EXTREME Hide and Seek with Paintball Guns! – Challenge

as the official seeker I have 30 minutes
to find the hiders and shoot them with my paintball gun before the time runs
out the hiders will also find paintball guns and riot shields that they can use
to help run the time down as I’m seeking them okay
so I’m now hiding in the paintball field I have my cell phone on me and I don’t
know why I did that and it’s muddy I don’t know you guys I
don’t want to get hit I’m terrified I don’t know why they put me in this video
oh no oh no you guys what if I run out of time
oh this is like an actual building game who are you going find a weapon it’s
still on the field I don’t want to break the rules but I do want to break the
rules oh no a trees in there okay guys
literally my mic pack it’s falling out of my patents and it’s making me not be
able to run let’s go upstairs the guy’s head together so I fell about
myself I don’t really appreciate that guys the foundation of this building
does not really make me feel comfortable nice I wonder if this is inbound hold on
hello I see you won oh you found one oh I got the right Sheila yes oh my gosh
okay I’m digging that we need to stick
together we have more done weapons and protection does this thing work
alright boys we got funding our weapon oh we haven’t checked that building over
there no I haven’t let’s go Oh what if I can you draw the through here you can
the stick needs to go I’m pretty confident about this spot you can kind
of see my feet through this hole I wish there’s something I could like
disguising but at least I’m wearing black pants I feel like that makes it a
little better also I’m gonna bring the fact
that the boys like I said all head together so if one of them gets wrong
they’re done they’re done and I didn’t find a gun it’s not any fenceless by
myself I hope Preston just doesn’t shoot me
that would be nice running through this building over here so far we found the
right shoe Clarence I did yes okay all right so we have what two guns and a
right shoe yeah Oh boys we got this we got this all
right I’ve speakable squad for the win yeah do you want to go check out another
house we have time he doesn’t start looking for us yet I thought if I was a
smaller person I could hide in this hole but I don’t think that’s gonna work I
don’t think I’ve ever been this terrified for a video
I know paintballs aren’t that bad but they’re kind of bad also I can’t really
see you all because someone got shot inside this mask and I hope that does
not show me what my fate will be yeah so we are about in the middle of the field
no gun boy no gun I knew switch arms is this our the right
you’re getting heavy is this our Alamo boy so we’re just gonna hold this off if
we shoot him he has to go back to spawn and restart it maybe some new buildings
every time that’s not like a good plan I think we should do that I just want to
find another gun so I could do a wheel doing some squats get that workout in
with that uh Preston merch right there oh you’re rapping Preston merch also I
wonder where everyone else went everyone else s3 and breathe
Oh oh no he’s nowhere everyone else might breathe I can’t tell if somebody
said breathe we’re free and I can’t tell if it was James engage or if it was
Preston if he hasn’t started teaching it you’re like I
should crush him this way so he doesn’t see my feet this is not
comfortable at all oh no don’t bring your phone who the pain or feelings
especially when you watch lockets I just hope my leggings a pocket it’s
getting real serious here oh okay that’s just I’m feeling pretty confident now I
got my feet off the ground so I think breathe in that building all the way
over there Thanks yeah well she would would she be we have
to commence a rescue mission this is a rescue mission yes the hiders don’t know
but I have a literal and full of smoke gadgets how do you use these things oh
my gosh they have different colors bro I’m going purple
I feel like purple oh I mix it purple and green I hon let’s get the purp
purple on deck and green on deck oh my gosh okay so now before we do this I
should probably read the instructions warning emit smoke I kind of figured
that out oh it’s a wire pull see you pull you pull the wire and then it just
pops did it’s game time oh he’s coming he’s coming he’s coming
alright so I don’t know how to use this thing don’t worry I’m gonna pick this up
I’m just putting it here for now bro are they over there shy get behind cover I’m
gonna open right now alright I feel like do a tuck and roll to get my right shoe
let’s go back here okay we’re behind the dead zone he’s going around big Church
all I said second floor get down hey guys
there’s a hole there watch out right quick
I just saw a smoker nade go out smoking it what it’s purple that’s kind of scary
smoke it up baby it’s go time I love the fact that I didn’t even walk
for guys I just looked for a hiding spot and it’s also really cold so it’s kind
of feels nice did your no person used to play
paintball competitively just gonna throw them happen I also an offended no other
girls were recruited for this video my head is gonna hurt after a while
something like this okay guys he’s going left side of the hotel or a church he
went all the way left he went all the way left well I’m scared I’m scared I
really don’t want to be hit because I have shorts on I didn’t think this I
lost sight of him I just need to identify what buildings are in on see if
I can scare him oh no feedback I also have a disadvantage
I’ve got Stephen where’s the cameraman following me so I can’t be too sneaky
but I’m a ninja we’re gonna approach this building need you to be quiet dude
if they’re up here this is gonna suck cuz I forget written over literally no
signs of life dude it’s empty look bro wait they missed a gun okay
this is good that means there’s six other guns out
there they might not have found deer I hate to do foul play but yeah enjoy
shooting that I’m so glad amigo thank you I hold news in balance because if
it’s not they’re gonna harass me forever oh my gosh you know I just thought about
us you want it from the second story of those buildings he can see me I didn’t
think about that until just that all the way that way hopefully other they were
we think Bri is we kind of just like left her
she left us she was she was talking to her camera too much like I am here I’ll
get in front of you guys so if he does pop up please don’t shoot me in the back
mount corners my quarters boys we have this way right here this is no way I
feel like they’re hiding far we’re really close the entrance of the park
was right there so they’re either hiding in the fuel depot or the hall I think
the City Hall City Hall our fuel depots got to be my bet all right we’re gonna
do a wide sweep I don’t wanna get shot in the back I’m gonna sleep watch cover
your back so far these guys are good wait Steven oh we found another gun
they’ve really stink at finding guns this is two guns more foul play this one
didn’t have a lot of ammo though so it’s not a big deal
five more guns remaining I can’t believe we’ve already found two of them so you
can get some warning shots off there shoot someone scream
he’s coming so I know Gabe used to play paintball so we do have one person who’s
experienced playing paintball in the hider group I think everybody else is
brand new I think we’re gonna check this crate in front of us it’s Claire come and see but nobody’s so
far where are these people I’m telling you something’s fishy about this
building and City Hall I’m not feeling good about it all right here’s what
we’re gonna do so instead of going to the City Hall and getting blasted in the
back which I don’t want to have happen I think our best bet is to go start on the
outside work our way in we’ve been kind of doing that a little bit but I know
times also taking down also in my hiding spot the only has to shoot from the top
not gonna have more force to shoot from the top down he sees me he keeps putting
me in be busy so I’m scared I can’t tell if I’m shaking because I’m cold
what’s good for the nervous I just saw should we go into the buildings he’s
already checked that’s what I was thinking okay so guys I have a straight
up shot to the staircase so he’s not coming up that’s cheeky
Merlin somebody’s in the field depot I know
somebody’s in there nobody’s even dude nobody shown themself once this is crazy
I don’t have a good feeling about this building though what dude this is insane
I can’t believe we haven’t got anybody yet how do you feel it right now I’m
just scared I want chocolate milk and weird Gabriel how do you feel
right now I feel like I’m gonna shoot him with a paintball before you think
it’s upstairs I feel pretty safe because I want my mom okay I’m not gonna lie so
it’s been about ten minutes I went to the gym this morning my back is starting
to feel kind of heavy this I need to get rid of some of this extra paint it’s
give some warning shots straight for boy did you just saw that there’s prison
right there he’s at the house where we found the right shield and a gun I don’t
see anybody it really is it’s like they’re not even
here on the field you know what that means
Hey hi no no no no no oh he’s shooting Nick he thinks Nick is
us all right so right now Preston is that direction of us if you go to the
next window over you could probably hit them okay so here’s the thing at this
point in time we found two guns and the thing is I’m starting to think that
they’re all together in one spot that’s got to be their strategy I think they’re
trying to defend from a hint I don’t think you miss I think he’s a little too
new and that he can’t fire me we still haven’t seen a single soul that means
they’re laying down there waiting I thought they were gonna play aggressive
as the hiders know these guys are in the game for the long haul there trying to
last a full 30 minutes but we’re not gonna let him I see one yeah hey we got one down breathe that
you can’t take your shot get behind the wall you will never get up
don’t peek don’t peek he has a clear shot like a perfect shot but where he
come he’s uh he’s all the way over so all right so they’re in the hotel we
gotta get an angle on a part you can look no don’t like don’t like doing I
think there’s at least two confirmed in the hotel we got one killed somebody
need to get out somewhere I’m down half on my air tank
you’re only got half of our tank remaining I know you’re hiding someone
only no one don’t lie to me hard work pays what Casey he’s in this building
bottom-4 he’s on bottom for it but here’s the game plan
we’re gonna force her way up the stairs we have to do a full breaching Claire –
get out of here this is ridiculous the stupid riot shield is causing me so much
grief right now dadgummit that gave take is good yeah you took
their gun come on out little piggies I left my gun
here for you that’s two down you’re lucky you got that stupid shield wait
we’ve gotten three people that means only Bri is left
all right so knowing Bree she’s a pacifist there’s no way she’s planning
to fight I wonder if the guys put her somewhere you know like like she’s like
the what do you call it like the scapegoat like she’s just there hiding
there’s got to be something else to this she’s just trying to run up the timer we
probably shouldn’t be standing out in the open this is not the most
intelligent thing we’ve ever done yeah what we should do we should go we should
sabotage the rest of the guns wrath have you seen the woman have you seen my wife
no I dude he’s totally working with Brianna but guess what I got this look
at this power up boys let’s go I’m carrying like 40 pounds of weight right
now hi where’s Bree okay I’ve got a new plan we’re gonna put our gun down all
right tell me what here guys here’s the thing so you guys are all out I just
need you guys to go I know I know I need you to do I need you guys to go into
this building and just dance dance just go up there and dance in the windows in
the windows yes that’ll keep them busy for a while
hey Bri I have no gun they said she’s in the most obvious spot Oh what if she’s
in the church you think she’s in the church oh no check the church she’s hot
we checked the lower churched out the top Church and we haven’t found any
other guns we only found two and they had two as well so there’s a lot more
guns outside somewhere hey breathe hey Brianna breathe that’s definitely not
breathe I’m not gonna make any wife cow jokes not today anyway do you see
anything in the cracks Bri all right top of the church has been cleared we’ve
checked the school the church city hall we didn’t go upstairs to City Hall
that’s one of the only places I think Bri could be Bri hey Brianna come out
now all the cameras were on you this is what I call the shopping cart
here I go I want this dude ten minutes left easy
I need another smoke grenade wait can you hide in those barrels if she had a
barrel bit there on the truck time it’s no Brie out
Don’t Tell Brees mom are doing this she’s literally killed me no no
all right let’s make sure this thing still works let’s just shoot some of
them hey Bri Bri down here shake the dryer sing you open Bri
not here either dude this is insane is she up there bring you up here no Brie
dude I have no idea where she is is she hiding in the tires
you just had a she in the powers bra this is ridiculous
dude I’m like losing my mind where’s my wife
wait we just met wait a second okay we didn’t find Bree but we did find another
gun I’m not able to get the gun out but it’s stuck inside of the airplane right
here that’s three guns found I don’t know
where to look like hey I literally don’t know where to look I don’t get it this
is getting ridiculous what have we not jet okay I don’t understand where he
could be like I feel like I’ve looked everywhere we are unarmed I know you guys are harboring my
fugitive wife know there’s no such thing where’s she get down your building Oh
dad it was them look at the gun the evidence we don’t have a gun we have a
gun before he would breathe the whole time I’m running a stamina no I can’t I
don’t I don’t even know where to be getting a look anymore she’s not in the
dead box not in the car dad gummit
that have been such a good spot I’ve got 360 view are they cheating is pre
cheating dude I don’t know where she hit it’s where we go like where do we go
I don’t even know where to leave this I knew she was in the tires
she’s small and I knew it I knew it why did I not check here okay it’s such a
good hockey press we got an assault force coming our way
please James do you want James do you want James oK you’ve got a pretty good defense
I can’t believe do we can paint this thing look can we paint on this do this
thing is crazy I can’t believe pretty what this is

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