go love hey no what is going on what’s going on oh yeah yeah yeah oh my god bro chill no no chill homie alright peace treaty stop it oh I’m not high we are and we are doing nerf I’m see today what’s going on guys we are currently live with my bedroom was up we got Logan the editor here who is also gonna be playing hide and seek with us because we are doing epic nerf hide-and-seek and if you guys don’t know what that is I’ll show you what is it we’ve got on it that’s not it these are our weapons that we’re gonna be using except for the Xingu bow that’s not allowed Logan this is for another video we’re doing this is going over oh my god you guys tanky but guys the basis of how this game works is that each of us are going to hide now what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna hide first then Logan will try and search for me then I’ll be searching for Logan but here is the twist because we’re using nerf guns in order to get someone out you have to shoot them but if the hider can distract the seeker enough that he can shoot him first he wins so there is a way for you to win if you’re still hiding now you’re gonna be one do you guys remember the Hydra dipping well yeah we’ve gotta check they all guys this is what the finished product of the nerve Hydra dip is that dude that is awesome yo this idea out amazingly gosh should I galaxy and these like I wanna be like oh that was bad I can’t wait ready yeah yeah that looks so cool yes it is so power it’s it got more powerful thanks to hydro dippin don’t shoot my 1 million play button I shoot the 1000s 100,000 protects I’ll shut the play buttons holds are very important player leave that one man you subscribe touch it touch put your hand to your monitor good before my god put that thing down for that’s a deadly weapon but guys we’re gonna get started here and we’re gonna start the nerf hide-and-seek but before we do that I am using this as my gun today this baby just came in the mail a few days go it’s the nerf rival and I’ve been really excited to use this so it’s gonna be like half nerf unboxing and then we’re gonna start getting into it and then Logan’s gonna have to choose his gun we have a lot to do know which gun I want that’s a rocket launcher that’s the assault rifle I really like you so I want this guy oh do we all have that like nope how do bridge my crystal you know my pistols lit I’ve got the mini nerve pistol oh I think I left it upstairs uh uh but you know the bow ah always I want no that’s the big one bro I want the big you should do heal the pistol yo and then we also got the nerve bow guys check this bad boy out will you’d use this in our nerf box for video there is pretty dope it is so awesome we don’t anything loaded in it but it is a great gun um it’s like a nerf gun showcase now we’ll see ya which we never okay this is actually a broken sniper which broke a long time ago oh it hurts and we got this from the zombie collection which I really like because it’s got no and then of course it shoots kind of like a shotgun really it’s like a take a chainsaw shotgun that’s a good yeah really uh I like that one then we’ve got this is not a nerf gun this is a dollar store gun pickup yes okay all right ah this week she never opened it wait wait there’s no chat what where’s the check oh I thought there was a chance there’s no chat oh wait a second I rely like what’s going on you click this button Oh guys the chat on there’s no chat I was like try cuz I always drink all my passages I just noticed that yeah Isaac it looks so different huh okay well we are live but we have no chat we might miss the chat Jake at all Chad no no Kay okay well I guess I don’t know I guess we’re just not gonna have a chat that’s fine to get chats the beers but then they can’t cheat cuz they could tell you where I am holiday no I don’t I don’t know alright this is uh is that this is Leia one your chair no no that’s really weird YouTube’s all Kaiser are you is no one using the chat is that why all right so this was a nerf n-strike I’m um height fire Oh hyper Barb’s like y’all it’s high fire bro but this requires batteries which we do not have can I be as happy you can when you’re using this bad foot um but we’re not gonna use it cuz we are not going to open it it’s a big thing we will open it in a brand new video but today we’re opening the rival before we jump into this nerf high-seat video so let’s let’s break I’ll just get my knife dude I need my knife hold up y’all hold up ours is almost fell you’ll be our cue a show is all I don’t know we’re gonna be hiding your anyway yeah come into the studio chicken will be guys like this guys I mean check this out guys I just I just wish I could read the chat Jake I’m really oh no saying like Jake your box for it’s lit or it’s not it yeah I just can’t tell what’s going on I was oh sure here’s a very bright shirt here let’s use a light as a person so much stuff in the way gods get on over here bro okay it’s like Christmas yo check this out guys oh yeah it’s like a csgo knife alright let’s open this near for rival box here guys check this box for dough dude that video is gonna be so your video coming up very soon guys very very soon can’t give it all the way we might be hiding in the box for today though who knows alright so we have our nerf arrival here just rip it apart cuz we ain’t about that nice unboxing this is unboxing with Jake I just take my knife out I’m like let’s do this let’s do this this is Joe not how you I’m watching and I yeah you gotta be careful alright here we go oh dude that is so sick and it is really sick okay I don’t know fool’s cool this box for it but it’s really good all right let’s go with a lot of balls though I thought it were telling more balls Putin alright let’s get these balls out of here guys yeah this is definitely gonna be my gun for today it’s almost like a shotgun really here we go more like a machine gun I think it shoots more like a shotgun but you might be all right look at these see these are like nerf balls yeah very very awesome Hey oh no one fell look actually don’t feel that hard I would kinda want to hurt you though like uh oh thanks Jay that’s an issue awesome man all right let’s put them in here well you know since you just said that no no please do now I’m just gonna go I’m just gonna go get my gun whoa which is over here guys this gun I’m telling you the one we hydrated is so powerful and since Jake wants to be like that I’m just gonna sneak up on him he doesn’t even see me all right guys thank you bro guys this is it boy is it cool no head shots oh you mean my hair must hit okay okay okay okay okay truth yeah locked loose pop Jake got that nerve rival gun all right and I got my pit wait what it is – we’re gonna lose so many toys we’re gonna be strong Minotaur why we should start a game this guy’s it is time for nerve hide-and-seek rasaan first also did this I’ll hide first huh you want to that first all right all right you know I was gonna ask the chap there is no chai you know what you hide first because I want guys I just can’t tell what you guys are saying right now I bet it’s like that’s the thing go we get to imagine imagine all right they’re probably saying like welcome you should hide first cuz you broke my blind with that I know those look at next shot man all right which gun should I use I’m kind of feeling the pistols guys here it is although it’s like only two shots in the barrel yeah like that’s the thing right you could take that I go hey I’m gonna hide like though hey hey let’s do it let’s do it I love this guns you know I so don’t although this is pretty cool this is like a shotgun alright I think I’m gonna go with the pistols man okay I only need this I only need four shots that’s it all right Logan only these four shots I got my ammo locked and loaded here you might regret that later but I’ll take over check this out guys all right yeah we need like a hell we can for this I know okay loading it up here let’s do this alright where you going wait what I’m gonna count you Oh what should I count to oh where should we start I’m gonna starting here where do you want me go in the bathroom ah okay make sure this is like wow sounds kind of painful it is extremely painful yeah we’re low you guys we’re ready to go where’s the big big boys oh you need a big bullet one more oh we do we bring the ammo box down oh we didn’t oh shoot that was like the fun part yeah well I mean I have enough ammo because I got balls but like I got balls for days bro oh we good all right ready alright let’s see this great and you should sign them okay I’ll go hide in the bathroom let’s go guys it’s bathroom Hutton time gonna be good your phone boy I leave the bathroom window I don’t like count to 30 shekels the door yes if you can’t just hide out the door alright here we go guys are we already nerve hide-and-seek and I’ll be captive 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 let’s go hey lug crazy I’ll see you look where are you hello again I heard they’re selling McDonald’s cheeseburgers half price I know how much here is not anywhere to be found where the heck is he oh dude I was so scared one shot did I go hose right there is your big bullet oh oh – I was like he’s either in there but then I heard a sound as if he’s like in this I was like broke he’s probably in here oh my god like oh I thought you were in the box for it Oh III guys we’re gonna reset here ah Logan is going to be looking for me now oh let me do this uh we have very bad connection who done hopefully it gets better I don’t know oh yeah we got bad connection I don’t know I’m like yo I wonder if I go out and back in if the chap driver shoot no oh we’re back but we still bad connection and there still is no chat for some reason I don’t know let’s just go live again where’s the viewers I don’t did you just that it says bad connection everyone’s very God means that where’s all that Holmes does anyone there guys if you can hear this hit the leg guys just store that if we see an up taking likes you hit that like button oh oh it’s off for a second you hit that like button maybe I should go off the Wi-Fi you’re the Wi-Fi is messed up oh wait oh it’s in my connection though right yeah Jack’s back that’s bad but this bad connection release the chats back now I feel like a little bit better knowing there’s people there lots away yeah you’re good okay no no a SWAT boss okay I’m gamer yo what is up guys what’s up guys what’s up Chris what’s up destroyer how’s everyone doing uh so I bad connection with the Internet’s fine but my dad is like messed up but I’m not on data oh no no very bad connections I don’t know what I can’t hear you guys know me Wi-Fi guys how is it is it bad or no massa lag like four days going live going live and okay we’re live we still have what was going on here there we go very bad connection I don’t know what’s going on that doesn’t make any sense we shouldn’t have very bad connection because if everything’s like looks amazing uh no one’s saying like I’m saying no bad will I drop and viewers boys I don’t know what’s wrong with the connection guys everyone’s leaving shout out like hmm okay oh no it’s real bad connections gone oh good all right we’re good let’s continue all right guys so Logan in the last session duked me out hard corn he got behind me he won I don’t know how he did it but he did it now it’s time for pop Jake to go hide Logan do you go in your hole and I’ll go old god dude I don’t like you with those dual pistons you still said here’s me man it’s one shit I got I got this guy’s me we got this see you guys from the other side yeah see you Logan I want to hear you count Logan right so we’re gonna do what he did with our videos if you guys wanted you more than her videos like this hit that like button cuz we can do more nur videos like this Plataea big wide is gonna become he’s coming shit shit oh oh wait does the gun town what wow I got you yeah oh you scared the grammar oh my god that was so awesome do not like you ran away I saw you’re like rubies easier so I got it bye and it wasn’t firing my girl dude that was crazy oh my god yeah so I don’t think I pulled it forward enough Missy oh my god you’re gonna shoot yourself in the face alright hold on let me release this I got some bullets left so let’s go go back forward okay now it’s right dude this thing is hardcore that is awesome yeah do you that was Christ you thrown the top bar I do piece of clothing I thought it would like extract you dude that was insane oh this was back out guys all right oh oh so it’s one one right now guys okay back in the bubble wrap all right I think for this round guys I’m gonna change up my gun I’m gonna try a different gun let’s see what we got here all right let’s go back to the armory the official nerf armory by the way guys if you have a suggestion for a gun let us know oh and guess guys we’re thinking about doing a stream how cool would this be where we literally go to Toys R Us and we stream it and you guys get to choose what we buy and if you guys want you can use super chat to donate and we can buy like if you’re like you know here’s 20 bucks buy a wobble bubble we’ll do that and we’ll have to use it in the video so we’re thinking about doing that if you guys think it is a cry deal let me know but guys let’s see what we got here alright so realistically nerf bow not gonna work out too well it’s just not gonna work oh by the way gasp check this out just for the spinner giveaway we’re doing wait what spinners we have a hundred of these although they’re all different colors although this is my favorite cuz it’s team give me blue um you know what I do you do wait yeah JJ rocky fine girl alright you know what I’m going with this oh yeah got the attachments on here it’s so fun like I wish I wish I wish like I screaming to her late I’m walking around like dude every awesome we should get like a third person does cameraman this well yes that apply go Posen oh yeah guys if you think we should make like another video version of this where we do this legit with no pros you both have camera we have cameras GoPro strap-ons help down below angles it would be so yeah I’d be awesome guys let us know alright so Logan a comment to let us know okay oh my gosh guys if you guys want us to do a full version video of this with GoPros make it super legit put a hashtag nerf down below and we’ll do it alright here we go I’m ready I’m locked and loaded Wow stop doing that oh god you’re me anxious oh god no hear me use that guy only use a good walk around you sure you’re on the pallet is right yeah it doesn’t matter alright let’s see what the scopes look like guys they came and see yo $20 from one video says buy a bubble gun dude see this is exactly what we’re talking about guys we didn’t literally do it we’re going to Toys R Us this will be our next live shape this is gonna be on and it’s like buying anything you want yeah literally guys we’re like Santa Claus but we’re buying anything you want one die from Tom how you talked anchor bro McGuinness like I don’t know what babe like maybe a beyblade right let’s bring back plate Lee yeah alright I’m honey when you do upstairs announcer yes does give you a look stick so no no no yeah yeah oh good counting to 15 15 look by counting the 13 eyes you gots it one two three four I can’t the timer right here okay we’re gonna go with 23 seconds or 23 minutes yo guys check this out we got the elite strike by the way if you guys have a idea for a nerf gun I should buy let me know I really want to get the Rhino it’s like um basically the nerf turret and we’re thinking about attaching it to my car because my car does not roof on it so we can put it on the top of the car maybe like a mounted turret I wish I’d like a weight attached you guys to the gun I wonder if I could do this wait it’s copy when you do this shoot I should ask Logan if I could have gotten all this would’ve been awesome you do this this is sick do you guys like this this is cool Oh God Booga that was crazy I literally was about to go stairs and I’m like wait I heard something pile of augsburg and this thing jammed on me origen gym it’s out of ammo oh you shot all the ammo before the game started I had no ammo Oh oh my god then how did you get me I picked up this gun oh yeah it’s like last second it’s like BAM has no ammo then like he’s through the nerf bullet at you dude that was clutch I don’t as we should totally do some more of this this is awesome you know I was acting them it works kind of well if we got like some tape or something and like put it like this so we get ahold cuz yo imagine we could use the bows guys this is kind of hard to use two hands but alright here’s what we’re gonna do I’m hiding now this is redemption if you fail you lose the game not gonna let that happen J all right but I think i’ma go uh Tom Decker says use this money to contribute to buy a Vulcan what’s the Balkan what is it okay I don’t know dumb what’s a Vulcan but thank you so much for the $5 is I like it epic nerf gun so you like the paintball volka alright guys we’re going with this this is technically a shotgun do you have a magic make sure um uh you know why it’s the kind of guy that leaves without ametrine you shot all the ammo bro literally shot it all I didn’t do that I packed extra ammo on the back of the gun but I didn’t think you were gonna use it yeah do you not remember the start of the video where you shot me 18 times the but I didn’t right I didn’t do that knowing you’d be using it okay alright here we go guys load this baby up we need to make a unnerve gun that shoots more than one at a time Tom Becker with another $2 and this money it’s like what what and what is it huh it’s a minigun a minigun yeah the Vulcan thank you Tom is the Vulcan wait I’m thinking the Rhino I don’t know I don’t know or is it’s fallen all right Tom we’ll figure it out dude we gotta just go to the nerf Island Toys R Us and just go ham bro is the absolutely savage in the nerf aisle guys it’s true alright you really I should I use can use this don’t know Camaron it you like oh no you know how do you saw no I guess a Tommy scary if you did that okay is I use it what did think is loaded okay alright this one’s super high-velocity the last we’re talking to make a velocity right I think it’s out of ammo Auto has two so you need two shots I mean more than that would be nice we’re the extra bag I can I could do Joe never shall we eat of eyebrows I’m so scared the actual nerf masks cuz I’m like yeah yeah it’s true I don’t know this do you do oh alright three spot you know 1k likes yo guys make sure to keep hitting that like button if you guys enjoy these nerve videos alright so here’s how it works guys you take your little loader here with these balls which kind of sucks cuz we have no balls so these are the only balls we load it in like this you pull this back all the way and then you push it all the way forward and this is ready to go this shoots out a hundred FPS oh yeah so I’m just gonna hurt you yeah actually will there you go oh wait you know on one video coming with $10 buy a popcorn gun oh god here you go here we go guys we are ready to do this pond after you right yeah dude for this one should I get a UH reload yeah you do but if you if you shoot and miss but you push this forward if you shouldn’t miss you pull it all the way back and then all the way forward where oh my god you shoot you push all the way forward oh yeah no shoot yeah like a Bama alright wait I want to get I want to get some tape for this this will be so sick hold on hold on guys I really like this we getting some tape for this Logan where’s our tape at bro alright guys let’s get some tape here we go we use this double-sided tape actually not let’s just use this and I’m going to tape you guys onto here okay next time we do this we’ll actually get like some mounts cuz this is kind of difficult but for this session because this will probably be the last session because I’m gonna beat Logan win the game nah yeah all right can you hold the camera like wait this is a make sense cuz you suppose well I get a bet sure there we go do I really want to try the single boat looks so cool yeah we’re thinking about for one of our next videos / nerve videos guys is doing a extremely deadly nerf mod like we’re talking like next level deadly so if you guys are into that and have some suggestions let us know down below but let me get this which is kind of like oh my god tape is like really stuck in there if anything goes wrong there’s no editing it out very true alright so you’re gonna pop the camera in here I think okay maybe wait on this side for this one oh yeah yeah that’s cool alright hold but not it wait why I’m gonna tape it do this yeah okay keeping your iPhone yeah – the gabbie hold hold it I got a guy with cold and oh there it all right Oh got it tonight guys I don’t know how smart this is super smart bro it’s gonna shoot pump pump pump hey wait hmm my god oh my god yeah there’s gonna be this give me you like your face might shoot you real sure buddy alright mean your I don’t know about that alright let’s say there we go that’s like oh definitely not you’re gonna drop your phone probably a little bit okay buddy let’s do this alright guys here we go see you on the flip side how’s it look on it does not like that’s fine like that alright bye goodnight alright see you then guys you run out of like that oh my god you fucking a lady oh my god Judith look noseblind oh do do we how did you see us I just saw the gun oh shoot it’s so long man aah oh my guys in case I wanted to shoot this so bad oh good play near force 2.0 basically guys we screwed yourself is I hey you get on the ground bro put your hands up where’s on camera so they go with the chain hook hook peace peace hey this nigga come with you oh ok flip the ball no don’t shoot I won’t sure if you flip the bottle successfully put that bottle right there just a bit too much water in it but we have you if you land it I’ll know nah choppy about yeah nerve god one this one oh dude that was legit um alright well does that mean we have to do a tiebreaker I guess alright let’s do a tiebreaker guys last round I’m the seeker I don’t what to take for this one holy same where those balls there’s so many options I know we’re gonna miss out on balls dude they’re just everywhere although that guns good right I’m super accurate yeah we should take the squirt gun was that we lost a piece of a gun guys all right let’s see what I’m taking for this but where you going you already hiding oh okay I finish no I can’t do that as a seeker can I I need something super quiet that I can use okay I’m only going in with two bullets you’re going with to bolo three all right wait where’s your piss I want to go piss on it well pistol-whip you wait where is a big big mama I need one more hold on reloading guys reloaded alright wait I need one word big bullet you need more than one time uh yeah it may be alright dude this is just like indirect bullets everywhere all right you know what we’re doing one shot guys cuz Papa Jake only only needs one shot oh look he’s going to travel all right Logan I’m gonna go hide or count I don’t I’m counting what wait you’re running yeah I’m going in there see that I know a headshot okay I deal no headshots Oh notice there’s a little peephole there you want to look all right you guys let’s get in here BAM you know what guys we are gonna do a like spike it hasn’t this you wants to do more videos like this I want you guys to smack the like button down below are you guys ready in five four three two one let’s back that like what down below guys let’s see how many likes you get all throughout the chat if you guys like this if you guys think he is going to be awesome let us know down below and you I really want to do an outside version guys where we do this like woods currently it’s raining that’s why we’re doing this stream is it’s a sad rainy day outside smell fun after so much all set but you’re inside so we’re gonna go find Logan now okay he’s hiding somewhere hey Siri turn the lights off okay most of the lights are off he’s got the light act he’s under the bed Oh what bullshit lender aye sir Jade you surrender sir I got to get on your knees aye sir guys should I uh should I end this right now or should I let Papa Jake go haha I’m sorry man oh dude that was awesome hey high five hey Siri don’t listen to me hey Siri hey Siri bro she hates me guys he went pros on here he tried to make a run for her and the lights off turn lights huh Josh in the light so I was like I thought you were uh I was really turn the light yeah I thought you’re in here or I was like a student working at work dude that was insane man holy all right guys well I can’t even really oh god yeah yeah I was looking all if you’re gonna like he’s not gonna go upstairs I saw the door was closed so I was like there’s nah but that was good right well I think this is where we’re gonna end off the stream for today guys but if you guys enjoyed these their videos who wants to do more maybe do this like fully filmed or do it with GoPros let me know down below if you wants to do another one of these streams let us know by hitting that like button hitting that subscribe button hitting that Bell button and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome nerve video and I’m excited own toys Rus Monday we got date month mainland by guy


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