Extreme NERF Hide and Seek in a Trampoline Park!

big shout out to Hot Pockets for
sponsoring this video we are at a trampoline park and you all have five
minutes to hide the winner at the end of this will get to keep every single box
of Hot Pockets and the time starts now guys I stole all the Hot Pockets to
start out with and I hid them all throughout the trampoline park and I’m
not gonna let anybody find out where I had two different hot pockets
wait key where did you get that hot pockets go away this is mine give me the
Hot Pockets bag no I’m not stop we’re both fighters I’m stealing the hot
pockets okay fine but but took one and let me have some okay all right I’m
gonna cook you a hot pockets guys I got Nick’s hot pockets now all that’s left
is Brees hot pockets I think I know where she is – I don’t want anyone
finding my hot pockets they’re too yummy this is going to be
perfect not for me but for the hot pockets
oh there’s stairs here oh oh right in here right there the hot pockets they
are going to detect very carefully now I gotta hide somewhere I have two possible
hiding spots I’m not 100% sure which one’s gonna be best in the balls
because Preston is definitely not gonna check there or I swing on this see if
this works this is definitely not gonna work I’m definitely gonna hurt myself that didn’t work
oh no my nurse comes up there Oh Oh get down nerf gun
oh forget it no nerf gun no problem except this this parts a problem now
there’s three of them okay we’re gonna my last possible hiding spot is right
behind me these walls they’re pretty high up and that corner back there
that’s pretty dark so I’m thinking maybe I can get up there and Preston won’t
find me honestly it doesn’t matter cuz I already lost my nerf gun and my hot
pockets can I even win here Bree inside the climbing park wheeze of the tubes
she’s inside the tubes she just went down I’m gonna go steal our hot pockets
wait first I gotta hide the hot pockets I currently have I’m gonna go in here
set down my pockets don’t look look away Bree Keith where’s your hot pockets I
cannot confirm or deny where my hot pockets are wait a second my hot pockets
was up there. I hid hot pockets up there word they go
I am NOT a part of this conversation there’s to cover them up
just like that we secured the bag wait there’s Nick if you get another hot
pockets time to see if I can bounce up there and it’s like it’s taller than me
so I’m not actually sure if I can well we’re gonna try it anyway oh there’s no
way I can do that but I can get a small one and then I’m going to plank very
very pretty sure no one’s gonna find me here and if they do it’s not good look
at the view it’s a little park for me this is
definitely the best hiding spot I’ve ever had I just wish I had my hot
pockets pepperoni melted cheese mmm now I’m hungry now I’m
hungry I’m gonna have to move and find a new spot because I’m too hungry this
guy’s my student is in this brute it’s right there this is not a good place to
hide um I’m panicking I’m panicking this is not gonna end well this is where I
placed my hot pockets to begin with there’s my hot pockets oh my gosh where
did Bri put her oh wait a second Kate breeze trying to get my attention Brees
hot pockets are right there and she has no idea I found them I’m gonna steal her
hot pockets he cannot take my hot pockets
I’m mad guys we gotta get her hot pockets do we gotta get out of here here
the art come on she’s ready you better stay out of here ya go I didn’t come
down no she’s got her gun out I bet no all right I’m coming down I trust you
okay don’t blast me I’m coming down at first fight out out out out these things
hurt these things hurt what did Keith get stuck in the fly
if you were doing this wrong ouch oh don’t don’t pass me I’ll let you on my
secret if you work with me okay I’m hoarding all the hot pockets well
first you have to help you collect the hot pockets and then I’ll tell you where
I’m hiding them fine wait wait okay help me up fellows leave
your mind back up here so give me the challenging part now I can hide inside
of the pillows and Preston won’t know it’s me from the outside just looks like
pillows up here little do they know it’s the best hider in the one you’re gonna
like this I have a little people so I can see this is a comfortable hiding
spot got spray I think I know where Keith hid the keys is not the sneakiest
you know I really wanted to hide in the rock climbing wall but now I realize
that would definitely be out in the open oh my goodness I found my own pockets
why am i fine – this is really difficult guys Preston is gonna be putting hey
Preston sitting right there not playing any game I found Preston and Barney look
at him wait I’m a blossom really faster you go around the window and you watch you see lockers from the closet there
I’m only 5 – so I can’t get to them I put them there you said if I find one
then I can know where all of them are yeah I need your help collecting them I
can’t reach it I don’t get it let’s go there’s no hot
pockets Keith’s okay I know how about don’t get
away with your pockets Bri give me back my own pockets I’m
gonna blast you alright we’re working on it we’re on a
team now I have to keep the hot pocket state where I team go okay I’m gonna
show you where the other ones are all right I trust you I trust you my gun is
loaded but I won’t hit you since we have like three minutes until Preston comes
out you wanna play a game of balance battle yeah my plan worked out perfectly right here he’s I don’t know if I trust
you I put down I’m leaving can I trust you we’re on team we’re a team
wait why are you coming up that way are you coming to attack me I actually got
my gun back team up let’s get the hot pocket so let’s get the hot pocket
summertime fun come with me you collected two over there I’ll get
the trophy oh this one is very far well pockets yeah oh I feel better already
I got him all right but you got those woods all right we need one more maybe I
should move ah oh look oh my goodness how did you
get it up there are you hold these okay come on all right we got everyone’s
distracted I’ll make you laugh they’ll never find my hot pockets now
we’ll get all of our hot pockets oh oh my god
I found my spot I’m gonna hide down there wait that spots easy we gotta
figure out how to go I think it’s down a level
all right now level it’s time to find some hiders they’re on the way three we’re gonna
hide and we gotta hide now so I forgot to mention every time we find a Hot
Pockets box throughout the trampoline park we are going to be adding an
additional minute to our timer so not only do we get more delicious hot
pockets maybe with 100% real cheese but we also get more time on the seeker
clock which is awesome we’re gonna start with a trampoline dodgeball section
because this is my favorite place to go as a kid I am you got to keep the hot
pockets safe they could be hiding underneath this blue stuff you know what
I’m saying Oh somebody could be down here did you fit under here I think you
can it’s perfectly happy to pull huh okay okay maybe they can’t fit in here I
feel like it’s not it’s not thick enough they could have asked the employees what
the best spot is and taking advantage of that you never know look when there’s
hot pockets on the line anything’s game ladies and gentlemen you know what that
sound was our hot pocket is finally done cooking this is the only fuel that is
seeker approved to help us find the hiders throughout this giant trampoline
theme park okay and we are going to need all the energy we can get to find these
hiders no seriously just hang on whoa whoa whoa we got to run this thing oh my
gosh wait it’s yours he’s doing shape inside barely made it
away guys I barely made it away it’s way too hard chasing you somebody
when you have a nerf gun and I have no idea where Keith went up to so dodgeball
room was a bus but what about the foam pit look at this now somebody’s in here
somebody can you like hit missed I’ve been haunt I’m going wait it’s actually
not that deep one okay it’s got a knock you like guys smells oh I found the
bottom somebody all right I don’t want to be in this foam fit anymore I don’t
think I don’t think anybody’s actually down here goodness gracious
I’ve been shot once oh we’ve lost one minute and we haven’t found any
additional hot pockets so we haven’t gained any time bro what
is this what what is this I don’t think there’s anybody here we found some
suspicious y’all that’s very suspicious I think is that perfect free okay see
Bri okay update he just made it out but I know Briana’s in here somewhere
we’re oh my gosh wait what how do you think I see Bree I see brick how do we
get to that side we’re in the wrong area – okay this might be the most confusing
they have ever received Oh pause the video for a second there
are shiatsu massage chairs is this for the parents who are just like sick and
died at home I’m taking their kids but just one thing that’s it he’s going down so I don’t
know where Nick is but breathe like a giant plague going in dude there’s like I didn’t think about
this is giant ball pen oh my gosh the problem is this Nick is so skinny he
could be anywhere inside of these balls no idea where he could be
wait wait wait wait wait that’s Nick’s gun why is Nick’s gun on top of this see
if we make this jump all right and eat Oh hashtag my legs are split this is
like seriously hard holding a nerf gun and also trying to do a ninja warrior
course not a good idea no not a good idea
rah-rah-rah why do I feel like Nick is somewhere like Nixon the god spot so
what do you see these pillows these pillows were not here earlier so I’m
getting like concerned I never thought I would actually have a difficulty finding
somebody a trampoline park I thought it was gonna be so easy
he’s not under the tables this is this is just ridiculous I can’t believe I’ve
only gotten Keith so far wait I think I just saw Brie hold on hold on the guys
on the tip keeps keeps hiding hot pockets key drop on by the tree give me
the help I guess we are up there for oh yeah wow that’s not all I’m radiating so
much heat since I’m so out of shape that I could probably cook these hot pockets
on my body one bullet that’s all we’ve got literally one bullet in the chamber
this one’s for me Oh I’m Maddie look at this hiding spot that would be
an insane hiding spot back here if you don’t come out Nick there’s a
good chance I might stab you with the shovel Nick Nick where are your hot
pockets Nick tell me where the hot pockets are or this is going to be
painful hi Nick slimy dog that’s I’m a step on them guys am i stepping on you there he is
Nick I’m sorry to do this to you but I’m going to shoot the forehead get these
bolts out here I can’t get a clear shot that’s it Nick I’m sorry we have
eliminated Nick which means all three hiders have been eliminated ladies and
gentlemen as much as I hate to say it Nick won which means every single hot
pocket that we had here in the trampoline park now belongs to you Nick
give me don’t forget to comment in the first 60 minutes of a new video being
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you guys join the replication squad ever great day take care and we’ll see you

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