F1 – Michael Schumacher plays cricket

Michael Schumacher was guest at the English national cricket team (F1 2003 British GP weekend). A strike, a hit, a laugh. As championship leader, he had to go to the track first (2003 qualifying system), and he immediately set the fastest lap of the day by far. It’s great to be an odds on favourite. If it’s right or not will turn out during the weekend (he came 4th in the race, Barrichello won) It’s my expectation, that the chances are quite equal. The Ferrari in the favourite role, only thanks to Michael Schumacher. Because his team mate, Rubens Barrichello had to finish his fastest lap prematurely due to a driver error. I didn’t find today the right set up and the lap was feeble, but that happens sometimes. The first day at Silverstone seems to verify that the world champion is the strongest, when pressure grows.

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