We wanted to make this Halloween special. We wanted something that scares us, and hopefully puts you guys on edge at the same time. So, I got an old friend, Liz; J: I’m recording. (laughs) To make our friend, Jay, look like a really scary clown. And she’s amazing at special effects and makeup so, you should definitely go hit her up on Instagram, And tell her that we sent you! death is among us P:Why does he look like Willy Wonka on meth? J: Got a little present for you guys man. J: There-there’s one for you. (R: Cheee!) J: There’s one! One for you! J: There’s one for you! (P: Thank you very much.) J: There’s one for me, and there’s one for you. the smile of death So what do we need next to make sure this video is perfect? Well, I found an abandoned warehouse in Derbyshire, And that took us about: one hour, thirty-five minutes from Wolverhampton. We got there, and the place was perfect! Guys, this is TGF, and tonight we’re going to be playing hide-and-seek; With a clown, holding a sledgehammer, in this abandoned, haunted warehouse! J: (Gasp) Look how far it goes down there! (Minor Seizure Warning.) (Hans Zimmer – Supermarine.) R: Are you guys ready? (J: I am very ready.) (CLANG!) C: SIXTY! FIFTY-NINE! FIFTY-EIGHT! L: Yo (2x), let’s go! C: (Distant) FIFTY-SEVEN! FIFTY-SIX! FIFTY-FIVE! R: (Quiet) This is mad bro, this is mad! J: FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE! COMING! L: Yo (7x). P: This is so unsafe. J: (Unintelligible) We can go up even more! P: Let’s throw this down when he comes! (great idea) P: Look how high up we are! (Unintelligible Speech). P: Should we jump down on it? (Laughs.) P: Why is there a noose there, with hair on it? P: What the fu- (Sledgehammer dragging across the concrete.) P: (If you) Jumped in there Jay, if you jumped in there, the chain would carry you all the way down. L: Should we go do our own thing? R: Yeah, let’s go. L: Yeah, you know white people get us killed bro. (R: Yeah, fuck that.) L: Yo, we’re doing our own thing! L: Yo, you’re like dangerous man, yo forget you lot, white people get us killed and that man! (Demonic Hiss?) L: What the fuck was that? L: Yo, I don’t know what that noise was! (cut) What was that!? (quivering breath.) L: (Unintelligible Speech.) (CLANG!) (The camera audio cuts Luke’s voice up) L: Let’s skedaddle! (wut) L: Go, go, go, go fucking go! L: Quick bro! (Unintelligible). (Heavy footsteps on broken glass.) (Quietly) R: Bro! Bro! (L: Yo, yo!)
(shushes.) (Heavy footsteps getting closer.) (CLANG!) L: Fuck! Bro! L: Bro! (2x). L: Fuck you doing bro!? (run) L: Fuck, dude, let’s go! R: We could find a good hiding place. (L: Yo, I think that’s the best bet) R: Because I think we’ve lost him for now. (L: Yeah we can’t keep him bro, man. We can’t keep-) R: Yeah, no (2x). L: Ain’t made for this man, my heart’s like, three-hundred beats a s-like second! R: Dude, why didn’t I just go with Jay? He’s white! (Static.) (Distant Boom.) (Distant Clang.) J: Where is he!? (Unintelligible Speech.) (Quietly Laughing.) J: (Quietly) Guys, you have no idea how scary this is. P: GO CHECK OUT THETGFSTORE.COM! THERE’S NOT A LOT LEFT! J: GO GRAB YOUR MERCH NOW! P: THE PLUGGING MERCH! J: OH NO! (Evil Clown Laughing.) J: Yo, there’s no way for us to get down! (Groan) P: (Quietly) He’s going the wrong way! (CLANK!) P: Fuck! P: He’s behind us! (Scream.) (shit) P: (Laughs.) HE MISSED ME! J: Where are ya!? P: We’re not on the ground floor yet! J: This isn’t the ground floor? (P: THIS ISN’T THE GROUND FLOOR!) (J: Fuck!) (THUD!) P: I don’t think he’s there! (SCREECH!) (CLANK!) J: FUCK! P: We got away so good there. (Loud Metal Footsteps.) L: (Quietly) We’re sitting ducks man! R: (Quietly) I know, that’s what I’m saying! He could come from any angle! R: (Quietly) That way, or that way! I don’t know which way, literally! L: (Quietly) I’m going to check that way bro. (R: Just going to check this way?) L: (Quietly) Yeah bro! (BRO.) (Ghostly Whisper?) (sniff) (SCREECH!) (Whirring Noise.) J: It’s like a dungeon! P: (Laughs.) P: Can I have a look in there, or you? (CRUNCH!) P: Oh my God! (Distant Rumbling/Creaking.) J: Listen (2x). (Slightly Louder Rumbling/Creaking.) (Both Wanting To Turn Their Flashlights Off.) (nope) (Loud Door Opening.) P: Fuck, this isn’t good, it’s dangerous! P: (Gasp) Fucking hell that’s to the bone! (Romell Groans.) R: Fuck man! J: This place is fucking insane! (Romell Groans Again.) (Romell Groans In More Pain.) R: (Groans) My leg! (Static.) (ouch.) (Static.) (Luke Yelling.) J: Luke! (7x). P: Quick! (2x). L: He’s up there! (3x). J: Turn it off! (P: Turn it off!) (Very Quiet Whispering.) (Distant Clang.) (Sledgehammer Hitting Metal.) J: (Quietly) Did he see you? L: (Quietly) No! (Erie Rumbling.) (Click-Click) (Screams.) P: Jay! (J: What the!?) (Screams.) J: OH MY GOD! (Creepy Clown Laugh.) P: He’s coming! (3x). J: Fucking run! J: Bro, are you out of your damn, fucking mind!? P: Wait! (Static.) (Loud Metal Footsteps.) (Jay Screaming.) P: Oh shit! (Distant Clang). (CLANG!) J: (Quietly) We need to go! J: Oh shit (CLANG!), oh fuck! (CLANG!) (CLANG!) J: Well how do we get down? (Something Wooden Is Thrown.) J: OH MY GOD! J: You know what I’m really scared of? What if he’s at this platform? And I’m right beneath? L: Dude! He’s right here! Guys! (3x) J: (Quietly) Yo! (2x). (Signals To Turn The Lights Off.) P: (Quietly) Luke! C: (Snarls.) (RATTLE!) C: (Snarls.) P: Oh my God! (Amazement Gasp.) J: This is disgusting! (Clanging Upstairs.) (Distant Metal Clang.) (SCREECH!) L: Yo, I don’t know where anyone is man! (RUN LUKE!) (S-X – Plans.) Had to take an advantage of these subtitles! Great work on this video!

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