44 thoughts on “Extreme Hide N Seek Challenge Using Thermal Night Vision

  1. It got creepy at the end. I didn't know I was still scared of the dark! who else is afraid of the dark?

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  3. Hey Carl and Jinger Family, I am sick with a fever and very bad cough, and our school is out for 3 weeks and we have to be homeschooled.

  4. There is a little boy ghost at my house he is nice tho but once I threw a water bottle and he threw it back at me

  5. Good luck jinger &carl good afternoon 🌞 jinger & carl i really love that show extreme hide N seek challenge Using Thermal night vision HAVE A COOL DAY WOW THAT WAS AWESOME HAVE A SUPER DAY HAVE A SWEET AWESOME DAY HAVE A FUN DAY jinger & Carl 🙂

  6. Loved watching the video post Carl and jinger I believe in ghost and I see to full body apparitions in person

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