how about you I
have seen three dollars you have no dollars okay well you better hide good
and keep your last chance alive Nick you’re looking rich I’m taken whoa I
need a dollar guys here’s the thing Preston is in that room over there with
his ear pods in he has no idea that I found the god spot before him this time
a little hiding spot oh I hit my head really hurts now it smells like feet in
here this is gonna be a long time sink see you just alley-oop I have a dollar
from Nick because he’s a very very nice and I’m under a hole it looks like it’s
part of the course I feel pretty good about this cuz I’m gonna hide in the
corner where he can’t see you better not sell me out yeah I won’t
you better not sell me out Matty I try to keep Preston away from you okay so
what you can get it’s a possible yes direct him away I’m gonna be deep inside
this pit okay I’m going all the way down ladies and gentlemen the time limit has
officially started and throughout the entire course I have hid Preston bucks
aka fire bucks if they do manage to find these they get an extra attempt at the
Warped wall for $10,000 cash but if I find the Ivar’s I get all of their
Preston bucks so without further ado let’s go find them
and if you guys don’t know you got this is the American Ninja Warrior junior
course and most of this stuff looks so difficult I don’t even know if I can do
it yeah it’s for five and under and I for sure couldn’t do it these kid
athlete strain for so long to be able to do this and it’s kind of ridiculous how
difficult it looks as a 25 year old adult well nobody’s gonna hide in the
emergency exit can they get up these so these are the these are the smaller at
Warped walls I were up here now we’re seeing if anybody’s up here hey hiders
Oh what are those suspicious looking mats of going deep boys great if you get
some speed on that we’re not doing great so far we haven’t found a single hider
but we haven’t gone to the adults section of the American Ninja Warrior
obstacle course this is crazy in here this is insane just look at these
courses Nick brick okay this is starting to get ridiculous like we haven’t found
anybody yet but we also haven’t checked the foam pit so I’m starting to think
that the foam pits is most likely where the hiders are gonna be it doesn’t take
me to your longest if these guys out oh look at this mack daddy of an obstacle
course this is so cool there’s something about these balls that
look weird private property do not touch okay we’re not going to that a gimmick
what if one of the hiders brought this just to put it on these balls so I won
jacket I don’t that’s what’s happening if you guys
think they did that do me a solid and if you see a red subscribe button make it
great I could spend a lifetime digging in this
foam pit and I still don’t know if I even find anybody brah how deep does
this go okay hold on hold on hold on guys
Preston’s getting serious I know somebody’s in here oh my god I think I
just stepped on somebody Nick I had no idea you didn’t believe you’re the first
person to be found I thought for sure it was going to be Nick all right look John
I’m just gonna lay you to rest. Preston noooooooo the full 30 minutes he’s a big boy the
nice thing that up here I’ve got a really good aerial view I don’t see Nick
and Briana anywhere and I know Nick and Bri are kind of sneaky a little bit of
an ally you don’t hurt yourself 20 minutes and 20 seconds remaining give me a pressing bucks Bri I didn’t I
stole it for making that’s all I have I thought you were gonna be one of the
hide-and-seek champions and you got found so fast breathing what are you
gonna hurt yourself wait so let me see where you’re trying to hide you were
trying to go inside there Bri you would never fit wait a second I think I could
fit in here she just said I can’t fit make you think you can fit okay it’s my
booty so I’m feeling really confident we only
have Nick left and we still have 18 minutes on the clock this might be my
best hide-and-seek record usually it’s like down to the wire three minutes
remaining super intense Nick no Nick here
no Nick here your your found get out of here I think that Nick has it in him to
hide it in the junior course 100% he’s a junior man your man he orders off like
the junior man hissa I don’t want to have to look in the foam pits one it’s
very difficult getting out of a foam pit it’s kind of like getting out of
quicksand and it also eats up a lot of time I think I have to go in the foam
pit on the American Ninja Warrior junior course there’s one two three four foam
pits that’s a lot of foam to cover Nick Nick it’s too much foam you losing a
mess dude I don’t care you do realize look Maddie the $10,000 that these guys
have a chance to win is my $10,000 and I don’t want to give them any chances to
win the money I feel like if he was any deeper he wouldn’t be able to breathe so
I don’t think he’s down there we’re gonna move on to the next phone pic Nick
I’m gonna jump and it’s gonna hurt really bad so you better move it’s a
scare tactic I wasn’t actually going to jump bro what is this some kind of like
decoy this is some kind of decoy I didn’t want to say it but not a fan of
foam pit at this moment normally I love them not when there’s $10,000 of my
money on the line and there’s potentially a hide her inside of it we
have completely detailed the American injured Junior Warrior course like my
only thoughts are he’s either hiding out of boundaries where he’s not supposed to
be hiding or he’s hiding somewhere in the adult courses I don’t know if you
guys hear me starting to talk less and less it’s because I’m literally just
running out of breath so don’t judge me I just don’t think there’s any good
hiding spots where he could be over here Nick what we have a really good vantage
point from up here and I see nothing Preston stop dude what’s your time right
stop I don’t want to talk to you you’re distracting me this is not this ain’t
part of the game you just let your Tom Pat Preston oh
gosh wait a second Nick Nick Nick I’m running out of
options there’s 8 minutes left on the clock I’m
not messing around anymore we didn’t check this back corner I’m out of breath
gee this is so difficult I’m struggling right now guys guess the only thing to
do is to go in huh barrel roll Nick wait a sec somebody here no there’s
nobody in here dude I’m starting to feel sick I haven’t given myself enough rest
look the good thing is is Nick is the least athletic out of the three of them
so the chances of him getting the 10,000 is really low
here’s my energy bar okay it’s it’s going down fast Nick if you are in here
I am coming for you with a belly flop three two one Oh Nick I’m going to eat
you I don’t care where you are I’m gonna find you you beat some lovin maniac you
like that Nick like that you like Hannes you like that you think that’s funny
Nick I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
that’s my second beer listen it’s one of those moments where he’s testing me okay
we’re yeah a little salamander this guy’s a slippery salamander but
he’s so soggy I’ve got a few –neck –neck –neck Nick
Nick Nick I know you are here you foam pit boy you should just give up now
Nick Nick Nick I don’t care how much time you but I’m
gonna find you Nick Nick Nick Neal come out you’re fired
desperate calls call for desperate measures sorry baby Nikki didn’t find you hey do
you hear that it sounds like me attempting $10,000 obstacle three times
or four times made easy gentlemen it’s time to see if they can attempt the
Warped wall for the $10,000 cash don’t forget every single Saturday you guys
can watch American Ninja Warrior junior on universal kids so ladies and
gentlemen without further ado let’s see if they could do the Warped wall
if Breanna can just touch my foot she’ll get the $10,000 Oh normally like shibori
but in this case I don’t appreciate it Preston can I take reshot yeah I take it
yes all right I’ll take it at Bri gave up and gave her chance to John so now
John’s got it how many chances to John’s got two chances let’s see it I John you
got a touch right here bro whoa wait Preston step back from the boar cuz I’m
a climate I’m back once again do not this is the winning stretch okay okay
running start ladies and gentleman do not forget if you comment in the first
60 minutes I read your comments and I feature your comments right here below
and we’ll see you guys next time

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