EXTREME HIDE & SEEK! Stranger Things Edition!

Carl: We’re giving away is iPad mini. Carl: Next up we’re giving away — Luke: Nintendo Switch! Carl: Nintendo Switch Carl: And then, we’re also going to be giving away a pair of brand new Yeezy Boost Jinger: Carl has signed himself up for a day. Carl: It’s gonna be an experience. Carl: Been trying to get into a meditative zen mind… Carl: mind state all day. Jinger: Today is tatoo day guys. Carl: Its tattoo that I’m getting this whole thing finished. Carl: Jason Workman. Check him out on Instagram. Carl: Best in the area. He’s so good. Carl: So we’re gonna come in here and get started. Carl: You’re gonna film us too. Look. Carl: Takes one to know one. Carl: Whoa, check it out, dude. (upbeat music) Carl: Wow Carl: Jason winning all the awards. Look at all these. Wow. Carl: By far, Carl: the cleanest, nicest tattoo shop Carl: and tattoo artists and people I’ve ever been in. Carl: Where did you get one? Jinger: No where. I’m too chicken. Carl: We’ll see. Carl: Maybe this is a prank video and this video we’re actually getting a tatoo for you. Carl: They’re photoshopping now he’s in my world and I’m in his world. Carl: This is where it merges together right here. Carl: That’s my…a picture of my arm that he took the last time we were here. Jason: So we’re gonna do is we’re gonna rifle through a few different images. Jason: Look at placement layout design. Carl: We’re doing a Viking ravens…a raven head Carl: designs. Carl: A branches of a tree. Carl: A raven curls all the way up. Carl: And then we’re gonna finish this in as a Viking shield. Carl: Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. Man: Yeah. You really emotional when we started communicating. Carl: So do I! Jinger: We have a bunch of cry babies over here. Carl: We didn’t hear it. That’s the whole thing about tattooing. Carl: Everybody has…there’s this stereotype about tattooing and getting tattoos Carl: and tattoo artists, but then when you get in there it’s like… Jason: And you meet us and we’re like the nicest, sweetest guys. Carl: Just like really connecting and talking about life and everything. It’s cool. Jason: Spent the weekend blowing bubbles with my daughter was amazing. Jason: By the way you want this tough tattoo bro? (intense musical buildup) Carl: We were just having this big elaborate conversation where we Carl: creatively came up with the concept together of like Carl: blending two different design elements from a couple of different ravens Carl: into one head. Carl: That’s also going to be incorporated into Carl: a pattern that I took off of a picture Carl: of a Viking axe head at a museum in Norway. It’s all coming together. It’s really cool. Carl: We’re just a… Carl: sketching in the initial designs for the first raven head. Carl: It’s gonna look really cool when it’s done. (upbeat music) Carl: We’re back home now. Carl: My tattoos all done. It’s actually… Carl: a day later and it’s all Carl: wrapped up in plastic. Luke: Looks so cool. Carl: We’re just talking about Carl: Strangers Things episode for season three. Luke: Season three. It’s so good you guys. Carl: And you know it’s like a really good idea Carl: Me and Luke we’re talking about maybe we should do hide and seek Carl: Stranger Things edition. Carl: Why you feel like you like helping us with our podcast studio so much? Luke: I don’t know. Luke: I remember the excitement of when I was setting up my live stream room and everything. Luke: That all the technology and every thing that’s happening. Luke: It’s just fun I guess. Carl: Did you know I was filming that? Luke: No. Carl: Yeah, Luke’s gonna help me set up the podcast room. Carl: And it’s looking awesome. Should we go up and show them real quick? Luke: Let’s do it. Carl: This is the podcast room guys! Gage: The podcast. Carl: this is the podcast room. It’s almost done. Carl: The mics are all put together. Carl: Luke helped me pick out all this stuff. Carl: We found the table. Carl: We have some cool books and decorations. Carl: But first of all, Carl: We’ve got to get to the giveaway. Everybody’s dying Carl: probably to see the giveaway. So, alright Carl: You guys want to help announce this stuff here? Carl: Okay. So the first thing we’re going to be giving away is Gage: IPad Mini. Carl: It’s an iPad Mini you guys. Carl: So if you want to enter to win any of these items, Carl: go check the link in the description box down below. Carl: So first up it’s gonna be an iPad Mini. Carl: Next up we’re giving away… Luke: Nintendo Switch Carl: Nintendo Switch Carl: So yeah, Nintendo switch. Carl: An iPad Mini Carl: Giving that away and then, Carl: we’re also gonna be giving away a pair of Carl: brand new Carl: Yeezy Boosts. These are Adidas ultra boost. These are Carl: Yeezys designed by Kanye West. They’re way cool. Carl: So you guys are going to be able to pick up your color Carl: and size if you guys win and then we’ll go to the mall Carl: and film picking them out for you guys. So there you have it. There’s the giveaway Carl: We’re gonna be doing a Nintendo switch Carl: An iPad Mini Carl: A pair of Yeezy Boosts Carl: Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications you guys. Carl: it’s gonna be awesome We’re gonna do tons of giveaways. Carl: So follow some Instagram as well. It’s gonna be way cool huh? Carl: These are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Carl: I wear Adidas constantly Carl: They have the ultra boost foam. These are the ones that I actually wear. Carl: So these are the ones we’re giving away but they come in a lot of different styles Carl: A lot of different types Carl: And we might just go with like a cool zebra stripe or a white or a buttercream Carl: I don’t know. These are gonna be really cool. Carl: These are expensive nice shoes. Carl: And these are awesome iPad Mini. Carl: This will probably be like the 3rd place prize and we’ve got the Nintendo Switch. Carl: I don’t know what its gonna be first or second place. Carl: We’ll decide you guys enter to win all of this down in the description below. Carl: It’s gonna be awesome! Carl: I’ve been wanting to do this podcast studio for the longest time you guys. Carl: it’s really mean…it really means a lot to me. Carl: I’m excited not just to have a lot of friends on but I also want to have a lot of interesting people. Carl: I don’t know. I need to invite like a lot of really cool people. Carl: Let me know who you guys think on Instagram on Carlvibe Carl: Who I should invite on. I’ll post an Instagram story or something. You guys can let me know. Carl: But I think it’s coming together Carl: really nicely. I’ve got a lot of like, cool elements and stuff going on. Carl: Look who showed up? Kyle: Hello. Carl: Kyle! Carl: Should we tell them our secret? How we’re going to also livestream in the podcast room? Carl: Like, we wanted livestream playing role-playing games and board games like Settlers of Catan and… Kyle: And like Kyle: Dungeons & Dragons Carl: We have the curtains back here. And we also Carl: might have different props and sets like a statue or like something to do with Dungeon & Dragons Carl: back there. So I can change it around when we’re podcasting. Carl: I can switch the curtains and the lighting around. Carl: Cause I can even change the lighting here. Check this out. Carl: We can do youtuber interviews. I might talk to like Carl: doctors or something. People from all different types of stuff. Carl: It’d be cool to have people from the gaming industry. All that pro gamers and stuff. Kyle: Yeah! Carl: So I need to get lights. I’ve got…see I’ve got lights on the back side of the table. It’s really cool. Carl: So Carl: we can get different atmospheric lighting going on in here. Carl: I’m gonna put some color changing light bulbs up there in the ceiling fan too so that we can get Carl: colors coming down on the table. Carl: Does that look like fun? Carl: It’s gonna be really fun to play games in here with the family. Kyle: It could be like red or something. Kyle: Like if a war goes in. Carl: And then we face a wizard and it goes… Carl: it just goes like Carl: like green or something like that also when we face a ghost or something, Carl: That’d be cool. Carl: You guys don’t forget to go enter the giveaway. (gentle music]) Carl: You guys we are going to do an awesome giveaway where we’re going to be giving away Carl: an iPad Mini. Carl: A Nintendo Switch. Carl: And a brand-new pair of Yeezy Carl: Boost tennis shoes. These are going to be so awesome! Carl: You wanna get a Star Wars Dungeons and Dragons? Kyle: Yeah Carl: We should figure out something really unique or cool. Carl: Some kind of an adventure role-playing game to play. Carl: But I think that we should play a fun game. Carl: Right now as a family. Carl: I don’t know. We’ll go down and we’ll hook up with the rest of the family. Carl: We’ll see what everybody wants to do. I kind of feel like playing like Carl: fun hide-and-seek game or something like that. Kyle: Yeah. Let’s go! Carl: Just kidding. It’s just the kitchen light. Carl: We’ve got the lighting all set up like it’s the set Stranger Things. Carl: And Kyle is getting all ready. Carl: We’ve been talking about…me and the kids have been talking we want to play Carl: hide and seek Stranger Things edition Carl: Does that sound fun? Jinger: Yeah Carl: I think frist of all we should do like a Carl: costume reveal where we all do the best that we can. Carl: Using all the different weird costumes that we have here in the house. Carl: And clothes that we have try to dress up like different characters Carl: from the Stanger Things. You guys ready? Jinger: Wait. Can I just go buy something? Carl: No. You just got to rummage around in the closet Carl: And use old customes from the other videos that we’ve done stuff right now. Carl: You guys ready? Jinger: Let’s do it. Carl: Okay. Carl: Costume contest Carl: ready set Carl: Go! Carl: Whoa! Carl: What if Lila was the Demogorgon? Carl: And anybody that Lila touched immediately went into the Upside Down. Carl: Oh no! Carl: It’s the Demogorgon! (laughter) Carl: That would be so funny. Carl: First up. Okay, here comes Jinger. (upbeat music) Carl: You’re so in character right now. Jinger: My name is El Jinger: I want to concentrate real hard. Jinger: I can make ketchup come out my nose. Carl: What?! (laughter) Luke: That was an epic entrance! Jinger: What are you talking about? Jinger: That was thought through. Carl: I thought you were going to use your psychic powers or something Carl: But you spent the whole time dancing. Carl: Next up is Luke. (laughter) Carl: Who are you Luke? Luke: I’m Dustin. Kinda. Carl: He’s kinda Dustin. Well that’s pretty fair. Carl: Listen, also you guys need to vote up in the poll at the end of this. Who do you think have the best costume Carl: closest to Stranger Things. Jinger: Kyle! Kyle: Oh no! The Demogorgon got me. Kyle: I’m Will. And this is a Demogorgon. Luke: Oh yeah! Kyle: That’s Dad. Gage; Oh, it’s the Sheriff. Carl: What’s going on here? Jinger: It’s Jim Hopper Carl: Hey! Carl: Keep it down! Jinger: Okay. You look awesome. Carl: Alright, Carl: I’m gonna try and catch you guys Carl: Next up is Gage. Jinger: Gage. Gage: Who you gonna call? Kyle: Ghostbusters! Gage: Ghostbuster Carl: Who are you? Gage: I’m Gage: one of the kids in season 2. I could be any one of them. Kyle: He’s Mike Gage: I’m Mike. Yeah, I’m Mike. Carl: You guys, we’re all going to gather together for a group picture Carl: We’re all together you guys as the cast of Stranger Things. Vote up in the poll up above. Carl: who you think has the best Stranger Things costume. Carl: Should we get a picture for our Stranger Things hide and seek? (upbeat music) Carl: Oh it’s the Demogorgon! (screaming) Carl: I caught her! Kyle: We’re all safe. Carl: Here’s the thing, we’re gonna play classic hide-and-seek Carl: Stranger Things edition. Carl: I’m gonna be Sheriff Hopper. So I’m going to be trying to find Carl: all these rascally kids. Carl: Who are hiding and seeking around the house. Carl: So you guys are just gonna go find hiding spots and I’m gonna try and sneak up and catch you. Carl: This is gonna be awesome. Okay, you guys ready? Carl: All right, let’s do this Carl: So if Lila comes up and finds you and catches you as well during the hiding process or whatever Carl: Then you have to move and pick a new spot. Jinger: Okay Carl: Okay. Ready? Jinger: Yeah. Let’s do it. Carl: All right. Let’s do it. Carl: Ready..set…go. Jinger: It’s the Demogorgon Jinger: You need to find…I need to find a toy. Jinger: Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Don’t touch me. Jinger: Hey! Demogoron. Jinger: Cornholio Gage: I’m gonna do… Gage: Is I’m going to Gage: turn on my proton pack. Gage: Drop it off in here as a distraction. Gage: And then I’m gonna climb up here Kyle: Okay Luke: I’m going down Luke: stairs. Luke: Oh spooky. Luke: Best place to hide is in here. (dramatic music) Luke: Okay you guys, I found a hiding spot. Jinger: Just got to find a good hiding space. Jinger: I have an idea. I have an idea. Jinger: Carl has these Jinger: things setup right here. Jinger: Okay. We’ll take that. Jinger: Okay. I’m gonna hide right down there. Jinger: Just got to step on these stuff around a little bit. (boxes moving) Jinger: Okay you guys. Jinger: Just gonna hide in here. (dramatic music) Carl: All right Carl: Here we go Carl: I can already hear people moving around. (door closing) Carl: Oop. There goes the Demogorgon Carl: What happens if the Demogorgon catches me? Maybe she’s on my side. Carl: This is a Demogorgon camera Carl: Oh no! Carl: Go get them! Carl: Go get them Demogorgon! Carl: Go find them! Carl: Go seek them out. Carl: Arrgh! Carl: You’re kind of useless for this. Carl: Go see if you can find somebody. Oh! There she goes. Carl: She’s gonna help me out. Carl: Oh! She’s all excited now. Carl: Oh, where are they? Carl: Where are they? Carl: Lead the way. Carl: Go lead the way Carl: Where are they? Carl: Oh my gosh. She’s so excited! Carl: All right. Carl: So far so good. Everybody is hidden pretty well. Carl: I’m gonna put this camera down. Carl: We’re gonna go stealth mode. (dramatic music) Carl: Aha. Carl: Check it out. Found a Ghostbusters back pack right here. Carl: It was in the pantry. Carl: Now who’s on the hunt. Carl: Whoa! Here we go. Carl: Still looking in the basement. Carl: What’s back here? Carl: You find something Demogorgon? Carl: Aha! Kyle: You found me! Kyle: Oh no! Carl: Found you! Carl: You’re busted. Carl: I found the Ghostbuster backpack. Carl: It was in the pantry in there. And so Gage must have dropped it somewhere so… Carl: All right. You’re busted. Kyle: I got caught. Kyle: I can’t do anything about it Carl: Let’s go Lila. Carl: Let’s go Demogorgon. Kyle: I can see Gage. (whimsical music) Kyle: Um Gage, wherever you are, Dad found your backpack. (whimsical music) Carl: Nobody’s in here. Carl: Let’s see where they are. Carl: Everybody’s got some good hiding spots. Carl: Someone in here? (ominous music) Carl: Gotcha! Luke: The Demogorgon got me! Luke: Oh no! Carl: You’re busted dude. Carl: Your wig fell off. Luke: Yeah it definitely did fell off. Carl: That’s so funny. Carl: All right I got Luke and Kyle Luke: I’ll make my way past the Demogorgon. Carl: All right. I got to find everybody else. Carl: I can’t even find anybody else. Carl: What the heck! (dramatic music) Jinger: You guys, I think he just went upstairs. Carl: They’re all hidden pretty well. Carl: Let’s see Carl: Wait a second! Carl: Wait a second! Carl: Why didn’t you tell me! Gage: Oh no! Gage: You found me! Gage: Dang it! Gage: Oh man! Gage: Man. I was really relying Gage: I thought the proton pack would keep going in the pantry Gage: And then it was gonna be a distraction Carl: Well, it totally was Gage: It worked. Gage: Dang it. Carl: Mom’s the winner. Gage: No! Dang! Wait, I thought she was found. Carl: Oh I haven’t found her yet. Well, should we see how long it takes just to find her? Gage: Yeah, okay. Carl: You know where she is? Gage: No. Carl: You don’t know? Gage: Kyle knows where everyone is. Carl: Is she not even up here? Kyle: Well, she has super powers. Carl: She has psychic powers right? (dramatic music) Carl: This is like the trickiest hiding spot ever. (dramatic music) (Jinger screams) Carl: Oh I got you! Carl: You totally won! You totally won. Jinger: This was a good hiding spot. I can’t even get out. Carl: You can’t even get out? Here, I’ll help you, Jinger: I was crammed right in there. Carl: That was awesome. You hid under…I even looked in here and didn’t even see her. That is crazy. Carl: You totally won. Carl: Mother is the winner. Jinger: I just already knew where you were gonna look Jinger: So it made it easy for me. Jinger: With my psychic powers Carl: Your backpack distraction, that was pretty classic as well. Carl: You guys, it was really fun to play another challenge again to do Stranger Things Carl: A hide-and-seek it was really awesome. We can also do it Carl: over at the mystery neighbor house and use the elevators sometime. Carl: Maybe. I have a really fun idea for that that we’ll do next time Carl: So make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Carl: And if you haven’t checked it out Carl: You’ve got other links on the screen Carl: You gotta go watch those if you like this video, you’re gonna love those. Carl: And we’ll see you guys next time Everyone: Bye! (upbeat music)

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